Thoughts on More Pics of new line…?? Need feed back on these clothes…..Brand new Ruby Jane Line.

I hope you all enjoy as I post. I thank you for taking the time to get back to me on the feedback of this new clothing line, I am so excited. The pics are coming slow and I know a lot of you have had many questions on how long this and that is but more pics are coming and I am happy to answer any comments or questions so please write me. Hope you enjoy this spring line!! You can by in two weeks….

Here is another Pic of The new clothing Line of ours!!! This one is so fun and funky

The shorts are so different….we wanted to show you some fun and funky at the same time and a bit girly with the floral lined pockets that you can really see from your prospective. ….kind like the inside of your purse that only you can see or the inside of your shoe that looks so rad….well it’s those little details that I love. It’s the army green to stay with the trends and it’s playful with the floral print top that we mixed up with some crochet that is super trendy right now and I loved all over market this season in Vegas. Tell me your thoughts on this piece since it is a bit fashion forward which of course I love but wearable? You tell me…..ohhh and your friends please share with all your friends and family so I can get feed back. Thanks everyone

My new line I only have two pics back so far but so excited to show you the line….here is sneak peak

designed by Jen Clyde, and Mckensie

styled by Jen clyde

This is Ruby Jane just some pics of new line….lot’s more pics to come let me know your thoughts on it…this is spring 2011

I love helping out styling where I can mostly for a great cause like Japan

My fave other fashion blogger did a great thing and got us stylist and other bachelor’s contetants to tell you our fave pics on forever 21 site because 100% of sale went to japan. Please check this post out so fun and see my picks….

Michelle Money Other Fave Brand is Chaser L.A. Check her out here for Extra TV!!

I love to style Michelle Money because she always rocks what ever it is and here she is rocking a Chaser LA Van Halen T shirt that I am in Love with and some Art On A Wire Jewelry!! that I love!! Layer it up girl.

Michelle Money is a Fan of these funky fun Earrings!! You can have some too!!

As we all know me and Michelle are huge junkies of accessories…I feel like our outfits should work around the accessories that the other way around. I love them bigger more bold the better. Well Check out these earrings that local stores can’t keep on the shelves…they are unreal they are amazing and I wanted to share them all with you!! They come in silver, gold, pink, and green… will love them they are super light and only $50.00!! If you want some just email me at and I will send a paypal request to you plus shipping depending on where you live. Let me know they are Super amazing!! Enjoy she wore them on her morning interview!! Email Me At for some before they are all gone!! These sell out fast!! $50 dollars plus shipping I can send over paypal request when ever you are ready….