Monday Give Away!! What can you win this week?

Ok so every week we do some fun give away with designers and boutiques, but today I wanted to pop in and tell you this give away is a bit different. This give away is all about you!! I am featuring YOU! I want everyone to understand style is about creating it yourself sometimes. Being inspired by things and people around you at all times. My most favorite thing as a stylist is taking in everything around me, the colors, the internet, my friends, love airports, and much much more….anything to get my brain going. So this leads me to this giveaway week. I want you to be inspired to create and there are two items up for grabs. You win? You choose which item you want…so comment on which one you love more and why? These are a pair of earrings handmade by me and a necklace made by me, inspired by the moments around me right now. So hopefully you love and hopefully you can be inspired to create your own designs this week too. So here is this week big give away. Choose? Do you love the funky earring? or the cool necklace? Have fun comment, and please share and twitter to let everyone know we can all create anything we want.

Earrings?? Anyone??

Or Necklace??? Which one do you want to Win??

So start Voting and Commenting…which one will inspire you to create? And more you comment and the more you put up on your facebook and twitter and stumble ect…the more chances my computer tells me your winning!! So hope you love these items they are all handmade by me and super fun for gifts as well. each one is super custom and you will love….happy fun Halloween everyone!


Jen Clyde

Winner of Monday Vintage Fox Giveaway!!

Thanks everyone for your comments and re post. Getting this blog bigger and bigger only means better give aways each monday!! The Holiday Season coming up? Money is tight…why not comment and repost every monday to get more subscibers and viewers you can win bigger and bigger!! Love this so fun…so now enough talk……THE WINNNER IS………..



Thanks to everyone who commented and next monday we have more you can save and win for another great boutique!! So please come back and comment and share so that you can win next time. The more you repost, tweet, and email to your friends we know! Love all of you fans and please keep up with all the fun ideas and different days we post fun items and style fashion information. Hope your weekend is great and don’t forget to get inspired with our Weekend Inspiration!

See you next Monday!!



Sweater Season!

The winter chill is coming up fast! So, to go along with all your amazing coats you’re going to need some sweaters! There are plenty of sweater options to fit your personal style and your body type. Here are some great options.
The Cabin Sweater: This basically includes any sweater with a print that is wintery/outdoorsy. These sweaters are so fun and unique and completely perfect for autumn camp fires!
The Over-sized: These sweaters are so great and SO comfortable. They go perfect with leggings and boots. The tight sleeves on the specific sweater are the perfect contrast from the over-sized look.
The Poncho: Perfect with a fun printed long sleeved shirt. Adding a belt takes this sweater to a whole new level!
Along with Free People (these sweaters are all from Free People), Kensie Sweaters are absolutely amazing! They are unbelievably soft. You can find them at Nordstrom! Whatever sweater you go with, be sure you’re ready to rock it! Nothing is worse than not feeling confident it your outfit. So snuggle up with your sweater and read a good book…Happy Weekending!

Thurs. Means Deal Day!! CleoBella Mexicana Wallet/Clutch To Die For! You Will Cry!

I think I cried a little when me and one of my style assistants, Margot went off to find you a deal of the week. That we did. I cried just a tiny tear when we walked into this room with a whole cabinet full of amazing designer clutches and wallets. Love the smell of leather when these cabinet doors open. Amazing moments…ok back to the deal. There were many to talk about but these are so on trend and they had every color made. So cute and so different you all must have one. The big Discount store in a factory building in the middle of no where call NPS in Downtown Salt Lake City, had CleoBella Mexicana Clutches and OMG they were so amazing. They had a ton and in every color….so if you don’t live in Utah and must have this deal…I will go grab you one and mail it off but you can just pay me through pay pal account so message me or leave a comment and I will get you one…for extra shipping cost. But if you are local well you are in luck….this deal won’t last one of every color then that was all they had. Only one of every color. So happy deal day makes an amazing gift since they retail for 160.00!! Get yours fast…I found them for 75.00 dollars! Big Deal Ever!


Here it is online at CleoBella going for 160.00













Found it on on sale for 154.00 So still not as good as the deal I found!!














Now The Deal of The Day I found for you only 75.00 dollars and they had ever color!





So Rush down to NPS in Salt Lake City or comment and let me know if you can’t live without one and I will score the deal for you!! These are so fun and on trend you will just love it.!! Can’t miss this Thurs. Deal….happy deal hunting! Is there a deal you think I must know about Email me!! Thanks for being fans! Don’t forget we are picking a winner on our Monday Giveaway tomorrow so go comment now!  




Wed. Video Post: Unique Stylish Ways To Wear A Belt!

Ok ladies, like I have said I am a fan of the accessories. My Big thing is I love to come up with different ways to be unique and not spend a ton of money! So that brings me to my next Video Blog Post on my you tube channel how to rock a belt…there are so many ways and with different outfits. I wanted to focus not so much on the outfits but the way you tie a belt, a sweater belt tie, and just fun new ways hopefully that will inspire you to try to new things so you can feel stylish and fun. So please check out the video and please comment and let me know what you think? What you would like to see me do a video on for you? And any fun ideas you would like me to try to style for you. Are you stuck with a trend you can’t pull off and need help? Tell me about it. My video post are here to help and inspire you through your fashion madness. Thanks for watching and please don’t be shy to share and tweet and re post for me! Now go rock those new ways with your belt!

Jen’s How To Rock A Belt You Tube Video:

Style 101: Must have Winter Coats In Your Wardrobe!

Jen on CW 30’s The Daily Dish

Choosing the right winter coats is a real important thing and a  little tricky too. You need to consider wisely before buying it as you may need it for more than one year. The first thing you need to take into consideration is the body shape as your coat should fit perfectly. You should invest in something classic and a color that works great with the items in your wardrobe. Therefore, you should keep in mind fashion trends, but also versatility and body shape. Coats should be a investment! Why? Because you don’t want to be cold. Warmth is something you don’t want to go cheap on, and they can last for more than 5 years! This is why you should have these following coats in your closet:

All coats from the show were from Volt boutique in Fashion Place Mall in Murray, UT! Check out Volt on Facebook for more information!

Fashion Place Mall
Murray, UT

Go To: Go to coat is a everyday, cute, fun, and simple busy women and men coat. It is a coat that says, “I just need a quick throw on, and I am going to the gas station!” or “I am running to pick up the carpool!” It is super easy, warm, and your Go To coat.

On girl: G-Star RAW fur collar coat–Volt Boutique– $319.95
On boy: gray zipper jacket–Volt Boutique–$249.95

Dress it Chic: This is usually the Trench, or longer length coat that can go easy with your work attire, or dress for a christmas party. This coat says “ I want to look sexy, chic, expensive, and ready for instant style coat.” Always a must and you can wear from a business trip to a wedding. Keep this coat a simple color as possible and usually no prints. Simple and timeless please!

On boy: G-Star blazer–Volt Boutique–$289.95
On girl: G-Star RAW green dress–Volt Boutique–$149.95
G-Star camel trench coat–Volt Boutique–$359.95

Feeling light: This is a coat that I love to have as a easy jacket that can be doubled as a cute top. It’s so cute short and simple that you can mistake it for you not wearing a coat at all, but you add instant warmth and even in doors you don’t need to take it off all the time because it’s lighter, but still keeps those arms from feeling the cold even inside. This coat says “ I am going to the movies or dinner with my best friend and I am looking cute.” Have fun with this one you can have more than one also because of it’s lightness, patterns and colors can spice things up a bit.

On Jen: G-Star cinch waist jacket–Volt Boutique–$179.95

Statement: This one is my fave! This one speaks a lot to me. This can be a big cape coat this year, or leopard print coat, just something that says,”ummm I am fashionable and warm at the same time.” This coat also says to me every year “ I am going to go to sundance, and be warm, sexy, stylish, and making my statement!” So please everyone own at least one statement coat and rock it with confidence.
So stay warm and fashionable this year. It can be done with the right coats in your closet. It’s important to make sure you clean out your closets and make sure you don’t own, 5 of the same look of a coat. You need to help yourself and clean out your closets and make sure you are filling it with the right items so you don’t feel lost in the season. For more tips and suggestions on closet makeovers go to under services. Happy shopping.

On boy: G-Star RAW peacoat–Volt Boutique–$289.95
On girl: G-Star RAW silver jacket–Volt Boutique–$259.95

If you missed the show this morning, check it out HERE!!

Cheers, Jen Clyde

Monday Fashion Give Away!!

Win This!! Comment Below and Re Post 

Simple Comfy And Winter White Ready!


Today we are talking about yummy little boutiques. Boutique owners are hard-working, passionate, and today very giving. As we get into the season of giving…..we want to thank Vintage Fox Boutique for an amazing giveaway….A very functional everyday top to get you through the winter in style. This is simple and can be loved by all ages and taste. Very chic can last in your closet for a long while! So enjoy this amazing give way and all you have to do is make those comments on the post below. The more you comment and share on your facebook wall or tweet the more chances you are going to win. So comment away but first read up on why Boutique Owners love to bring us the lasted trends and styles: Owner Jamie Worral dishes all about her Boutique:

What is your favorite part about owning a boutique?

“My Favorite part about owning a boutique is being able to bring Fashions in that fit a vast majority of my clients..  As well as helping my clients by stepping outside the box of what they would normally wear and them loving it.

What are some of the styles you carry and the vibe of your boutique?

“Women’s Fashion from casual everyday wear to an evening out.  Jeans, Sweaters, tops, dresses, lounge wear, accessories, etc”
What are some of the trends that you see as a boutique owner coming out in 2012?
“Bold color blocking,  floral prints are back but over sized floral prints this time,  Orange and tangerine, pink are big 2012 color trends and so much more.”
A little bit about your boutique that us shoppers should know, why and how we should shop with you?
“Vintage Fox Boutique is a fun, easy and affordable approach to a busy woman’s way of life.  So many times we just can’t find the time to shop or be with are friends.  Vintage fox gives you the opportunity to do both at the same time. Not only can you purchase items directly online thru face book or thru, but you can also host a party at your home and invite all of your friends and i will bring the fashion shopping experience right to your home.”
Thanks So much to Vintage Fox for sharing why fashion is a must. Now start shopping at unique little boutiques because they offer fun styles you can’t find else where. Hope you win!! And share, share, share!  Until next monday…..