My Best Friend is Shoes and My Top Fave Shoe is Jeffery Campbell. You can’t live without them! Trust Me

Ok So being a buyer for years I go back to market so excited to see my Jeffery Campbell and My Guy Ty!! They both make me so happy to be there mostly this year with their finger nail polish stations. So fun. This is what they bring in their shoes as well. Fun and amazing which makes me want more and more every year. They are fresh up to the hottest trends and converted into their own style which makes all of us fall in love. Each pair of shoes they create has its own story behind it and when I pick my top faves I already have picked where and when they shoes will worn and with what. It is just easy and comfortable. Best Part is how they sale. Girls go nuts over their Moto boot this fall and I wear mine everyday with leggings, jeans, tights, skirts, and everything else you can think of. I love pairing something girly then my kick ass moto boots in grey my top fave and best seller!! Being a buyer and stylist is so fun every time they make their version of gold which is a shoe!! Makes me pick them up and smell them like a freak and there is not many things that turn me into a freak!!

These Shoes Sold out two times in a row Love this MIchelle shoe

Were in heaven with their little baby flats

Freaking unreal

Making hot outfits with jefferey is my everyday hobby

Makes me happy

Next New Line That I can’t live without is Current Elliott. This Line is Magic on my body!

Ok looking at them is beautiful, But wearing them on your body takes it up to a whole other level. This line Can’t get any better! There jeans are made like no other. They are made from Japanese Denim which I don’t understand why their denim rocks more but they JUST DO! They are very simple but edgy at the same time. They have the best butt pockets ever because they are not to much mess going on they just make your butt look amazing.! Honest everyone you must try some of these on people say all the time in the boutique …Sure I will try them on then they come flying out the dressing room and freak out!! They keep rubbing their thighs saying over and over….are you kidding I would have never thought you could wear jeans but feel like your naked!! So I am telling you all try some on at your local boutique’s or just buy online because for real they have nothing on any jeans ever in life! They make the more vintage feel but yet current to wear with the hot trends of denim. These Jeans have been on so many celebs like Kim Kardashin and more….so check them out and treat your self to the best feeling jean known to Man!! You will never wear anything else when you see that butt in those jeans for the first time. Love at first sight!

Getting to Know Me…. Well here are some of my fashion must haves and obessions with lines Enjoy…

First off I would like to say…I am so in love with Wildfox couture. Found them couple of years ago and just loved everything about them down to their photos and look books. They are so current and now with the best graphic tees like no one else can do it! They have the best photo shoots and makes me and everyone else wanting more. The shirts have now been splashed all over the Magazines and now Glamor Cover! It is really booming and the best part about this line is their sense of style mixed with the comfort of a everyday fun tee or dress that you want to wear all day long and sleep in! That makes me smile as a busy mom of 4. Mixing style and comfort is a way hard thing to do, and they did it in a fun fashion forward element way. I love to have their most popular sellers which are the Vampire Smile Face in the sweatshirt and the Sparkle heart in the t shirt that fits like no other. These shirts have graced the bodies of Hali Berry and Stars of the Hills Kristin. Really if your any woman doing any job in the world you will want some shirts and sweats and dresses from this line in your closet to really live in and so wearable. You can’t live without these fabrics touching that body of yours. Check out some photos.

Check out my fashion review for local IN This Week Utah!! Thanks to my good friend Krista Nelson!

Please Follow this link and you can find Some of my input just featured in the IN Weekly Utah Fashion Review. Love Love and you will to. Enjoy and find some good feed back this year 2010


I am always up to so much stuff. Right now after getting done with wardrobe on a killer music video you all need to check him out his name is CAMERON RAFFATI. He is so amazing. They flew in this amazing actress to Utah to film at a wonderful little Tea shop downtown. So vintage and cute very cultured. The colors were so amazing and different in this place and every chair was old different fabric different sizes and I was in love. My own aesthetic is so crazy like that so of course I was in love. So I had to make her look like 18 different characters, but yet she was the same person. With a low budget and no wigs this presented such a challenge on my part and hair and make up. The wardrobe was key in this project along with hair and make up. We had only 10 mins. in between each style change because of time limits and we were up all night long. It was insane but really this is going to be amazing. I can’t wait to post it on here after they are done editing. You know I will for now I have some Raw footage of us doing our job and this one was freaking hard and amazing. I love a challenge and to make up characters myself was so fun! So enjoy for now the behind the scenes photos and don’t forget to check out Cameron on I Tunes song is called 1 to 10. So amazing you will be singing it all day long.

ON The Job

Styling away

ON Set

Cameron with the cute actress

Us in the middle of night working hard

Working Hard on Set

Me listening which is rare! haa jk Matt