Keltie Colleen Answers Fashion & Beauty Questions!

We asked the gorgeous Keltie Colleen to answer a few fashion & beauty questions for us! Enjoy!

How would you describe your personal style?

“boho-rock n roll.”

How did being on television play into your personal style?

“For me, anytime I am on tv I notice hundreds of things wrong with the way I look. that’s why I work with you jen! Now, I look for more unique pieces and things that I know will look great if a camera is in my face.”

How did you pack and prepare for your experience on “The Bachelor”?

“I bought alot of padded bras. I never wear bras, and I was pretty sure that I should  if I was going to be on tv. I honestly only own a suitcase full of clothes, so I just packed everything I owned. I guess it worked out because I wore two outfits and came right back home and unpacked.”

What are you favorite fashion trends this summer?

“Jeffery Campbell platforms. They are sooo comfy and I love being 8 feet tall. I am also in love with all the tee shirts from Chaser. They are so soft and I wear them with skinnies and sandles during the day and then tiny little skirts and platforms at night, I’m even planning on rocking one at the teen choice awards next week!”

What is your ideal outfit for date night?

“My black topshop tunic slipdress and platforms and my chanel purse. I love mixing rock n roll with chanel. I think I stole that from Ashlee Simpson.”

What is one splurge that every woman should invest in when it comes to her hair?

“Honestly, I have been using Nutri-Ox shampoo because my hair NEVER grows. Another dancer suggested it and so far it has been amazing. I also use swimmers shampoo from MALIBU because I like to wash my hair every second day and it’s also colored so the swimmers shampoo cleans without any of the stuff that is in all other shampoos and I end up less dry. I am also OBSESSED with kiehl’s Olive Oil Deep Conditioning pack. Tons of people requested my color after the Bachelor, and I get my color and cuts from Jenda Alcorn at Kim Vo in Beverly Hills (she used to style in silverlake by my house and then moved!) She is amazing and the QUEEN of ombre color.”

When there are cameras filming you constantly, it’s obviously important to take good care of your skin. What are your tips to TV worthy skin?

“first off, I always wash my face. I also strongly believe in photo-facials and normal facials as a strong base, I go once a month. I used glycolic acid(10%) on my face to refresh the skin each night and I wear SPF 70 during the day. I also always use a glossy shimmer over my whole face so I look youthful on camera!”

What cosmetic products are always in your purse?

“Stila long wearing lipcolor. MAC refresher spray. Stila longwearing eyeliner pen (it stays on for DAYS!) and also another secret is that I am in love with my eyelash extentions. I get them done every 4 weeks and I never wear mascara. Actually, every thursday I put up a blog at called “things I love Thursdays” where I test out and get tips and secrets from all the make-up artists that work n me during the week. That is how I found out about the Stila products that I now LOVE! Your readers can follow me on twitter @keltiecolleen if they want too!”

Thanks for talking with us Keltie!

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Here is some more of my cute client rocking some amazing brands

As everyone knows Keltie Colleen is amazing and I am lucky enough to pull for her. Here she is rocking some Chaser LA and some amazing Twisted Jewlery which we love. Check her out.

Keltie Rocking Chaser LA Van Halen T shirt so cute…

If your not a fan of my client Keltie Colleen you must be google her follow her on Buzznet she is amazing. Here she is from one of my fave t shirt lines we pulled for her Chaser LA and I might say she is rocking it well. Thanks Chaser LA for always working with me and my clients like Keltie…..Stay tunned more coming from Teen Choice awards.


How to Wear White in the Summer!

Jen joined CW 30’s The Daily Dish girls this morning to chat about how to wear white in the summertime!

Here are the details from the outfits shown on today’s segment:

“Suit Up”
White blouse from Flight Boutique
White pants & blazer from Jen’s closet

“Layering Textures”
All clothing from Flight Boutique
Shoes & jewelry from Jen’s closet

“Bright Accents”
Blouse & shorts from Flight Boutique
Shoes & jewelry from Jen’s closet

“Bright Accents”
White dress from Flight Boutique
Necklace from Jen’s closet

“Layering Tones”
White blouse from Flight Boutique
All other items from Jen’s closet

The amazing red striped slouchy top that Jen wore during the show was made by her! If you are interested in having Jen create one for you, please contact her at!

Stop by Flight Boutique in Park City to find the gorgeous clothes seen on today’s show!
Flight Boutique
562 Main Street
Park City, UT 84060
(435) 604-0806

Check out the video from today’s The Daily Dish segment HERE!

What Jen says about the different looks:

“Want to rock the white this summer, but aren’t sure about the right way to do it?  Stylist Jen Clyde shows us how!

Here’s what Jen told us about wearing white, in her words:

While, one one hand, I am utterly excited about such a shift in shading preference, on the other hand, white is scary! It can get dirty, it reflects light, and can add some pounds… It’s just a scary color!

That being said, my fear will not stop me from rocking it. I love the way that white was played with for spring, my favorite aspect being the versatility of each piece. While white is a scary, bright, look-at-me color – I have to remember that it’s also a neutral. Of course it works!  Where do I go for a little inspiration? The Vogue Spring/Summer 2011.

Below are my favorite style strategies:

Suit Up

This suit is wonderful looking. The separates are excellent on their own, but aren’t horrifyingly campy when used together. I like when the crepe fabric in a suit looks definitely more than casual but less than formal. That’s right where I like to be. For a non-work mode, throw on a cute neutral t-shirt underneath with a cute logo to add some funky touches and go to lunch with your girlfriends.

Layer Textures

This actually works with any color, but using white gives you a very soft Jennifer Aniston look, which is of course ultra-chic. My inspiration here was taken right off the runway of Alexander Wang. He pretty much aced the white look this season, hands down. Laying textures helps add dimension and strength to monochromatic clothes and gives you amazing lines and curves to your body you did not know you even had.

Bright Accents

This is definitely the style that I am most comfortable with. A bright pop of color will chic out any monotone pallet. Plus, with a base color like white, you can pretty much do whatever you want! The “little white dress” is a bit everywhere this season, so feel free to doll up in the virginal shade and pop it off with some brights. I love a green or red shoe with the white or do a fun sailor look and add a navy shoe with red earrings or necklace. Either way it’s like putting on base make up for a clean look then adding your colors on your eyes. Making it clean with no pattern and if you need a pattern go with stripes to top off that nautical look for the summer that is classic and clean.

Layer Tones

This is probably the easiest of all of the styles because you don’t have to run out and grab yourself a whole new (white) wardrobe. It gives off a polished-yet relaxed feel that can be translated into everything from formal to casual, work to happy hour. The different shades give depth to an otherwise flat color story. I dig it.”

Now go dig out your favorite white clothes and rock these looks this summer!