Family Photo Season

I was walking through Costco and Hobby Lobby recently and was shocked to see that they were already selling Christmas decorations. Can you believe that it’s coming around the corner?

Well, with Christmas decorations comes Christmas family photos. The stress of finding what to wear, where to get them taken, who to have take them, etc. These are added stresses that no one needs this time of year. So why not have someone else worry about all this and take care of it for you?

I have been doing styling for family photos for years and would love to help you out to make sure that this moment is captured just the way you want it.

Christmas photos can be fun and wild, but why not go all out in style and show everyone how amazing you and your family are looking this year.

Message me at for pricing and to set up a time to figure out what will work best for your stylish family photo.


Monday Giveaway

After such a fun summer, with lots of amazing finds, we felt that it was time for a giveaway.

We were able to find some amazing shoes that we feel every girl would want. They are called Footzyrolls and they are great for the woman on the go. If you’re on campus you can just throw these in your bag and change things up, but still be fashionable. They are comfortable the they come in tons of cute styles.

So here we go. Our first giveaway. Subscribe to the blog then to enter here is what you need to do:

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  3. Update your Facebook status with the message below:

 I am getting free shoes from Jen Clyde Stylist and you can too at

Comment on this post one time and include:

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And finally, Tweet the following:
#JenClydeStylist is giving away a pair of #free shoes from #footzyrolls @jclydestyle
We will be announcing the winner Friday night at 9:00 pm MST. Good luck!

Feelin’ Crafty?

Can’t find the right necklace holder for all of your baubles?  Don’t wanna spend a ton of money on one?  Feelin’ a little crafty one summer afternoon?  This fun (and really, really inexpensive) branch and rope necklace holder is a cute take on the classic jewelry stand!  One of our interns, Annalicia, decided to make it, and it ended up costing her about $2.50 in total!  It makes a great addition to a college student’s apartment, a little girl’s bedroom, or anyone’s house that needs a rustic, organic touch.

We found this DIY over at Because I’m Addicted, an excellent fashion, food, and living blog run by a cute girl from Los Angeles! Check out this absolutely fantastic video that shows you how to make the necklace holder!

Have fun! And if you end up making it, post a picture of it on our Facebook wall!


Friday Fashion Find

Love shoes? Love art? What if I told you that you could get the best of both worlds?

We had to share these amazing shoes by Taylor Reeve from Encinitas, California. Her artwork is incredible, but the fact that she can fit in on the back of a pair of sexy heels? Totally astonishing.

These are defiantly a statement piece that will make any outfit really pop.

Check out her etsy store here. And follow her on Facebook

Michelle Bachelor Pad Style Week 3

Above she is rocking of course her amazing designer Twisted Silver Bracelet. She will be wearing it all throughout the show. She loves twisted and brought a load of it for the show.

Some Fashion Finds from Michelle Money this week…. Here way cute Ripped up blue top from Arden B 


Rose Cermony night was a crazy one this week. And of course my cute client looked amazing with those red lips and in black. It looks like a one piece but there are two the top is Pencey brand and the pants are from Bebe. And she looked amazing….


So who loved michelle date night top?? I sure did!! Just to let you know the first week she wore that amzing black dress and it had amazing straps and I blogged about it…well it was a dress with a amazing new bra that has amazing crazy straps you can change around and make fun to your liking and your style and you can change them up to your own personal design. Well she was wearing it again on the date night again with different straps. If you loved?? Here is the info you can find them under Estilo Boutique 801-363-9300 Tell them Jen Clyde sent you and they will get you the info you need to order them. They are so new and fresh their website is still under construction.