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Here is some info about the show today. Contact me to sch. yours today!!

Shop your own closet!!

Is it magic or just the right styling? How you can help your bank account and your style!

One of my most popular styling packages is called “Virtual Closet Make over”. I have

had so many people buy this for gifts or have Closet Make over Parties. Women love

this. They get 10 or more people to come to their home and host the best kept secret

party out there. Just tons of info from Celebrity Stylist Jen Clyde, getting personal one

on one in a comfortable setting and you leaving with a whole new image and

confidence. The Aim is to love everything you own, and to love yourself in it. To help get

the flare no matter what size what age or gender, all can represent. You will learn how to

save money and edit what you have and find a starting point which usually is the

challenge. End goal is to know what you have and how to wear it. You can survive on a

budget and this is why we call it “shop your own closet.” While your editing Jen helps

you and these would be your first questions,

1. When is the last time your wore this?

2. Why are you holding on to this?

3. Will you ever wear it again?

4. Do you love it?

5. Do you think we can revamp it?

I have gone into some real women closets, took some pieces that they thought would

never have life again and revived it!! I hope you enjoy and to set up your own private

session or want to have a Closet make over party email me at Itʼs a

night of laughs and fashion.

Shopping your own closet

Shopping your own closet.

If you missed my show please click above to check out how to shop  your own closet. Thanks to the Daily Dish for having me once again.

Just Featured as a Wedding Stylist check out my Q & A

So many people have no clue what I do….it’s great when other bloggers like to interview me helps me better express what I can offer. In this case it’s a wedding stylist! Follow link below and read all about it. Enjoy!! Thanks


You Know I love To Find Fun Fashion News…Here is some to share..

Everyone check this out if you love Fashion, Style, and T shirts. They are having a T shirt designed by style ladies Mary Kate and Ashley Olson. You need to check this out it launches in July 2011. Hope you love….follow link below and find out more info.