Sunday Style

Here is my Sunday style!!! Enjoy your Sunday. Sorry short and sweet but my Sunday has been crazy!:) until tomorrow!!




And the winner of the 3rd day is????

Thanks to everyone who has been commenting! Been the best giveaway yet! Thanks flight again and Remember you still have two more days to go!!! Good luck keep on commenting and tagging flight boutique.

Winner is…. Kim Chatwin thanks for all the tags. Until next time!!

Sunday style



All about the funky fun style today!! Loving the mixed up prints! And fun colors. I love this new dress from DownEast Outfitters anthropology rack off off pricing!! Got this 70% off!! Un real love this rack from their store. You all need to go hunt for gold too. Belt and necklace from and under shirt from downeast!

Pintribute Pin Pal: Trista Granberry

A few weeks back I blogged about my obsession for Bold Pants, so when Trista pinned these (to DIE for!) floral printed pants, I just had to share it!  All the prints and the colors on each pair is amazing!  These pants are such a statement, I love them!  Trista found the photos of the bold pants on the blog …love Maegan and there you will find sooo many more styles of these bold pants AND where to buy them! Thanks Trista for pinning on PINTRIBUTE and sharing with everyone… i love, love, love it!

If you want to be my PIN PAL so that your pins can be shared and featured on my blog, it’s really easy all you have to do is send me your Pinterest username in a comment or message and I will be sure to add you to the Pintribute w/ Jen Clyde Stylist board.  Happy Pinning!!


How To Rock Your Easter Pastels….

How to rock your pastels for easter without looking like a easter egg

Itʼs that time of year again. Spring and almost easter! This is when the clothing lines and

retailers get all of their pastels ready for action. This year has never been bigger on

pastels mostly now in jeans. The number one trend is colored jeans and now they are

bringing them in with some yummy easter colors. There are different ways you can rock

them and many different looks, but one of the main questions I always get is how? Can I

wear them with my style even if I am not fashion forward? Answer is YES YOU CAN!

Here are some ways to give you an idea that you can rock anything.

1. Classic Look- This girl is the classic girl that wants to be bold but keep her classic

look in tact. So add any blouse preferably, white to stay on that crisp side or add a

color to color block it, but keep it clean with no patterns. You can add accessories just

go for simple chic like silvers or light colors. Shoes stay on the color or tan side not

black to harsh for our classic feel.

2. Traditional pattern look- This is where itʼs ok to add a pattern. Your still keeping it soft

and girly, but a fun fresh look. I love love mustards and purples together one of my

favorites and I feel like the balance is super good so your not looking like a giant

easter egg. This is a super cute look for a causal chic easter breakfast. I also feel like

your not looking like your 12 years old when you pull these more mature pieces in to

balance out the purple. For accessories you can go either way funky and fun or

simple and chic itʼs up to your preference. Then pulling in a fun cute Jean Jacket is

always nice to dress it down but yet still pulled together. I love jean jackets with

colored denim so perfect.

3. Fashion Forward Look- This is for that girl that already loves the trend and wants to

take it one step further. She loves the pastel look but wants to add a bold color jacket

on top and a fun funky t shirt under the blazer to make it fresh. This look is for the girl

who knows what she is doing and can pull off anything. This can be rocked with any

shoe but I love it mostly with a wedge.

So this easter step out of you box a little bit. These Pastel Jeans are amazing! The price

range is great and itʼs something you may not want to spend tons of money on because

they are super trendy, but at the same time donʼt go to cheap because these colored

jeans can go all wrong if the fit is not right! They an make your legs look bigger so your

fit needs to be perfect. So this easter try one of these fun looks and stand out a bit and

find your confidence with pastels. These jeans are from Cotton blossom in Utah and all

the info can be found online at Be inspired go for the pastels.