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Michelle Money really is the one with the best style. She really is so easy to dress and I feel so lucky that she has become one of my dearest friends please check her out and how beautiful she is in Elizabeth and James pants and John Paul Gauiter blouse to die for she rocked it. Plus wearing twisted silver earrings and ring. She looked flawless like always. Michelle will go so far and I can’t wait to see because she is so very talented.  Check her out at his link below

Michelle Money on ‘Ellen’: They Didn’t Air My Goodbye With Brad

1 day ago by Gina Carbone

Michelle Money and Keltie Colleen in The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 2

Photo Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney

Photo:OMG… new besties for life!

Did you really think Michelle Money was just going to slink silently off into that good night? No way! She tells Ellen DeGeneres that she and Brad Womack did have a farewell talk before she took a nap in that limo. Michelle also named the lady she thinks Brad will pick in the end and whether she is indeed as “crazy” as she seems.

On her not-so-silent exit

Michelle: Brad and I did get to have a conversation.
Ellen: You did?
Michelle: Yeah. It was a good conversation. I got my closure. We said really great things to each other.
Ellen: On camera?
Michelle: Yes.
Ellen: So they just didn’t air that?
Michelle: They just forgot.
Ellen: You said what things? He just said not the right relationship?
Michelle: Well, yeah. I just wished him the best. Obviously at the end of the day, I did want a rose and I did want to be there but he just wasn’t that into me. What else can I say? I wished him the very best. I think the world of him. Brad is an amazing man. I just said anyone here is lucky to be with you and I wish you all the best. And he said the same thing.
Ellen: You said all that and we didn’t see any of it?
Michelle: Yeah.

On who Brad picks

Ellen: It seemed like you did have chemistry [with Brad] and it seemed like he did like you. But then what happened?
Michelle: I think at the end of the day, I’m not Brad’s type. I think it was in Anguilla when you could kind of tell his heart was with someone else.
Ellen: Who? Who do you think it’s with?
Michelle: Emily.
Ellen: I do too. At the beginning I kind of picked her but it seemed too obvious.
Michelle: Well, they’re like Ken and Barbie. They look like they should be together.

On being “crazy”

Ellen: I like that about you, that you’re straight up. But you seemed a little crazy.
Michelle: I will say, any time there’s creepy music playing, anyone is going to look crazy.
Ellen: No. The crazy music gives us an indication. Here it comes. Crazy.
Michelle: That’s the truth. There’s a little bit of crazy in me.
Ellen: There’s crazy in you, admit it.
Michelle: Absolutely.

Watch the video below for more from Michelle on how the editing didn’t do her justice.

Sources: Zap2It, ETOnline

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Michelle Money My Client Rocked her Outfit From Flight Boutique in Park City Today

Michelle Money is my client I dress her and get her ready for her weeks of press to come. She is in a amazing movie right now and has tons of press going on. It comes out local this weekend. She also is known for her role on the Bachelor this season but the most important thing here is what she is wearing and thanks to flight boutique up in Park City Utah who lets me do my pulls there we got a amazing color purple flowy top that michelle looks awesome in. Michelle Looks amazing in color and also on TV it is important to wear color sometimes to bring out your skin tons that may get lost on TV Screen. She looked amazing and yes of course Curt the Main Actor in the film always looks handsome in his digs. MIchelle can rock anything and thanks to Flight boutique in Park City she did. Love Michelle Money as my client she is a fun girl to dress and shop for everyday.