4 thoughts on “Fashion Design Work 2011

  1. Hi. I am hoping you can help me find the necklace that Michelle Money wore recently on The Men Tell All espisode of the bachelorette. It was a chunky looking necklace that seemed to be a mixture of silver and gold with chains hanging from it. I have been looking everywhere and have not been able to find it. Strangely enough I have not seen any comments or questions about it from anyone. Thank you for any information you can give me.

      • Hi Jen, I was visiting a friend this last Oct and saw you on Freshliving 10/17/11. You should us how to tie scarves, but I didn’t have my computer to look you up to copy how to tie my scarves. Please let me copy all the different ways to tie my scarf.
        Thank you for this information and I’ll use these every week!
        Lee — lee.lovelife.met@gmail.com

      • your so sweet. Yes rock those ways to tie a scarf love for you to look amazing and fun! Please subscribe to my blog to stay up to date with me! Love to show you other ideas as well. Thanks again for being a fan. So sweet.

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