Oscar Week Be Inspired From Red Carpet To Real Life….

Well you all know I am a stylist and I love Polyvore! It’s almost like doing Yoga for me…..It’s relaxing and it decompresses me! I get to put together a ton of style boards for my clients who I personal shop for. It let’s me give them ideas and inspire them when I can show them what I buy them and what I want to put in their closets. If you ever want me to put together ideas for a special event in your life, like wedding or girls weekend, just ask! I love to give ideas for my clients to rock! And do you want to know what the great thing is? If you like it then you just click on it from my Polyvore account and takes you right to the great place where you can buy it. What could be better than that?

I love these girls who invented Polyvore. I met them at market a few years ago and they are so amazing talented and just so inspiring. Every now and then they have contest for everyone to enter and I thought this one was way fun…..the rules are to take your favorite dress you loved from Oscars 2012 and make it into real life wear! So, here are some of mine. I hope you love! Share on facebook and twitter and pinterest so that all of your friends and family can be inspired too! Also, don’t forget to just email me if you ever want a personal board made for your special red carpet to real life moment.

Sexy Dress To Sexy Casual
Red Carpet Look into casual night out!!

Red Carpet Look into casual night out!! by jenclyde featuring letter shirts

Michelle Williams Unique Oscar look dressed downMichelle Williams Unique Oscar look dressed down by jenclyde featuring crislu jewelry

Spring Love Accessories 2012

Today on my “Good Things Utah” Fashion segment (WATCH HERE) I shared everything that I think you cannot live without for spring. This is one of my most favorite times of year when you can add some fresh, clean color and sunshine into your life again. I love to see all the accessories because I am that girl who can’t get enough of them. So here are some of my most favorite picks for the season and you must all enjoy.

1. The wedge! The wedge in any form is just a must have. I love all the colors we are seeing and the patterns. I loved the price and the style of this wedge this season from Chinese Laundry. They take the tribal pattern that is super popular and put it into a shoe! This makes me smile this spring! The price is even better, they are selling for under $100 bucks! Amazing! So hurry and check them out and get these while there not sold out. Plus they are comfy they don’t jack up the back of your heels. Buy them here! 

2. Fat Belts and Skinny colorful belts. I am loving all sorts of belts right now. I am usually not a huge fan of belts but this year I feel like there is a ton to offer. I love everything from leather to mixing metals to huge pops of neon & bright colors in the skinny belt version. One of my most favorites is this Woven Metallic Mesh Belt from Streets Ahead. This belt has a gun plated ring and really just hugs your hips and makes any cute maxi dress look divine. Also it is so cute with just a fun, plain tank and jeans. Either way I just love! This belt is super well crafted and should be on everyone this spring! Then all the way from target we love the skinny neon and bright-colored belts that are only $9.99 and can add a bit of spring in small moments to pull that outfit together. I feel like at this price you need at least 3 different colors. Love Love!! Hurry, go get you some awesome fun, fat and skinny belts.

3. Sunglasses: My most favorite this spring are the Cat Eye shape. You all need some and you need to really have fun rocking them. They are sexy, sassy, fashion forward, and I just can’t get enough of all the colors that are out there. One of my most favorite pairs for quality, style, and purpose is Shauns Shades. I just think these are an amazing concept. You get yourself some amazing trendy sunglasses that you would usually buy anywhere but instead you get some at Shauns Shades and you give someone a chance to see. Yes that’s right…when you buy a pair of Shauns Shades you are giving someone a pair of glasses that would otherwise have not been able to afford it. So you need to check them out this spring! Actually, check them out immediately!!

4. Bracelets. Let’s stack them up! Love the stack effect this season with rocking the bracelets. Love to take metal then mix in pops of color and/or leather. I love just having a ton on and getting the look where it seems like there was no real pattern and instead it just looks like pure fun! So go bold on your bracelets and mix and match. Here are some of my top picks for what you need to mix this season. I love Streets Ahead little leather studded bracelets. They are simple and cute to add to an everyday look. I am also dying about the Boticca website. Boticca’s rainbow gold bangles are so structured and clean that they makes you look like a million bucks. Have to have! The website gives you interviews with the designers and more too so it’s super fun. This beautiful bracelet is by designer Gemma Redux and are from her Spring 2012 collection. Great to know where you’re getting some of the items you are wearing. So check them out! 

I am also really loving the company Sailormade  this spring. All of their jewelry is boat inspired and i’m obsessed with it. My favorite way to wear their bracelets is to stack them up high and plenty. You know it’s the only way!

Another one of my top accessory shopping sites is Bauble Bar. I love these tribal bracelets that were just shown on the Today Show. Must have me some for spring. Love color and pattern.

5. Big Bold Necklaces! You can never go wrong this summer with how big and bold you can rock your necklaces! I love the teal of course (it’s my most favorite color) but I also loving the fringe and it’s all about the layering. Take two and mix in three or four more to make a huge statement. This spring it’s all about the accessories and less about the clothes. I love necklaces and the more the better. So try to find something unique like the photos below. One that im totally obsessing over is from Boticca again. This awesome turq necklace is also by designer Gemma Redux and are from her Spring 2012 collection. I seriously can’t get enough of it.

Some of my top faves are from Bauble Bar. Super rad jewelry at freaking amazing prices! You will die at their selections so go shopping now you will love this site! They have personalized jewelry and lots of their items that have been featured in the press a ton! You will for sure be happy with their selection for spring.

6. Bags. Go for neon to be fun! Go for the color blocking! Go for the weaved effect! If you have any or all of these looks then you are right on track. Also I love me some bright orange in my bag for spring. Or even maybe weaved in? One thing for sure make sure is that if you have a strapless bag then turn that baby upside down and rock it like a big clutch. We saw this all over the runway and its a super fun & trendy look for spring. I love the neon bag from target, and I also love the weaved orange bag from BCBG. Either way, you can change out bags all the time so go bold when you want to and when your over it then just switch it out!

Happy spring shopping!


See today’s looks from the ABC4 Good Things Utah segment:

Fedora: Target

Necklace: Bauble Bar

Bracelets: Bauble Bar

Shoes: Chinese Laundry


Earrings: Bauble Bar

Scarf: Target

Clutch: Target

Short gold necklace: Bauble Bar

Short turq necklace: Boticca

Long brown necklace: CLOVEjewelry

Belt: Streets Ahead

Clutch: My Trendy Zebra


Win the Perfect Spring Dress from Cotton Blossom Boutique!

Welcome to another Monday giveaway lovely followers! Seeing as how March is just around the corner, (and Spring is finally within reach!) we thought it would be fitting to kickoff an early Spring with the best clothing item the season has to offer– a cute Spring dress! Check out this adorable mustard yellow butterfly dress from Cotton Blossom Boutique!
Cotton Blossom Boutique is giving away this seriously amazing dress to one lucky winner this week! As usual, it’s super simple to win, and the winner will be picked this Friday! Just follow these easy-peasy instructions:

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Yup, it’s that easy! And make sure you check out Cotton Blossom Boutique on their Facebook page as well as in person! Their store is located in the heart of Holladay, Utah, and they will satisfy all of your modern vintage clothing needs! They sell everything from ruffled silk blouses to pastel pink Chinese Laundry wedges! Right now, they’re having a big Winter clearance sale, and they’re all stocked up on new Spring merchandise for the upcoming season. And lucky YOU because they’re offering 20% off one full-priced item from now until March 10th if you mention Jen Clyde at the register!
The possibilities for this butterfly dress are endless– WE LOVE! Now, get to commenting, and go check out Cotton Blossom Boutique for other fab Spring dresses! Happy Monday!

Cotton Blossom Boutique
2280 Murray Holladay Rd
Holladay, Utah 84117
(801) 278-2027

Your Big Bad Beautiful Self – No rules. Just right.

Thinking today about fashion like always and about the media that influences fashion and society that seems to control it……thinking about the rules that society somehow manages to instill within us and most of the time without our consent. All of a sudden there’s a huge sea of negativity floating around in our head like – no that’s not okay, you can’t do that, don’t even try, you’re not good enough….UGH SO SUPER DESTRUCTIVE!!!!!

The worst part is, we never agreed to these “rules”. It doesn’t even happen on purpose sometimes and most of us don’t even know when these stupid, meaningless rules started to matter….all we know is that for some reason or another we weren’t good enough anymore.

Sadly and totally unfortunately these “rules” came from society and you know what….society is SO skewed and you know what else….SOCIETY SUCKS!!!!

There, I said it.

Here’s a scary, accurate image that depicts EXACTLY what im talking about that was pinned to my Pinterest Pintribute board to raise society awareness.

I wish I could scream and yell at society for being so irrational and heartless and cruel….expecially when it comes to woman……but I can’t cause they would never hear me – it would take masses to ever scream that loud – but I can scream and yell at all of you so I am…..and I mean that in the most loving way possible….
Consider me yelling and screaming when I say – YOU’RE BIGGER THAN WORDS. YOU’RE THE BEST KIND OF BAD. AND YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL.
You are just right – just the way you are.
No matter what rule society comes up with – you will still be right and you will always be right….you define right just like you define yourself, and just because whats right for you might not be what’s right for someone else doesn’t mean that you’re wrong, and it doesn’t mean that their wrong…..all it means is that we are all diferent……and I truly believe that it is our differences that make us  beautiful.
Please shine today and lets save society!!!!
Shine for our differences that society tries to diminish….create rightness within yourself…..and dont ever be afraid to tell society to go to hell….cause I just did….and if I can do it – then you can do it……because you are bigger and badder than you will ever know….and more powerful than this crazy skewed society wants you to know.
Sending you lots and lots and lots of love today….You are all beautiful and you all ROCK, mean it!! xxoo

Style Crush–Poppy Delevigne

Um. Major style crush on model Poppy Delevigne right now. Isnt’ she to die for? These are some pictures of her from New York Fashion Week. I found these pictures here. But for real. She is divine. Some similar pieces she is wearing are linked below so you can get them for yourself! Happy Weekend!

· Helter Skelter Sunglasses from Karen Walker
· Caballero Hand Woven Boots from ONE by Free Bird
· French Connection Maxi Skirt from ASOS
· Flock Spot Pencil Skirt from Topshop
· Fanny Lace Top from Joie
· Kookai Belted Trench Coat from ASOS
· Burgundy boots from Belle by Sigerson Morrison