Bridal Styling

Are you getting married soon and need help with the overall style?  Jen offers bridal styling services that will help you with everything from the bride’s maid’s dresses to the color pallet.  Her goal is to make your big day unique, special, and beautiful.  There are four different packages for you to choose from.

  1. Consult meetings:  The first consultation meeting helps Jen find out what you both want for your wedding.  You will explain some of your ideas and wishes for the style of your big day.  Jen will also show you how to create an inspiration board, which is a visual tool to help you organize any creative ideas you have for the event so that Jen knows what you are looking for.  During the second consultation meeting, Jen will meet with you to set up all of the style elements of your wedding, including your colors, dress options, theme, overall feel, time of day, flowers, cake, and any other creative elements that will make the big day feel personal. Jen will then provide you with contact information for places where you can find all of these things and styling tips for your wedding day.  Use all of this information to find everything you need.
  2. Everything Style: This package offers styling help for the bridal dress.  This package includes two days of personal shopping with Jen, an inspiration board full of your personal ideas, online and offline research for dresses by Jen, personal e-mails with information and inspiration regarding possible dress and accessory ideas, and the help of Jen on your big day.  On the day of the wedding, Jen will help you put together your bridal outfit personally, ensuring that you feel beautiful and radiant on your big day.  She also has a team of beauty and hair experts that are available separately upon request.
  3. Style Up My Photo: Engagement photos can be tricky.  Where? When? What do I wear? Is it cool to match?  Jen wants you and your fiancé to look back and love your engagement photos.  Jen will help you and your fiancé pick out everything from what to wear, where to have it, what time of day, and set design.  Jen will be there on set during the photo shoot to help style your outfits and help with any wardrobe issues.  Prior to the engagement photos, Jen will have one meeting with you and your fiancé to discuss and coordinate everything about the photo shoot.  Jen has created strong relationships with many different photographers, so she can help you find one that fits your style.
  4. Style It Up: This package includes the Consult Meetings, Everything Style, and Style Up My Photo packages, plus more! With this package, Jen will also help you style the food, creative art, mother of the bride and groom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, bridal dress, groom tux, invites, and more.  She will help you with everything right down to the menu and name cards.  She will be there on the day of your wedding to help style all of the outfits of the wedding party in coordination with your wedding planner. 


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