Closet Makeover

This is Jen’s most popular and sought after package.  Jen comes directly to your home, and you both go through everything together.  She will help you get rid of certain pieces and will help you understand what pieces are staples in your closet.  Jen will then create many different outfits for you to wear during different events, such as date nights, work, traveling, working out, and more.  Jen will then take pictures of each of these outfits and create a CD full of them for you to look through in the future.  This is called your Virtual Closet.  Thanks to your Virtual Closet, you can quickly find an outfit for any type of special event that is coming up.  Not only does this service save you time and stress, but it will also save you money by helping you avoid overbuying.

9 thoughts on “Closet Makeover

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  3. I am interested in hiring u as a gift for my wife for Christmas in the month of February possibly…was wondering if u could get me pricing info and more information on availability etc. Thank You

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