Confidence is your best accessory!

We all know I love accessories. That’s a known fact. But I love and live by this quote, “Confidence is your best accessory, never leave home without it.” Great right? I always say you must be confident in yourself. You must be confident in your outfit. Nothing is worse than leaving the house feeling insecure about what you’re wearing! You should love what you’re wearing and be confident in your clothes. Confidence is the first thing people notice about you. It’s the first thing they see. If you don’t have that, you don’t have style. Style’s main ingredient is confidence.  Never forget that 🙂 beautiful women. Confident women. We should all be like this! There is no reason not to be!

Jen Clyde: Best and Worst Fashion picks for 2011

Jen Clyde: Best and Worst Fashion picks for 2011.

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Deal Day Thursday: Ruffle in the New Year

I cannot BELIEVE this year is almost over. It went by way too fast. I hope you all had an amazing year because now it’s time to celebrate! New Years Eve is just a few days away and I just found the most adorable party dress for you to wear. The all-over ruffles on the front of this dress are so feminine. I love it!

This is the CiCi Bandeau Ruffle Dress and I found it online at ASOS. It used to be $81.81 but it’s been marked down 60% to just $32.72. Squeal! Oh yeah and also, when you order from ASOS  you get free shipping…both ways…everyday. Squeal again!

Now’s the time to let loose of all the stresses of 2011 and ring in the new, fresh slate 2012! So get dressed up, put on your dancing shoes and slip into your party dress…..and make sure its your ruffle party dress!!


2011 Picks For Best & Worst Dressed List! Who Made It?

End Of The Year Fashion Rap Up!

Who Got It Right & Who Got It All Wrong?

Top 5 Best & Worst Dressed 2011

The year of fashion in 2011 is all coming to an end and who do you think made my top 5 best and worst dressed list? There were so many I loved it was really hard to cut it down! I wanted to do top 10 but with a ton of research and changing my mind about 10 times I came up with my list for 2011. The year was filled with so much change like we saw a ton of color blocking and the crochet boho year that I loved. I also loved the bright greens on the red carpet, but with so much change I had to cut it down and so here is my picks.

Best Dressed

Blake Lively– Known from “Gossip Girl” she is being called the risk taker of the year. Which if you know me you know I love a girl who can rock anything straight from the runway without retailing it down for real walk of life. Not many can do this and it is because of this she is killing it on all her fashion awards and red carpet nods. Can’t wait to see what she will be up to in 2012! My first pick for sure. On and off the red carpet she is her own stylist and I just love that.

Emma Stone– She had a huge style year this year. Year before that not a big red carpet star but this year magazines could not get enough of her after her Calvin Klein dress at the academy awards this year. She created some of the most exciting fashion moments on the red carpet this year. She is beautiful in such a classic way.

Kate Middleton– Who did not see her wedding dress this year? Amazing! So Classic, chic, effortless beauty is was done just perfect. So simple and yet breathtaking! Love it and her fashion sense all around is just classic. She is bringing wearing hats to a whole other level. She makes fashion look so effortless and makes the trend preppy seem to be the go to trend this year.

Anne Hathaway– From her huge fashion academy award dress wardrobe, to her everyday looks she just gets it. She looks like a million dollars no matter what with that beautiful smile. She knows how to look like a shinning star on and off the screen. Every designer dreams for her to wear their gowns on the red carpet because she makes them more beautiful than anyone out there. She just is a girl you would want to take home to mom.

Jennifer Aniston– All I have to say is “Effortlessly Stylish!” This girl is the only one I know that can rock the same hair style and look for 10 years and look like she just walked out of a trend magazine. If anyone wants to know how to buy looks that won’t go out of style in 10 years just copy her looks….she is so beautiful in such a simple way.

Worst Dressed

Lady GaGa– Ok really? Come on can’t she just wear something semi normal to one event so we can see her? I mean….? Really makes madonna look like The Queen…Jk. No but her meat dress through me over the edge this year. Not being meat eater myself I think this dress won her my worst spot on worst dressed this year to #1…that meat on her head was just not right in so many ways. That takes art to a whole other level. Just please don’t wear a chicken dress in 2012 please.

Niki Minaja– Feel like this is just a costume madness moments. Pink, blue, green hair mixed with gowns just no matter what does not work for me. Feel like she needs to stand out for some reason when she really does not have to dress like a hot mess. She is so cute and every time she speaks she seems so sweet and kind. You just would not think that from these ghetto outfits. Just feel like she needs to let this go a bit in 2012.

Jessica Simpson– Ok Ok don’t get mad but her style really is not cute! Yes there are moments that she looks ok and fun, but her overall style needs help! From her street style to her red carpet I feel like her outfits come from 5-7-9 shop. Like her whole look can be found at the mall store for 15.99! She makes her clothes look cheap and I just can’t stand her style. Sorry Ladies! She needs a big style helper in her life. But that being said happy she is having a baby! Congrats to her.

Lindsay Lohan– Now I see why she wanted to steal clothes, because she needs some major style help. She looks like a hot mess right now and she needs to not go on the red carpet until she gets her looks and herself back together! So sad but she looks trashy.

Kim Kardashian– Ok I know some may be mad at me for this one but I know there are a ton that agree with me! In the fashion world there are not many that give her high nods for her fashion sense which is weird because she owns a store. Here is my thinking and feeling on her style. She just has no born with style. Meaning she looks like she is coming out of a strip club half on the time. I know she has curves she loves to show them off but please let the tight low back dress go! The high hooker boots and pants so tight makes me hold my breath when I look at her. Just feel like she needs to loosen up a bit and stop trying so hard!

Well to another year of fashion can’t wait till award season in 2012! I will be doing full reports on my fashion blog and TV shows. I am so excited for this years fashion trends and color pallets. Can’t wait to share with you all my fashion secrets coming up in January! Until then Happy New Year Fashion Friends!


Jen Clyde

Edrem Pre-Fall 2012

Already revealing Pre-Fall lines? Where has the time gone. I can’t believe it’s almost 2012! Crazy. This is one of my favorite Pre-Fall lines that I have seen. Erdem is a genius. I fell in love when I saw this last piece. Erdem went a different way with his choice in colors and patterns. Sarah Mower of Vogue says there’s definitely something “off” about the flowers Erdem chose. Erdem said, “I was looking at sort of naff fifties fabrics. I guess, every season, part of the process is wanting to contradict what you did last time.” He definitely did that! This line is so many things; classy, chic, odd, bright, quirky, sophisticated, etc. Let me know what you think!