Information on Jen Clyde

Jen was born and raised in Orange County, California but now resides in Utah.  After having her fourth child, Jen decided to pursue her passion for fashion design and personal styling by starting a career path as Jen Clyde the stylist.

Jen had been asked since the time she was young how she was able to put together such interesting, unique, and attractive outfits out of pieces no one would have ever considered.  She was always complimented on how she was able to keep the looks personal, timeless, and classic. Jen soon realized that styling outfits was more than a passion, but rather it was a talent, and she knew she needed to make a career of it.  She decided to create a place where women could explore their own personal styling possibilities and discover their own style.

By paying non-stop attention to the newest fashion trends and designers, Jen always knows the latest and greatest when it comes to the world of fashion.  She constantly brings you the freshest ideas in style to make you feel confident with who you are and the person you are becoming. From a blog that is updated daily with fashion information to her appearances on television style segments, Jen has created a harmonious combination of ideas and resources that can help anyone who is looking for advice and inspiration regarding their personal style.

Jen has worked hand in hand with movie directors to create personal styles for characters, has headed the wardrobe on music videos, and has styled magazine editorials.  Her love of mixing young and fresh or old and vintage is what makes her style unique, unrivaled, and exciting.  She travels around the United States working on various projects and hopes to travel the world one day doing what she loves.  Wanting more is her goal, and she shows that through her work. 

Please feel free to contact Jen Clyde directly for any questions or project opportunities at

1 thought on “Information on Jen Clyde

  1. Her clothes and jewelry are awesome, I know your friend Jen G. I think your work is awesome and I think Michelle Money is BEAUTIFUL, I really do think she “made” the show she was hilarious!! Congrats to her for taking the higher level when the mean girls were doing just that being mean. I liked her from day one and I continue to like her- Best of luck to her and to you.

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