We love dressing in vampire Wild fox

Halle Berry wearing out Wild Fox Vampire baggy sweatshirt

We love dressing in fun new tops from Wild fox that stick out and make a statement. Like our new Wild Fox Vampire Baggy beach sweater, its light and fun and perfect with a pair of leggings.

One of my clients I style in her red dress I pulled for Oscar Party night at Ok Mag after party

So lets talk the month of feb. It is crazy crazy. I was not pulling for the actual show which I am hoping next year I will be but I was pulling dresses for the After Party for my girl Karina Smirnoff with the dancing with the Stars. I mean flying into L.A. was a nightmare. The worst thing happen to me. Lost my Make up!!! I mean….I was dying inside really was. Put it down on top of this newspaper stand thing and next thing you know I am walking away not remembering I did take it out of my bag to look for my rental car papers. Needless to say did not figure it out until I am at the car place 30 mins later trying to fix my self before I have to go meet with a new client for a A&E show he is doing and needs a stylist for. So here I am freaking out where is my make up?? Then the thoughts file through my head like a slow flip cartoon book. Their I was putting my make up on top of the freaking newspaper stand and walking away!! What??!! So I am now a hot mess running back to the airport parking in the fire zone and yelling at the cops saying listen….cops I have to find my make up!! I will die…..long story short….late for my first appt. for styling finally yelled at every cleaning for person in that airport I was finally out of there after finding it in a cleaning ladies trash can. What ever done with that!!! Moving on now flying through the 401 fwy to Beverly hills. for first meeting. Went well and then off to Film Fashion on Melrose. At the end of the day I thought dude if I say the word dress one more time I will die!! Never thought those words would come out of my mouth. But the month of feb with all the awards and partiesĀ  But I love it!! It is a drug and I always need more.