Style Steal: Rip, Rock, & Roll

Hi. My name is Jen Clyde and I like ripped-up tee’s. Sorry not sorry! When my t-shirt is slightly ripped up I feel way edgy and chic. I hate being bored and now that the distressed look is so hot right now I never have to wear a boring t-shirt ever again! Ok I just discovered this amazing website Today’s style steal is from this site and it’s the LnA Oversized Trashed Tee and it was originally $90 but it’s been marked down 40% off to just $50 bucks! Comes in 4 different colors and is rocked by Miss Miley Cyrus herself. Check it.

I’m obsessed with textures and this is the perfect way to do it because the rips add an insta-element to your look! Plus this shirt is great to layer over a simple tank or under a vintage jean jacket or just by itself. Versatile is always the way to go!

PS if you love this look, check out my cute client Bachelor Pad 2 star Michelle Money’s tutorial from her youtube channel MMandLShow to learn how to make your edgy chic ripped-up tee!

Now go rock this day, rock this look, and rock on sister.


What is a Family Photo Shoot Like?

These family photo shoots are a blast! Check out the fun that we had while working with the Young family during their family photo shoot.

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Wonder What it’s Like When We Do a Pull?

Blend Boutique at University Mall in Orem, Utah has some of the most amazing pieces right now for fall.

We were able to do a pull recently for a segment on Fresh Living and here is a behind the scenes look at what it was like when we pulled from their amazing store.

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Jen’s YouTube Channel

We love going out and shopping, but what always makes it even better is when we find amazing deals while we are out.

So we figured we would show you a great little segment we made at DownEast. Just check out some of the amazing pieces we found.

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The Jen Clyde Stylist Channel

Have you been able to check out the Jen Clyde Stylist channel on YouTube?

Well, here is the recent shopping video we just did at TJ Maxx. We talked about deals on The Daily Dish, so we figured we would take you to one of our favorite stores for shopping.

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