Deal Day Thursday! The Juciest Sweater!!!!

There’s only one good thing about cold weather and that one good thing is SWEATERS!!!!! I can’t think of anything better to wear on a chilly winter day than a cozy, comfy, juicy sweater! When I was looking for the deal of the day I couldn’t believe this find!! It’s called the Plaited shawl-collar cardigan and it’s from Gap! Originally $79.95, but in this neutral color it’s on sale for only $34.99!

What I love about this sweater is that 1, it is soooooo soft and 2, it can be worn with so many different looks!! The splash of stripes makes it so versatile! When I was at Gap I tried it on with a really pretty tank top (also on sale marked down 50% to just $24.99!) and these amazing red jeggings to give it a holiday pop! But you can also rock this sweater with a more casual look by layering a thinner sweater underneath and spicing it up with some funky accessories and a beret!

I still hate winter but this sweater does make it a little….ok, this sweater makes it a LOT more bearable!! So, if we must be cold………..let’s at least be cold in a fabulous sweater! Happy shopping and happy Thursday!!!!!

Dresses in the Winter? YES!

Dresses in the winter are sometimes hard to go about…I know I find myself only wanting to wear pants because I’m so freezing all the time! But don’t get stuck in that rut! Dresses in the winter make you stand out from the crowd of ‘panted’ women. So here are some tips on winter dress wearing.

Longer dresses are much classier for the winter season; try to stick with knee length or longer but adding tights with shorter dresses also works really well! Sweater dresses are amazing for the winter months; pair your neutral colored dresses with bright or patterned tights!

Here are some dress and skirt ideas that I love! If you have any questions on where to find some similar items comment and I’ll see what i can find! Also, go back to the post on body shapes to make sure that you wear the right type of dress for your body type! If you have any questions on that you can comment here as well!

Happy Weekend!