And the winner of the 3rd day is????

Thanks to everyone who has been commenting! Been the best giveaway yet! Thanks flight again and Remember you still have two more days to go!!! Good luck keep on commenting and tagging flight boutique.

Winner is…. Kim Chatwin thanks for all the tags. Until next time!!

And The Winner Is…………

I first would like to say thanks to everyone who commented and have been a fan!! We will be doing give aways and huge discounts on Monday’s Highlight Days on my fashion blog. We have some amazing lines and designers and boutiques lined up all through the first of the year!! You can’t miss these give ways. You will love….Now I wanted to say thanks so much to RunSystem63 for sharing her amazing designs and for giving everyone the chance to win items and giving everyone 5% discount all week long if you go to her shop on etsy and enter “Jen Clyde” at check out in the coupon code box. I hope you can all enjoy of all her designs like me! What a fun week… to the most amazing winner……The winner is????


Lisa with The Email Starts With GreenGirl..…Congrats you will be hearing from the designer this weekend. To everyone else thanks so much for commenting and you will be able to still get the discount at her shop on Etsy called RunSystem63 with the code “Jen Clyde” entered in at check out. Plus stay tuned for next Monday’s Giveaway!! Love you All…..

You will be notified by the designer via email and she will get your info and your address and send over you cute items!! Thanks for all the comments and remember the more you comment and the more you share the better chances are you will be a winner!!



Winner Winner Winner

CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Brooke White Bennett!!!!

You have won these amazing earrings.

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Please stay tuned for more giveaways coming. And be sure to tell your friends about us.