March’s Monday Giveaway: Gold Necklace from CLOVE Jewelry

Rise and shine fashion lovers! It’s the first Monday of March, which means it’s time for a fabulous Monday giveaway! And what better way to start this month’s giveaways than with a gorgeous gold necklace? Let’s be honest–you can never have too many necklaces, which is why we are so excited that CLOVE Jewelry is giving away this little beauty to one lucky winner.
The Double Gold Chain Necklace by CLOVE Jewelry

What we adore about CLOVE Jewelry is that all of the pieces are completely handmade by two local Utahns, Stacey Stevens and Erin Reese. So, if you’re a Utahn yourself, you can not only purchase their pretty designs on their Etsy store, but also at Fresh Boutique in Sugarhouse and Flight Boutique in Park City! Here are a couple more beautiful baubles by CLOVE Jewelry.
The Gold and Black Ribbon Necklace

The Brass and Ribbon Gold Necklace

As usual, the rules for entering this giveaway are easy as pie!
1.) Make sure you are subscribed to the Jen Clyde Stylist blog.
2.) Leave a lovely comment below.
3.) Share this giveaway with friends on Twitter, Facebook, or another social media site.

Good luck winning the Double Gold Chain Necklace! Per usual, the winner will be announced this Friday! Have a fabulous week! XOXO

Win the Perfect Spring Dress from Cotton Blossom Boutique!

Welcome to another Monday giveaway lovely followers! Seeing as how March is just around the corner, (and Spring is finally within reach!) we thought it would be fitting to kickoff an early Spring with the best clothing item the season has to offer– a cute Spring dress! Check out this adorable mustard yellow butterfly dress from Cotton Blossom Boutique!
Cotton Blossom Boutique is giving away this seriously amazing dress to one lucky winner this week! As usual, it’s super simple to win, and the winner will be picked this Friday! Just follow these easy-peasy instructions:

1.) Subscribe to the Jen Clyde Stylist blog on the right side of your screen
2.) Leave a fun comment below this post
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Yup, it’s that easy! And make sure you check out Cotton Blossom Boutique on their Facebook page as well as in person! Their store is located in the heart of Holladay, Utah, and they will satisfy all of your modern vintage clothing needs! They sell everything from ruffled silk blouses to pastel pink Chinese Laundry wedges! Right now, they’re having a big Winter clearance sale, and they’re all stocked up on new Spring merchandise for the upcoming season. And lucky YOU because they’re offering 20% off one full-priced item from now until March 10th if you mention Jen Clyde at the register!
The possibilities for this butterfly dress are endless– WE LOVE! Now, get to commenting, and go check out Cotton Blossom Boutique for other fab Spring dresses! Happy Monday!

Cotton Blossom Boutique
2280 Murray Holladay Rd
Holladay, Utah 84117
(801) 278-2027

Last Minute Freshen up Valentine Ideas Out Of Your Own Closets!

Last Minute Freshen up Valentine Ideas

Itʼs that time of year again that people either love, or love to hate! Well if one thing is for sure, letʼs not hate your style! Fashion is one of the most thought out moments that happens for Valentines day. Thoughts like, “I want to look amazing, but not too over dressed”, “I donʼt have plans but still want to look good as a mom just hanging out with the family”, and “I donʼt have a date, but loving this night to go out with my best girlfriends and look HOT!”

There are so many different moments this special night that will make us stand out to others, our special person, or just standing out as your beautiful self even when your playing XBOX with your 4 boys (like I will be doing). You can still look beautiful in every stage of your life, either date or no date. Donʼt be forget about yourself this year. If anything, do something to freshen up last-minute from your own closet to stand out tonight. Whatʼs my secret? Confident, colors, accessories, memories, and beauty.

For the girl who has plans to party with the girls: Ok so you donʼt have a date tonight, maybe you donʼt want one? Maybe you just broke up and you need to go put on that red mini dress feel HOT and play that part well? Well you’re go to is some amazing red piece that makes you stand out in a crowd. You want to feel great and look great tonight. You can do this without looking desperate. Just a little red-hot moment with the right dress and simple accessory. I vote all the way to sparkle like crazy in a little ICE. AKA diamonds…..more specifically, Say Hello Diamonds. You want to look and feel like a million dollars and the best way is to look like someone else is loving you with all that bling you are sporting. Lastly go everywhere with confidence. This is a must and you will be your most beautiful self tonight when you feel the way you look and that is gorgeous. Grab your clutch and have a blast.

For the girl who has plans to be with the man she loves for a special date: So itʼs that special date, and either you have had the pleasure of having this date with the same person for many years or maybe itʼs a new date without any idea where it will go? Well for your moment you want to go with the last-minute beauty, colors, and accessories. A lot of us donʼt have time to go buy something new for this small holiday. So, pick out something that maybe might be the one outfit he has always loved or will always start to love.

I love the thought of having over 45 years with someone and having him still remembering what his favorite jacket of your is. Or maybe itʼs his favorite dress you have he loves to see you in, but you want to freshen it up. Make it feel a bit newer, if you will? So go for a bold necklace and those diamond studs that he gave you years before and it will help him remember you still love that he notices you. Pick his favorite color to wear to dinner, so after all these years you are the beauty he has always loved. If this is one of your first dates, try to pick something that will make him remember you, from the first date to many more too come. This means you will be sitting at a table so go for highlighting you face and upper half. Wear soft tone make up. Not dark. Look fresh with maybe a diamond necklace or something colorful on your neck so his attention is only on you this year. Less is more for this holiday. Donʼt over do it, you will have many more years to come to impress him donʼt pile it all on one first date, men canʼt handle too much. So go for the right accessories and the right colors to highlight your upper half.

For the women who have a family and canʼt go out on a date tonight, but instead makes a date with the family: So if your like me, you have kids! I am so thankful for them, but sometimes I just ignore this holiday because I feel like it really doesn’t matter. Itʼs on a school night so a sitter is not an option, and we have a family so we canʼt go out. Well here is what I think……you can still look your stylish self so when you and your hubby and kids are playing a game or having a big family dinner together, your man can still look across that dinner table and see his beautiful wife….or when you’re playing a game with the kids you can be that slowed down moment in time as he looks at you be your most beautiful when your laughing.

So tonight after you get dinner all fixed, run into your closet and throw off the sweats and maybe try to through on some comfy jeans or jeggings with a cute t-shirt for valentines or even a cute red sweatshirt and some red lips! I mean normally you wouldn’t ever throw on some red lips as you’re just in a sweatshirt, but that’s what I think is so cute and stylish about it all for the perfect valentine’s look. You look comfy, sweet, and fun! Even your kids will be like “Wow mom you look beautiful!” You want your kids to understand that this holiday is about loving and even if itʼs a night with the kids, make them feel like you got dressed up for them! Make them feel special. Throw on some earrings that sparkle. Like tonight I will be wearing my Love To Love sweatshirt, some Say Hello Diamond diamond earrings and jeans. i am set with some style and comfort.

I think it is important to feel beautiful no matter what stage of your life you are in. You are loved! You are beautiful! Never feel like you canʼt be more stylish than the girl who just went and spent $200 on her dress next to you. You can always dress up an old dress with accessories and new shoes or tights. One thing to remember is that Valentine’s night you want to look timeless…so think less is more. This is where I break out the diamonds instead of the pearls or big statement necklaces. Look and feel your most beautiful and that is where your confidence meets your style. Have a wonderful Valentines Day!

All the diamonds from Today’s show was provided by Say Hello Diamonds as seen on the Today show! And guess what, they are doing a valentines special and giving all of my readers….that means YOU…..50% off their entire purchase. just use the coupon code JenClyde50 at checkout.

And what about where all of the the clothing on today’s show on ABC4 Good Things Utah came from???? Here, i’ll tell you…

1. Girl Going out: Red Dress from Blend Fashions in University Mall or online. Usually $80.00 on sale for 40% off right now! What a steal a must have for a classic red dress. Her polka dot tights are also from Blend Fashions for $20.00 on sale at 40% off right now. These are my most favorite. They will be gone fast.  Diamond necklace is from Say Hello Diamonds.

2. Going on a date with your husband outfit was Wildfox couture top and Rich and Skinny Jeans.

3. Older fashion was pulled all from this women’s closet. They are all classic older pieces. Diamond earrings are from Say Hello Diamonds.

If you ever have any more questions on where items are from please ask?? Just comment below or email me I would be happy to help. Thanks for all my Valentine Guest who let me come in their closets …..thanks so much.


Jen Clyde

Thrifty Thursday: Bringing sexy back

So in just 12 really short days is valentines day so we must shop early to make sure that we are ready!!! Today I found the perfect deal to get you started in putting together your perfect Valentine’s look. I know some people view Valentines day as Single Awareness Day but i’ve always preferred viewing it as Sexy Awareness Day! So maybe that’s a little risque….or even worse, cliche….but I don’t even care because hello it’s the most romantic day of the entire year! It’s all about love and romance and getting fancy and this dress is totally going to make you bring sexy back…literally! I found it on It’s called the Ribbed Heart Back Prom Dress and it’s on sale for 50% off!!! It used to be $110.00 but buy it right now for just $55!

This dress is amazing because the standard ‘little black dress’ look of the front really keeps it classy but the adorable cut outs on the back just made me die. It really takes the whole ‘business in the front, party in the back’ thing to a whole new level with a giant cut out heart! Plus it playfully shows the perfect amount of skin to make you look and feel so beautiful.

So don’t curse valentines day. Love it. Embrace it. Get dressed up. Feel fancy. Feel sexy. Take time to love the people around you and also take time to LOVE YOU! This Valentines Day, don’t wear your heart on your sleeve…..but wear it on your back instead.


White Dimension!!

I am loving all of these skirts with different lengths lately! Don’t you love them? The skirts/dresses in these photos are from Magdalena Velevska and Stylestalker. They are just so beautiful and I think I love them so much because of the dimensions. Again, sorry for the summer outfits BUT I’m still super envious of summer right now! I can’t wait to be basking in the sun. Happy Weekend everyone!!

Images from Tuula.