How your Style inspired your home design!! Get inspired!

This fashion and design segment was so much fun! I got to bring and show off my husband David Clyde, interior designer on the show today on the Daily Dish. Yes I am a stylist and he is an interior designer, and yes it gets a little bit heated when you have two passionate creative people running the house. But we have fun! He was lucky enough to show his design skills off on the Oprah show on the contest he won over millions of people around the world “knock Knock Nate contest.” He was lucky enough to win with two others and get to go on the show. So we did a fun segment on how you can get inspired by your style just by walking in your closet. So here is the info hope you love:


Watch the full episode here! Or read below either way hope you love and get inspired to have a beautiful you and in a beautiful home!

The hidden secret of little tricks designers do to get to know their clients and help them find out what will work best in their living space and bring them happiness right with in their own homes! Every January we are all mostly thinking of how we can change something this year? Either in our home or within our style, health, job, and goals. Sometimes we are all stuck, we donʼt know where to start. We look around at magazines, book stores, Pintrest, and blogs. What you don’t know is the best inspiration for your home design is sitting right in your closet. This is wear your wardrobe and your home become best friends. I put together some looks of some typical styles of clothing and I want to show you some ideas of who these looks are best friends with. What is their match made in design?

1.We have the Boho, creative, loves different patterns and textures, doesn’t mind vintage looking, and loves to collect things that show their personalities in their home. She loves oversized and comfort.They have handmade blankets for show and they donʼt care if it looks like grandmas because that is the beauty of an amazing work of art. They love to shop at  Anthropology, urban outfitter, free people, and they love a good flea market.

2.Traditional look. Their clothes are more put together, more matchy, more classic lines, and they are inspired by the great interior designs of history. They love to shop at Ethan Allen, and maybe some great antique stores. They love that old wood look but freshened up.

3.Minimalist- They like architectural and art. They love to be in clean lines and in structural clothes. Less is more and more is less. They love the big city and love the color white. We envision modern furniture and amazing sculptures in their home. They love to color block and look chic. Think of Jennifer Aniston with her less is more beautiful feel sitting on a big white chair with floor to ceiling windows. They love to read Architectural digest and shop at stores like mod living and L.A. Furniture store. Her hair is straight and cropped above her shoulders maybe. Just a smart, cultured women.

4.Hampton Fresh- This look is inspired in such different ways. She is bold, loves color, is not afraid of stripes not only in her jacket but along her walls down the hall. She loves to shop at J. Crew, but loves to mix and match many different looks. She loves restoration hardware, and pottery barn but is not afraid to throw a little spice in the mix with her boho friend and do some  funky wallpaper print. She would have a bright green kitchen if she could with glass jars full of sea shells and sand. She loves the classics linen feels with a pop of color and maybe a bright red sweater pillow. She is adventurous and loves clean with a mix of chaos


Have fun this year and really try to bring your personality into your home and really your home should scream your name so make it do so!! I want to see your photos if you end up redecorating to your style. Email them to me and I will post them up on my blog. I would love to see my readers homes and style so fun you could inspire someone else this year too just by sharing!! So send some to me. For all David Clyde design info go check him out here! Also special thanks to the boutique blend in Utah for providing the clothing for me to style. Much love.


Travel In Style!

It’s the new year and people love to start their new goals and adventures! Whether the ticket is to paradise or payday you need to be a smart and an in style traveler. Traveling is stressful enough and the last thing you need to worry about it packing until 3am the day of your traveling. So here are some of my tips to keep you a Jet setter in style! If you want to watch this on TV on my style segment on GTU please click here to watch! on ABC4 Utah

Plan accordingly to your trip, what you pack depends on where you are going, why, length of time, who are you travel friends, and most important what is the weather like? Don’t bring your 6 inch heels when your going on a hiking trip because you think you may play it safe and bring them just in case. Don’t bring a suit jacket and pencil skirt on a weekend girls trip. Make a list of what activities you will be doing then plan what you will actually need.

Stick with basics and classic pieces like a white button down wrinkle free shirt for a work trip that is easy to switch up from work meeting worn with a pencil skirt to night or casual worn with some skinny jeans and heels. Bring clothes that have two personalities. A black blazer that you can use to dress up any outfit or wear with white tank and jeans for a lovely dinner date. Belts that can turn a sarong into a dress or add instant style to a big sweater so it makes two outfits with one accessory. So basic clothing mixed with accessories saves time and lot’s of room for your suitcase or carry on bag.

Packing order:

Start with shoes on bottom and use the shoes to pack socks, undergarments, and small items like tank tops in the shoes too save room.

Next layer is the jeans folded in half once.

Next layer everything else laying it as flat as you can and don’t fold them as much as possible this saves so much room.

Next Layer is anything very fragile like beaded or sequined tops turned inside out so that no damage happens to the unique clothing.

Next if you need to have leggings or tights roll them up and put in little side pockets or on the sides of your suitcase on the inside.

Always put toiletries in a gallon zip lock bag

Fashion Meets Function. Pilots have their uniform and so do stylish travelers. Here are some amazing stylish pieces I love because they double as necessities along the way.

Cozy Chic- Fur vest, oversized scarfs double as a blanket and keep you super warm in those freezing airplanes, oversized sweater or T shirt dress paired with leggings, and of course a new big one is the Pink sweat suits from Victoria Secrets.

Big Sunglasses- use as a eye mask as you rest and to hide those red jet lagged eyes or big dark circles from lack of sleep. Think of these as your do not bother sign while you travel because maybe you didn’t have time to put on make up after your long night in vegas with friends.

Less is more on jewelry- you need to pack it in your carry on bag because it’s not comfy first off, it takes 20 mins in security to take off while everyone is giving you evil eyes to hurry up, and it’s loud for you passenger to listen too every time you move.

Big Bag for carry on instead of multiple little bags like you are a bag lady, you will have to find room for them all over the plane to store. Just stick with one bigger bag that can handle all your magazines, make up and must have items you will need or hold because you are taking off layers of clothing due to weather change.

Layering is key! always wear a tank under that sweater or you will be asked to wait and be patted down by security. This happen to me! I couldn’t take off the sweatshirt because I wore nothing under it and so I had to wait 15 mins for a female to come pat me down. Also great to layer because you don’t have to be hot or cold you will always have layers to take off or put on to fit your body temp.

Traveling is stressful so don’t let it show through your style. With these tips you can get that stylish airport chic look that everyone else has. Plus your packing will be less stressful if you don’t overpack and break your back trying to lift up and put it in that taxi. Remember you will always want to shop or pick up a gift so your suitcase needs a bit of room for those extras. Happy traveling in 2012! Thanks to Flight001 for all the great stylish products I pulled photos from. If you like any of these suggestions go to their website here for more info and to purchase.

Jen Clyde Stylist

It’s all about the sweater! What will you be wearing on Christmas Day?

Ok so I was excited about my fashion styling segment again today on channel 2 Fresh Living Morning Show. We are all about the comfort today and looking chic. I felt like this show was important because through the holidays the less stress the better….even when it comes to clothes makes the world run smoother when you know what you will be wearing and how comfy it will be. So watch my show here and check out some of these ideas!

Watch Show



Where To Find the clothes?

Blend Fashions in University Mall Provo or online shopping!!

My outfit? Forever 21 stripe dress….leggings were actually two pair of tights paired ontop of each other to make it thicker, and my sweater was from urban outfitter about two years ago. My boots are Irregular choice boots and my belt is from Blend fashions. Everything else you saw on the models was all from blend. Happy Shopping tell them Jen Clyde sent you in! Thanks again for watching and being fans. Much love.



Have a happy shopping weekend again thanks for being readers of my fashion blog. Love feedback thanks again.


Jen Clyde