Channel 2 Fresh Living Style Segment!

Today’s style segment on Channel 2’s Fresh Living was all about how to transition your favorite summer pieces into fall wear.  We aren’t all millionaires, so buying an entirely new fall wardrobe is usually out of the question.  Here is how we love to make our summer staples fall weather appropriate! And don’t forget to check out the style segment by clicking HERE and click on the segment titled “Take Your Summer Wardrobe into Fall.”

These are the BEFORE pictures of our favorite summer staples! We then added leggings, yummy cardigans, blazers, and other fun fall accessories to warm these outfits up! Thanks so much to Blend Fashions boutique down in Orem for providing all of these gorgeous clothes! You can get all of the clothes & accessories from this segment at their store in University Mall in Orem!

Willow & Clay maxi dress–$96.00

BCBGeneration blue zipper dress–(price coming soon)
Double leather brown belt–(price coming soon)

BCBGeneration cream blouse–$98.00
Rich & Skinny blue skinny jeans–(price coming soon)

Here is the AFTER effect of layering on fall pieces to your summer staples!

Model on left:
Fate ¾ sleeve length wool blazer–(price coming soon)
Green yummy scarf–(price coming soon)
Model in middle:
Left On Houston brown cardigan– $188.00
Elan U.S.A. black comfy leggings–$17.00
Lovely People taupe booties–(price coming soon)
Model on right:
BCBGeneration taupe loose knit sweater–$168.00
Elise M gold double wrap skinny belt–$36.00
BB Dakota faux fur vest– $72.00

On Jen:
G Star jeans–$270.00
Mason Scott blazer jacket–$188.00

How to save money and prolong your summer wardrobe into fall.

Fall is coming and so you think that you need to hit the stores and buy buy buy! Well this is not always true. There are so many fun ways to have that fall style, but still rocking those summer shorts. This is true! How? Here are my top 3 wardrobe key pieces to help you get through the transition from summer into fall.

Leggings and Tights: Ok these are a must have. Love that summer tunic dress? Add some fall color and textures with some amazing tights. Tights are so hot this season and they come in so many different patterns and colors, that really you can’t choose wrong. Leggings are great for under summer dresses as well, and my favorite under shorts and minis. I saw a lot of this on the runway this fall, cute skirts and shorts with warm leggings and boots on. This is a great way to look chic, and save money with those summer skirts. Options are limited with my number one key piece, leggings and tights.

Cardigan or Blazer: Everyone should own one of these two items. These are the ultimate layering pieces! They are from season to season. A light cardigan is amazing over your tank top from summer time and cute pair of skinny jeans. Love your maxi dress from summer? great throw it on, and put on your cardigan and a cute skinny belt to pull it all together. Blazers are everywhere right now, any store you go to you will find a blazer. These are just great to wear again over your favorite summer dress, or with a skirt and tank dress. You can always add some warmth to a bare arm and it goes with everything. These are a must have to help move from season to season.

Accessories/Boots and Scarves: Heavy duty accessories! Rich scarves can be worn with a tank top, jeans, and boots and all of a sudden you have a fall outfit. Scarves bring color, texture, and richness to every summer outfit. The tank top scarves look is huge in L.A., it’s just a cool kick back chic warm look. Boots are a must to turn any look into fall. You can be wearing a dress and you can put boots on and now your a fall look. You can be wearing cute mini skirts and then add at flat ankle boot and now your fall. Boots can be worn with anything, dresses, leggings, skirts, and jeans. They are the ultimate item that let’s you know it’s no longer summer. They add warmth and chic fall colors to any outfit. Also just because it is fall does not mean you need to loose color. Accessories are a perfect way to always keep those summer colors popping in and out of your fall color pallet in a simple chic way.

Hope this gives you all some fun ideas for layering your favorite summer pieces!