Listen up: The Winner of the Butterfly Dress is about to be announced!

Alright my fashionistas, the giveaway has come to a close. I hope you loved Cotton Blossom Boutique’s butterfly dress as much as I did! You could seriously wear this a million different ways-it is the perfect spring staple! I loved every single one of this week’s comments. You guys always inspire me! Ok, now on to the winner…

The winner of this adorable mustard dress is… BRITTANY!!!

Brittany, you got your dress for your engagement photos! Congrats on getting married, that is so so exciting. PLEASE send us an engagement picture of you in this awesome dress!

Have the best weekend ever lovelies, and check back Sunday for another awesome post and then Monday for our next giveaway!




Self Love Sundays: Sign Your Name

You sign your name at the end of a letter, when you finish creating a piece of art, or when you are solidifying an important document!  We sign our name to all of these things….It shows that something is ours and leaves a record about where we have been.

This week I went to a concert with mind-blowing music!! It was the kind of music that made me feel like I wanted to get up a dance around like nobody was watching…….so that’s exactly what I did! There is no doubt that the crowed enjoyed every second of the sound because everyone was swaying back and forth with smiles on their faces.  When the concert was over the artist was crowded with people in the lobby signing autographs. The best part about it was that you could tell he was totally enjoying every second of  what he was doing.  Every time he signed an autograph I thought about how a seemingly simple signature was in fact his way of claiming his music and creativity as his own! So inspiring!

He signed his name, he was proud of what he did, and we all should be too!  Be so proud of everything you do that you will WANT to sign your name to it. Let the world know that you are you and that what you create is YOURS! Go. Do. Create. Be.

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Cheers, Jen


Thank you all so much for following our Weekend Inspirations! I’m really excited to add our Pintribute post for Fridays! I will be posting Jen Clyde Stylist’s favorite pin of the week. If you don’t already follow me on Pinterest, follow me right now! Our Pintribute board is up and we will be pinning our favorites all the time. We would LOVE to have you contribute to our board by becoming our “Pin Pal!” We will be picking a pin every week and yours could be the one! To become a Pin Pal follow me on Pinterest and comment below with your Pinterest name and your email address so we can add you to our contributors! I love hearing from all of you and seeing your individual styles. So Pin what you love to our board and tell us why you love it! Who doesn’t love Pinning these days?

So this is our first Pin of the week..

I love this so much. I want an unlimited amount of these to hang in my closet and other people’s closets! Just imagine this…You go into your closet with no idea what to wear when all of the sudden you come to a hanger that your friend put in your closet to tell you, “You look good in that.” Amazing. Do it for yourself too! You know what you look good in, remind yourself!

The Jen Clyde Stylist Channel

Have you been able to check out the Jen Clyde Stylist channel on YouTube?

Well, here is the recent shopping video we just did at TJ Maxx. We talked about deals on The Daily Dish, so we figured we would take you to one of our favorite stores for shopping.

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We go shopping at other stores for amazing deals too, so watch for those on the YouTube channel.


Family Photo Contest Winners

Don’t forget to watch The Daily Dish on CW 30 tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. We will be announcing the winners of our family photo styling contest.

Behind the Scenes

Honestly, if people only knew what it takes to put a segment together…wait, now you can! We have decided that we should do a YouTube channel. We will be posting more behind the scenes videos,  fashion advise, styling ideas, and much much more.

So here is our first video from our pull for The Daily Dish that we just did.

So stay tuned for more videos in the future and let us know what you want to see.

Where to Find Clothes from Back to School Style Segment

Today’s style segment on CW 30’s The Daily Dish was all about the latest fashion trends for back to school.  Jen showed viewers how boys and girls from preschool age to college students can sport the latest looks that will stay in style all year long.  From comfy knit sweaters and hoodies to exceptional layering and mismatching, Jen knows what fads are all the rage this 2011 school year.

Here is whee you can find all of the clothes and accessories from the show this morning:

Striped cardigan–Target–14.99
Cherokee lime green shirt—Target—5.00
Genuine Kids purple shorts—Target—12.99
Colored striped tights—Gymboree
Brown boots—Gymboree—49.00
Cherokee blue shirt—Target–12.99
Mossimo red shirt—Target–9.99
Optari backpack—Optari    (FYI–Jen’s son thought this backpack was AWESOME! Check out their website for more information!)

Elementary School
Mossimo pink shirt—Target—9.99
The Cele + Rockey Collection army jacket—Target—24.99
Cherokee riding pants—Target—16.99
The Cele + Rockey Collection black side bag—Target—14.99
Boy (uniform):
All school uniform clothing ON SALE at JCPenny
Fun paper folder—Target
Mossimo yellow hoodie—Target—17.99
Shaun White blue plaid shirt—Target—14.99
Scratch and sniff T-shirt—Target—8.99

High School
G-Star RAW cargo skinny pants—Blend Fashions—190.00
G-Star RAW windbreaker jacket—Blend Fashions—150.00
Central Park West flower blouse—Blend Fashions–90.00
Xhileration shoes—Target—19.99
Polka dot notepad holder– Target
Converse All Star plaid shirt—Target—24.99
Mossimo blue T-shirt—Target—7.99
Mossimo red hoodie—Target—22.99

G-Star jeans—Blend Fashions
Aryn K. burnt orange blouse—Blend Fashions—60.00
Free People knit sweater—Blend Fashions—88.00
Lovely People ankle boots—Blend Fashions—90.00
Merona laptop bag—Target—29.99
Converse All Star shirt– Target— 27.99
Red T-Shirt–Target— 9.99
Mossimo gray blazer cardigan– Target— 26.99

On Jen:
Maison Scotch suspender pants—Blend Fashions—126.00
Maddy K blue blouse—Blend Fashions—31.00
Earrings by Jen Clyde (e-mail to order earrings
South Jordan Target
11525 Jordan Bend Road
South Jordan, UT 84095

Blend Fashions
University Mall–Orem
575 East University Parkway
Orem, UT 84097
Make sure you check out or rave review on Blend by clicking here!