Pintribute Pin Pal: Trista Granberry

A few weeks back I blogged about my obsession for Bold Pants, so when Trista pinned these (to DIE for!) floral printed pants, I just had to share it!  All the prints and the colors on each pair is amazing!  These pants are such a statement, I love them!  Trista found the photos of the bold pants on the blog …love Maegan and there you will find sooo many more styles of these bold pants AND where to buy them! Thanks Trista for pinning on PINTRIBUTE and sharing with everyone… i love, love, love it!

If you want to be my PIN PAL so that your pins can be shared and featured on my blog, it’s really easy all you have to do is send me your Pinterest username in a comment or message and I will be sure to add you to the Pintribute w/ Jen Clyde Stylist board.  Happy Pinning!!


Show Love, Show Strength, Show Inspiration, Show Your Style…

What’s My Style,,,,Last wed. I posted my Polyvore boards last week to give some inspiration and I got feedback that you all wanted more. So today I going to give some flower power inspiration for spring. I always loved feeling like I was born in the wrong era and I should have lived through the 60s and I love these new flower bags by Nine West. They inspired some fun flower power and I hope you can find some fun items that make you want to touch on that inner hippie love I know you all have. Lot’s of love!! Show me some love by sharing this post with others…..

Spring Flower Power


Vintage Flare


Flower Child


Show love, Show inspiration to others, Show strength in yourself this week, Show kindness, Say something kind to someone else today, Make others smile today, feel free with your fashion today, feel warm today, and be unique so you can make yourself stand out with total confidence in who you are what you wear and what you bring to someone else this day!!

Jen Clyde

March’s Monday Giveaway: Gold Necklace from CLOVE Jewelry

Rise and shine fashion lovers! It’s the first Monday of March, which means it’s time for a fabulous Monday giveaway! And what better way to start this month’s giveaways than with a gorgeous gold necklace? Let’s be honest–you can never have too many necklaces, which is why we are so excited that CLOVE Jewelry is giving away this little beauty to one lucky winner.
The Double Gold Chain Necklace by CLOVE Jewelry

What we adore about CLOVE Jewelry is that all of the pieces are completely handmade by two local Utahns, Stacey Stevens and Erin Reese. So, if you’re a Utahn yourself, you can not only purchase their pretty designs on their Etsy store, but also at Fresh Boutique in Sugarhouse and Flight Boutique in Park City! Here are a couple more beautiful baubles by CLOVE Jewelry.
The Gold and Black Ribbon Necklace

The Brass and Ribbon Gold Necklace

As usual, the rules for entering this giveaway are easy as pie!
1.) Make sure you are subscribed to the Jen Clyde Stylist blog.
2.) Leave a lovely comment below.
3.) Share this giveaway with friends on Twitter, Facebook, or another social media site.

Good luck winning the Double Gold Chain Necklace! Per usual, the winner will be announced this Friday! Have a fabulous week! XOXO

Oscar Week Be Inspired From Red Carpet To Real Life….

Well you all know I am a stylist and I love Polyvore! It’s almost like doing Yoga for me…..It’s relaxing and it decompresses me! I get to put together a ton of style boards for my clients who I personal shop for. It let’s me give them ideas and inspire them when I can show them what I buy them and what I want to put in their closets. If you ever want me to put together ideas for a special event in your life, like wedding or girls weekend, just ask! I love to give ideas for my clients to rock! And do you want to know what the great thing is? If you like it then you just click on it from my Polyvore account and takes you right to the great place where you can buy it. What could be better than that?

I love these girls who invented Polyvore. I met them at market a few years ago and they are so amazing talented and just so inspiring. Every now and then they have contest for everyone to enter and I thought this one was way fun…..the rules are to take your favorite dress you loved from Oscars 2012 and make it into real life wear! So, here are some of mine. I hope you love! Share on facebook and twitter and pinterest so that all of your friends and family can be inspired too! Also, don’t forget to just email me if you ever want a personal board made for your special red carpet to real life moment.

Sexy Dress To Sexy Casual
Red Carpet Look into casual night out!!

Red Carpet Look into casual night out!! by jenclyde featuring letter shirts

Michelle Williams Unique Oscar look dressed downMichelle Williams Unique Oscar look dressed down by jenclyde featuring crislu jewelry

Win the Perfect Spring Dress from Cotton Blossom Boutique!

Welcome to another Monday giveaway lovely followers! Seeing as how March is just around the corner, (and Spring is finally within reach!) we thought it would be fitting to kickoff an early Spring with the best clothing item the season has to offer– a cute Spring dress! Check out this adorable mustard yellow butterfly dress from Cotton Blossom Boutique!
Cotton Blossom Boutique is giving away this seriously amazing dress to one lucky winner this week! As usual, it’s super simple to win, and the winner will be picked this Friday! Just follow these easy-peasy instructions:

1.) Subscribe to the Jen Clyde Stylist blog on the right side of your screen
2.) Leave a fun comment below this post
3.) Share this giveaway with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or another fave social media site!

Yup, it’s that easy! And make sure you check out Cotton Blossom Boutique on their Facebook page as well as in person! Their store is located in the heart of Holladay, Utah, and they will satisfy all of your modern vintage clothing needs! They sell everything from ruffled silk blouses to pastel pink Chinese Laundry wedges! Right now, they’re having a big Winter clearance sale, and they’re all stocked up on new Spring merchandise for the upcoming season. And lucky YOU because they’re offering 20% off one full-priced item from now until March 10th if you mention Jen Clyde at the register!
The possibilities for this butterfly dress are endless– WE LOVE! Now, get to commenting, and go check out Cotton Blossom Boutique for other fab Spring dresses! Happy Monday!

Cotton Blossom Boutique
2280 Murray Holladay Rd
Holladay, Utah 84117
(801) 278-2027

Self Love Sundays: Light a Candle

Welcome to Self Love Sundays! 

Sundays are for winding down and gearing up for the week ahead.  The most important thing that carries you through the week is YOU.  Sundays are the perfect day for self love and making sure you are taken care of before you answer E-mails, return phone calls and get into the rush of Monday mornings.

The rain today in Salt Lake that called for a yellow pair of rain boots and a good book soon gave way to a full blown blizzard.  The snow piled up and the wind whipped, taking the power with it. 

My immediate reaction as I traded my slippers for heels to go out for the night was one of dismay.  The house was pitch black and nothing could be seen.  I fumbled around for some candles which I finally found and lit as I finished getting ready by candlelight to go out for the night. 

With twenty minutes remaining until I had to leave, I sat down on the sofa to catch the nightly news of my friends on Facebook when I realized the power outage, of course, meant no power to our Internet router.

With my phone charging in the other room, I gave up and just stared at the candles.  I thought about how I needed this moment of nothingness to check in with myself.  My thoughts, feeling and actions for the upcoming week could be pondered.  I hadn’t felt this still and at peace in a long time.  As I continued to watch the flicker of the candle, I was reminded of the fact that it shouldn’t take a power outage to give myself some much needed “me time”.

To give yourself some self love this Sunday….light a candle, shut of your cellphone and turn of the lights.  You would be surprised at how twenty minutes unedited with yourself can RENEW your soul. 


Style 101 the Modbod cardigan day 1!

Ok as you all know this week we are working with Modbod, and doing a big giveaway on how to rock their new boyfriend cardigan! They come in two different colors and I love them. So all week I will be showing you how to wear them. The purpose? For you to understand when I say a classic filler for your wardrobe you understand why? They are many ways you can rock this! Hope you enjoy the first day! My comfy moments of my busy mom life this cardigan gives me comfortable warmth I need! Check it out and enter to win here!! Winners are picked Friday, the rules…simple just comment, tweet all week and post on facebook to become a subscriber of this blog! Follow me and win! So comment away and hope you get inspired with new ideas.


Hope this comfy way to rock this style is inspiring and stay tuned for a video tomorrow showing you many ways to wear this and start commenting to win! If you can’t wait to win go buy online here!