Style Talk…all about the hats! What you need to own this winter season…

Hats off to winter! Hot trends to keep your heat in, head stylish, and feeling snug this season! So the big chill is here to stay but that doesn’t mean you get to hide all season long from the cold, you get your hat on and feel stylish warm and sexy! Life doesn’t stop when it’s 10 degrees outside, and neither should your style! This is why some of the hottest hats this season are what everyone is talking about. You all have to invest in a cute hat that holds the whole outfit together. Here are some of my top picks for hats! Grab a pen because these are great Christmas gifts that keep on giving, all the way until May here in Utah.

Fur– Fur is not only cozy but super trendy! This can just funk up an outfit right when you put this on with your jeans and coat. I prefer to wear mine on a date, or out with the girls, either way fur needs to also be on your head this season. This one from h&M $5.00! Yes only 5 bucks it’s a christmas miracle…enjoy!

Turbans– These are all the new trend this season. They also make turbans in a head band style as well if you’re not ready to commit to the full turban just yet. Keeps warmth in but would not recommend for snowy days. This one from Free People $28.00

Beanies– Your go to hat. Everyone must own this for your everyday cute fun outfit on the go. Love for snowboarding or just picking up groceries at the mart. Either way just adds instant style to your big coat. Go colorful to add some fun! Step out of your box on this one, browns and blacks can get to muted during winter, just a bit lost and depressing. So go colorful! This one $7.50 Forever 21 

Cloche Hat– Be inspired with the 1920 vibe all the way here brought to us by hats! So cute so chic and I love with a yummy pea coat of every kind. This is super cute for that play your going to or work. Either way you will look like a million dollars. Frames your face and just adds a bit of glamour to your day. This one $29.99! Red is beautiful in the winter. This one from Nine West.

Beret- Honest these are so hot right now. This is the one I wear most often on my cold days if I don’t want to wear my fur. I feel like this style of a hat can go either way, dress down or dress it up! So chic and I feel like you can’t leave home without one! This one $ 7.50 at forever 21.

Stay warm and stylish this winter season and invest in a warm hat that makes you look and feel hot! If you missed my show on stay warm with style you can watch my TV segment on the Daily Dish that I will post later today so you can see me live talking about hats. Love to hear your feedback.

Jen Clyde Stylist