My Picks For Favorite Teen Gifts 2011

What to buy your teen? Big question on your mind all month right? I feel your pain with my teen as well. I feel like everything is way to expensive or just something he will hate! Or I can always go with the safe gift card right? Well I searched for weeks to find things I thought could be fun, easy, different, and not too expensive! So here are my top picks hope you love and share with others these products because they to could use some help figuring out that big question of the month! So I hope you enjoy and like just as much as I do! I got to share my picks with ABC4 Utah today on TV The Daily Dish. Please refer to my video here! Happy Shopping.



They carry so many amazing colors and patterned covers for your iPhone, iPads, iTouches, and the list goes on! They are amazing with their pricing and my most favorite is their new Handy Shell iPad 2 case. It has this awesome multifunction handle for a firm grip on the go! So I can hang it up on a hook on my fridge and watch how to cook my favorite dessert without it being dirty on my counter. If you know me I do not cook and it would be all over my iPad being a hot mess! But not anymore I get to hang it up with the cool handle that not only helps hang my iPad it protects it and you can turn it and use it to stand it straight up as well. It’s sleek hard shell with extended bevel for screen protection is also a plus in my book! You have to get this for your teen because we all know how much they love their iPads and this can help them not break it with its amazing shell case!

They also have some fun ToughShell hardcore protection for a tough teen world. This new iPhone case is a must on your list for your teens phone this year. No parent wants to deal with broken screens. This also is a one piece gaskets design, it has this flip belt clip out to use as a stand to prop up their phones! This case just rocks as my pick for a super amazing hardcore teen case cover.

This is what they have to say about their CandyShell Collection I love! “In the CandyShell collection, we treat you to delicious details like folding kickstand, built-in cardholders, and easy-grip finger pads for your favorite gadgets. Combined with a slim, sleek design, these goodies will have you craving CandyShell. It’s okay to give in – you deserve it.”

Here are some of their products that I love!  To find out more info on Speck shop here now! Many more options to choose from! Happy shopping!


These are so Rad! Yes I said it! Rad, I would have loved one of these when I was a teen. They carry your I Pod Nano’s. They double as a watch and music and more! You carry it right there on your wrist. Pop-in and pop-out design makes it nice for your everyday on the go life style. They come in all sorts of styles and colors so it makes it fun to dress up any outfit. Hex is all about style, as a stylist these caught my eye to recommend to all my clients. They allow easy integrated control buttons to help you stay way cool. What is even better? The price! They retail for only $29.95! Super amazing for a stocking stuffer! Must have, go shop now here! Happy shopping! Here is a taste of photos of what you will find when you link up to their store! Their press is amazing even pro surfer Michael Dunphy        Loves Hex!


They are adding some fun accessories to their store this season. I thought these were so cute….for both boys and girls. These cute Ear Bud Ear Muffs allow your teen to rock harder and stay warm at the same time. Here in Utah this would be super necessary! On the bus I wish I could have had these. Looking cute, stylish, and warm? I mean it doesn’t get anymore practical then this! Great Job American Eagle I love these, because they come in so many different colors and patterns to compliment every girl and boys sense of expression of taste! Love all must buy! Price you ask? Amazing..retail for only $19.50! They even have a microphone built-in on the wire! This is a dream for us cold weather chicks out here! When ever there is a product that I can say warm and style in the same sentence, I want to jump for joy because it’s truly the best thing ever!

Then their other pot of gold pick I love is the Striped Texting Gloves. These are a must as well to be fully functioning as a teenagers and stay warm. It is the worst when I am standing there cold in a snow storm and I have to text a friend and I have to pull off my glove to feel that burning cold as I hit my phone to text. I am so numb that I am not even sure if my finger it touching the screen. Totally messes up my whole text! So what is amazing is they come in many different colors and now again staying stylish and warm come hand in hand with the Texting Glove from American Eagle a must buy this year. Stocking stuffer is calling your name. They retail for $15.50, Go shop them now here! Happy shopping! Here are some pics you can see some of their styles.


When I think of Sephora I think girly and stocking stuffer must haves! I mean I could spend days in there not hours but days shopping this store. So first thing when I was thinking gifts and teens, I thought of Sephora. They offer so many different items that you must have! Always around the holidays they come out with some amazing fun line that is a limited-edition that you can’t miss! So here is my top picks this year for your teen at Sephora, Get shopping!

Their limited edition Tokidoki 24 Karat Collection! Retails for only $39 and it’s a $169 value! You really can’t miss this one. It takes skate cultured reveals 12 new eye shadows you can’t miss.

The Tokidoki mini Roller Ball Set. Retails for $18.00 and is a set of 6 mini rollerballs in each of the Tokidoki scents. These would be any teens dream stocking stuffer. So cute love these!

The Hello Kitty Limited Edition Brush Set. Retails for $55.00 and is available in matt black or red colors. These are quality make-up brushes and come in collectible Hello Kitty. Red handle brushes are striking and easy to keep a hold of. The look is so fun your teen girl will love to use everyday!

The Ultra Shine Lip Gloss retails for $22.00 and is a value of $67.00! The set is way worth it. You should see these amazing colors. They are so perfect from day to-night. Plus the best thing is they hydrate for those long winter dry days!

So go shop Sephora Gifts now here! Link up and be the star gift giver of the season!


Ok last but not least, this is the most amazing fun item ever! I showed it to my boys and they went nuts! This mimics snowboarding on land! It is a great off-season trainer for snowboarders. What boy or girl would not love this when they can’t get snow 365 days a year? I know this will be the hot item. It is new on the market and doing amazing! This is not a jump and go product like snowboarding it requires a dedicated day to learn the basics but then like everything it just clicks! This company is from Brooklyn NY and had done an amazing job with finding a unique way to make our kids love adventure.  A must buy it retails for $149.95 which I thought was an amazing deal! Go check them out at you can see photos and instructions as well. Happy Shopping! Below I am showing you some pics of the Skatecycle and a link to go watch it in action on their You Tube Channel. Enjoy! Skate it and like it!

Well cute readers I hope you enjoyed my picks for top teen gifts for christmas 2011! I had so much fun working with these amazing successful companies! I feel so lucky to be apart of helping people learn about all these amazing items that make our gift giving that much easier! Giving is so much fun, but what is even better is giving gifts that people actually like! Seeing their faces sparkle with some amazing expressions, I just know that these gifts will not prove yourself wrong. Each item I know will rock your teens world. The prices are perfect on every gift I have listed and will go easy on your wallet. But most important bring such joy! Happy shopping season everyone and I hope you have such a wonderful Merry Christmas this year. Thanks again to all these companies for working with me and my TV segment and Blog for such a great list of Must Have Items! Everyone please if you have any questions on any of these products please ask I would love to help you find what you need.

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Jen Clyde