Style Steal: hot style. hot shoes. hot sale.

Calling all shoe lovers!!!! Two pairs of Vince Camuto heels on sale for 70% off from! When I found these I legit thought it was a joke at first! Ahhhh dreams really DO come true…..

This is the Jasper Pump. It was originally $118 but is on sale for just $35! Talk about a splash of color. I’m dying! These are gonna be perfect for the girl who loves to color block from head-to-toe. Or, maybe if you want to add a pop to you LBD. Seriously couldn’t ask for a better finishing touch to any outfit!

This next heel of amazingness is the Kodi Pump. Originally priced at $110 but now on sale for $35! Once again, another great touch to your color block  but these are for the girl who likes to be a little bit more subtle. The patent leather gives this heel a really soft look but the thick band of black makes them way edgy so when you put these on you are immediately ready to rock-&-roll sista!!

Check these out RIGHT THIS SECOND! There are still a ton of sizes left but I wouldn’t wait too long to purchase because I have a feeling they are going to be gone so fast. So act quickly, your closet will thank you!



Deal Day..Beautiful Shoes!

So I know I keep doing online deals but honestly? These shoes are incredible. I’ve loved this first pair for months…I am SO happy they are on sale now! Both pairs are from Free People. The first is Charmene Platform, originally $198 and now…$99.95! Amazing right? I can’t stop looking at them. They’re so beautiful.


This second pair are also from Free People. They are the Monte Rosa Quilted Boot, originally $178, now…$99.95! So great. I’m obsessed with these too. So great.

So there ya go!! Hope you call take advantage of these amazing shoe sales! Happy Shopping!

Brands To Obsess About And Prices To Freak About!! It’s Thurs. Web Deal Highlights…

As we all know I am all about amazing brands and being a buyer for many years, going to market and researching and loving what comes out next is like a high for me! So when I found these brands at market and sold them in my store, I thought it was christmas everday the UPS man came with a beautiful brown box in hand, because I knew there was some amazing fashion jewels inside! Well today is thurs. and I want to introduce some of mine and my clients favoirte brands, not only because of the quality of the brand but because really spending a bit more on jeans can really make you loose 10 pounds with certain brands! Also with shoes they will last longer and you can have classics in your closet that will last you threw fashion warp times. So I hope you can rock these few styles I picked and researched all week to find. They are the best styles and the best prices for you! Enjoy these awesome online deals! Please share the info with friends too so you can all stay up to date with my fashion blog. Make sure you get the deal of the day first then tell them, so you don’t loose your fashion gem. Happy shopping!



Current Elliott Top Jean I wear everyday! Higher price but look at this deal! My fave Elephant Belle bottom flare. These will make you look tiny promise! Look at the price usually $238.00 on sale for $71.40 Holy crap you can’t miss this go to ShopBop now!




Now I am a Junky for shoes and I collect them where ever and when ever I can mostly at this price! This brand is called Modern Vintage, and really anything with vintage in it can’t go wrong for me. So look how amazing the wedge shoe is…it is amazing with some cute skinny jeans for fall or of course any wide leg! ┬áLove too with a skirt and some fun tights. Really this shoe you can’t go wrong…and most of all look at the price….usually $250.00 and on sale right now for $100.00 dollars you have to go to Singer 22 ASAP to get your size.

Ok the best for last people. Alice and Olivia! They are amazing at prints and everything from Red Carpet worthy to cute hot short one piece. Their line can take you from day to night at anytime. They are always on point with the hottest trends and you all must have something of theirs in your closets because the quality and the way their clothes hang on your body will take your breath away. So here is this amazing dress that you can rock with a leather bomber jacket to dress it down or put on some amaizng accessories and shoes and go out for a fun filled night with friends. Either way for the style and the price this dress you have to have. Go to Singer 22 now and get your size asap. Ready for this?? Usually $297.00 on clearance 60% off at $118.00!! That is crazy for a Alice & Olivia dress.