Show Love, Show Strength, Show Inspiration, Show Your Style…

What’s My Style,,,,Last wed. I posted my Polyvore boards last week to give some inspiration and I got feedback that you all wanted more. So today I going to give some flower power inspiration for spring. I always loved feeling like I was born in the wrong era and I should have lived through the 60s and I love these new flower bags by Nine West. They inspired some fun flower power and I hope you can find some fun items that make you want to touch on that inner hippie love I know you all have. Lot’s of love!! Show me some love by sharing this post with others…..

Spring Flower Power


Vintage Flare


Flower Child


Show love, Show inspiration to others, Show strength in yourself this week, Show kindness, Say something kind to someone else today, Make others smile today, feel free with your fashion today, feel warm today, and be unique so you can make yourself stand out with total confidence in who you are what you wear and what you bring to someone else this day!!

Jen Clyde

Oscar Week Be Inspired From Red Carpet To Real Life….

Well you all know I am a stylist and I love Polyvore! It’s almost like doing Yoga for me…..It’s relaxing and it decompresses me! I get to put together a ton of style boards for my clients who I personal shop for. It let’s me give them ideas and inspire them when I can show them what I buy them and what I want to put in their closets. If you ever want me to put together ideas for a special event in your life, like wedding or girls weekend, just ask! I love to give ideas for my clients to rock! And do you want to know what the great thing is? If you like it then you just click on it from my Polyvore account and takes you right to the great place where you can buy it. What could be better than that?

I love these girls who invented Polyvore. I┬ámet them at market a few years ago and they are so amazing talented and just so inspiring. Every now and then they have contest for everyone to enter and I thought this one was way fun…..the rules are to take your favorite dress you loved from Oscars 2012 and make it into real life wear! So, here are some of mine. I hope you love! Share on facebook and twitter and pinterest so that all of your friends and family can be inspired too! Also, don’t forget to just email me if you ever want a personal board made for your special red carpet to real life moment.

Sexy Dress To Sexy Casual
Red Carpet Look into casual night out!!

Red Carpet Look into casual night out!! by jenclyde featuring letter shirts

Michelle Williams Unique Oscar look dressed downMichelle Williams Unique Oscar look dressed down by jenclyde featuring crislu jewelry