Pintribute Pin Pal: Trista Granberry

A few weeks back I blogged about my obsession for Bold Pants, so when Trista pinned these (to DIE for!) floral printed pants, I just had to share it!  All the prints and the colors on each pair is amazing!  These pants are such a statement, I love them!  Trista found the photos of the bold pants on the blog …love Maegan and there you will find sooo many more styles of these bold pants AND where to buy them! Thanks Trista for pinning on PINTRIBUTE and sharing with everyone… i love, love, love it!

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Here’s my Pintribute pick of the week! This was pinned by my lovely Pin Pal Emilie and I’m loving it! It’s so simple but so incredible at the same time. I have always loved black and navy and this girl pulls it off so well. That bag is to die for! Remember to become my Pin Pal you must comment below with your email address and subscribe to my blog! You could be the next Pin chosen!

Your Big Bad Beautiful Self – No rules. Just right.

Thinking today about fashion like always and about the media that influences fashion and society that seems to control it……thinking about the rules that society somehow manages to instill within us and most of the time without our consent. All of a sudden there’s a huge sea of negativity floating around in our head like – no that’s not okay, you can’t do that, don’t even try, you’re not good enough….UGH SO SUPER DESTRUCTIVE!!!!!

The worst part is, we never agreed to these “rules”. It doesn’t even happen on purpose sometimes and most of us don’t even know when these stupid, meaningless rules started to matter….all we know is that for some reason or another we weren’t good enough anymore.

Sadly and totally unfortunately these “rules” came from society and you know what….society is SO skewed and you know what else….SOCIETY SUCKS!!!!

There, I said it.

Here’s a scary, accurate image that depicts EXACTLY what im talking about that was pinned to my Pinterest Pintribute board to raise society awareness.

I wish I could scream and yell at society for being so irrational and heartless and cruel….expecially when it comes to woman……but I can’t cause they would never hear me – it would take masses to ever scream that loud – but I can scream and yell at all of you so I am…..and I mean that in the most loving way possible….
Consider me yelling and screaming when I say – YOU’RE BIGGER THAN WORDS. YOU’RE THE BEST KIND OF BAD. AND YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL.
You are just right – just the way you are.
No matter what rule society comes up with – you will still be right and you will always be right….you define right just like you define yourself, and just because whats right for you might not be what’s right for someone else doesn’t mean that you’re wrong, and it doesn’t mean that their wrong…..all it means is that we are all diferent……and I truly believe that it is our differences that make us  beautiful.
Please shine today and lets save society!!!!
Shine for our differences that society tries to diminish….create rightness within yourself…..and dont ever be afraid to tell society to go to hell….cause I just did….and if I can do it – then you can do it……because you are bigger and badder than you will ever know….and more powerful than this crazy skewed society wants you to know.
Sending you lots and lots and lots of love today….You are all beautiful and you all ROCK, mean it!! xxoo


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So this is our first Pin of the week..

I love this so much. I want an unlimited amount of these to hang in my closet and other people’s closets! Just imagine this…You go into your closet with no idea what to wear when all of the sudden you come to a hanger that your friend put in your closet to tell you, “You look good in that.” Amazing. Do it for yourself too! You know what you look good in, remind yourself!