Michelle Money Style: get your fix.

If you have been keeping up with The Bachelor (as you should be) then you saw the recap of Bachelor Reunion 2012 in Vegas at the beginning of the Women Tell All show last Monday. I was in love with Michelle Money‘s look. Pictured below with Jenna Burke from this season of The Bachelor at Bachelor Nation 2012 reunion, Michelle’s neon yellow top is Diane von Furstenberg and it’s amazing and I’m obsessed and you can get it here.

Also, have you all checked out Michelle Money’s website?! She looks gorgeous as always and I’m dying over her Sam Edelman‘s in Turq Time that she is wearing on the homepage. She’s rocking these heels. Click here so you can too.

Love Michelle Money Style as much as me? Well if you didn’t, you do now!!!


We Are Going to Liven Things Up This Winter With…COLORS!!

Have you noticed the change of scenery around town? I’m not talking about trees…I’m talking about clothes! For some reason everyone starts wearing super boring colors when it gets cold outside. STOP!! Just because it feels dark, cold, dreary, gloomy, etc. outside doesn’t mean you have to match that. You should wear bright, vibrant colors to stand out from the crowd! Not always, just sometimes. And it doesn’t have to be colorful everything…just a bright necklace, a colored pair of pants, and bright cardigan, etc. Here are some examples of great ideas for winterized colors. You can find lots of these sort of items at J. Crew, Nordstrom, Free People, H&M, Zara, etc.

So, stop wearing all dark and neutral colors and liven things up a bit this winter! Believe me, people will notice. Maybe it’ll even catch on! We can always use more color in our lives.
Happy Weekend! Don’t freeze!

Deal Day Thursday!!

Happy Thursday!! Today I found some more online deals for you guys! ‘Tis the season, remember? Well. We always need new handbags right? I can’t get enough. I just found this gem at Nordstrom on sale for $129.90! This is a Sondra Roberts Two-Tone Flap Bag. Isn’t it amazing?


















I also found this dress at Anthropologie on sale for $89.95! It’s so great in black. The perfect winter little black dress! You can pair this with some cute patterned or colorful tights. And it’s a longer dress which I love!

Deal Day! Online Shopping Deals You CanNOT Miss!

‘Tis the season for online shopping deals! This is the perfect time to shop online because everyone puts up their summer/fall items on SALE! It’s a wonderful time of year. So here are a few amazing deals I found on this seasons must-haves!

This coat is to die for. Seriously. This is from Free People, it’s called Floating City Cape. This is perfect for that statement coat you need in your wardrobe! This coat is originally priced at $248 but is now on sale for…..$69.95!!! I couldn’t even believe it.

Fur anyone? I just found these two amazing fur vests at Nordstrom for almost $100 off the original price! Amazing. The first is a Rachel Zoe Faux Fur Long Vest, orginially $225, now on sale for $134!! The second is a Vince Camuto Faux Fur Vest, originally 175, now on sale for $86.90!!

So go online now and get these amazing deals! If you find any other awesome deals online comment and let me know!

Happy online shopping!

Michelle Money Loves Haute Hippie

Check out this amazing Haute Hippie silk wrap dress from Nordstrom that Michelle is going to be wearing on the finale of Bachelor Pad tonight.

Isn’t this amazing? Michelle always looks great in everything.

Aren’t you in love with michelle style little funky chic? Watch tonight and see what else she is going to be wearing and we will be posting where you can get that too.

Not only is it the finale, it’s the final episode too, so it will probably be amazing! I mean lets be honest, everything Michelle wears is amazing.

A little fun tip to get Michelle Money style is really just push the limited don’t go with what you think it should look like go with what maybe it shouldn’t look like and that is where you mix and match and get a amazing outfit. Good luck think out of the box.