Gift ideas, How To!! DIY faves to make for friends!

So every wed. I do a How To video on my You Tube Channel. But I thought this Wed. I could change it up a bit and show you one of my fave items I have made that are a perfect gift and stocking stuffer for this christmas season. I am all  about helping others get ideas for gifts this year. I feel like so many have helped me and I hope I can only return the favor. So this week I think you should all makes these. They are cheap under 10.00 dollars and only takes about 15 mins. to make. Great friend gift! Super fun to change-up the colors and just rock with a comfy sweater and jeans on christmas day. Hope you are inspired and happy shopping week!

Go here for the full tutorial on how to make these. Make lot’s give lot’s to those who don’t have much. Teens would love this everyone really. Have fun with all your ideas. Change up bead colors in one bracelet to change it up. Enjoy!


Jen Clyde

Thurs. Fashion Deals….Shop Now!

Speaking of scarves…
Have you noticed a theme? Have you been dying to get your hands on a fabulous scarf? Are you inspired? Look at the amazing assortment of scarves we found for you, since the show on,“How To Tie Scarfs” this week. Every Thursday we want to get you inspired and for little cost. If there is a deal that you think I have missed please feel free to comment below and I will happily put it up over the weekend. We want you to save and look amazing. So now that you know how to rock the scarf, well it’s time to rock the scarf and save. Hope this helps. Happy Shopping!!


Ok This one is amazing material and only $58.00 dollars at Anthropologie which for the material and the print is amazing. My top pick to get. Bright bold colors to add any layer of style to your outfit. 



This one is from forever 21 and it has every color in the book and that is what you want for your accessories. You want them to add to your outfit not the other way around. The price even better $6.50!







I love this print and the price is even better. The Color makes everything you wear with it seem like a amazing background. 












Only $30!! Love these Neck Tubes super warm and chic…must for winter….no more frozen noses. 




Tuesday Style 101: Top 5 Ways to Tie a Scarf


One thing I hate is being cold; I mean I really hate it! So when Fresh Living on KUTV Channel 2 asked me to do another style segment on how to tie scarves, I was in! I love style and I love to stay warm, so mixing these two together makes me excited. On Monday’s Fresh Living, I got to show off some amazing and unique ways to rock your scarf for those cold winter days and nights. Scarves add instant style to any  T-shirt, add instant color to any wardrobe, and add instant warmth to any outfit! So you can see why this is a must for anyone’s closet, right? Below are some fun ways to rock your scarves this season! Feel free to share these tips with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!  Top 5 Ways to tie it up!

1. The Bow Tie

2. The French Twist
3. The Embrace

4. The Hugger

5. The BFF

For all the HOW TO tutorials from the Fresh Living segment, check out the video HERE! Find the video clip titled “How to Tie a Scarf.”

Hope you enjoyed!


Crafty Inspiration

What a weekend to be able to get out your old jewelry and turn it into something new and amazing.

Check out the necklaces we made. It’s super easy and clearly a fun time.

So what are you waiting for? Get out this weekend and make something inspiring.

And as I always say, “Never give up hope.”