Gift ideas, How To!! DIY faves to make for friends!

So every wed. I do a How To video on my You Tube Channel. But I thought this Wed. I could change it up a bit and show you one of my fave items I have made that are a perfect gift and stocking stuffer for this christmas season. I am all  about helping others get ideas for gifts this year. I feel like so many have helped me and I hope I can only return the favor. So this week I think you should all makes these. They are cheap under 10.00 dollars and only takes about 15 mins. to make. Great friend gift! Super fun to change-up the colors and just rock with a comfy sweater and jeans on christmas day. Hope you are inspired and happy shopping week!

Go here for the full tutorial on how to make these. Make lot’s give lot’s to those who don’t have much. Teens would love this everyone really. Have fun with all your ideas. Change up bead colors in one bracelet to change it up. Enjoy!


Jen Clyde