How To Rock Your Maxi Skirt! Fresh Ideas….

Rocking The Maxi

Everyone loves maxi skirts! They are easy and comfortable and stylish but you have to be careful to not have them look too maternal.  You also donʼt want to look like you don’t have a clue about fit. So there are a lot of cool style ideas that you can try out to change-up the look when you rock your maxi skirt. So what tops look good with a maxi? Here are some fresh new ideas to help you along:

Look 1. Add a T-shirt: This is a more youthful, fun, and kicked-back look. It’s full of that boho chic mixed with an edge! This is my type of girl but you need to understand that this look is not for everyone. But for the bold girl who knows how to flaunt what she’s got then itʼs fun to take a sheer, fancy lace maxi skirt and then dress it down with a fun Rolling Stones tank for spring. Then it’s really fun to dress it back up with some funky fun accessories. Layer and Layer because with this look the layered up necklaces rock! If you are nervous about there being a chill in the air, a big baggy sweater or cardigan will top this look off sweetly. Now for my faovrite part, the shoes…….what could be better than a big black gladiator sandal that will sing to your heart?!

This look is relaxed and great for concerts in the summer time or just throwing a Frisbee in the park. Get creative with all sorts of your favorite t-shirts, mixed with a maxi this year. I love this amazing fun tank top from forever 21 mixed with the lace shear Maxi skirt in this yummy wine color only $17.50 from Forever 21 this is a must buy…so cute

Look 2. Add a Blazer: This look is if you want your maxi skirt to look more official, clean, and church worthy. This is a look that you can rock to the office with style even when itʼs a long length. Sometimes office wear can be frumpy and too boring, but not today! I love a cute basic long black maxi that you can throw on with a blouse and a blazer. Just by adding that boyfriend blazer you now can play the official badge! Boyfriend blazers are always a safe bet to add instant style to anything. Blazer under $40 is perfect price and perfect style to wear at work with style.

Look 3. Add a sweater: When you are feeling like you want your maxi to be more casual and unique then pair it with a sweater thrown on for a night out to the movies or a great date night. It’s also way cute to wear to school or to a casual job. Try to think out of the box when it comes to changing up your tops to change the feel of your maxi skirts.

Look 4. Add a button down shirt: Ok I fell in love with this look when I first say Drew Barrymore rocking it at lunch. Amazingly super rad and just by adding a belt makes it super unique and is great for an all-around style moment. With this look you can go anywhere really. It is dressed up enough to meet the in-laws but dressed down enough to walk your kids around the park.This look is just a must this spring. You can try it with any color on top and you will be great. Just add some accessories and you are ready to go. What makes the look even better is my go to Current Elliott Perfect Shirt. And it really is Perfect I wear it with everything and anything. What I love most is my $200 dollar top with a $12.50 forever 21 skirt. Love to mix and match.


Have fun with maxiʼs this year! Also I love a cute prego women in a maxi skirt or dress! The look just works for pregnancy and it is also super comfortable. I love that I can cross my legs in them still and look nice! Really itʼs true. Plus a good maxi in the summer is timeless so hurry and try styling your maxi this spring with all my top ideas.


Jen Clyde


Hey guys!! Hope you all are doing wonderfully this Friday. It’s the weekend, yay!! Which means it’s time for our Pintribute post! Today I chose a Pin from the sweetest girl ever, Angela! I love this pin because the combination of graphic T and fluffy skirt. So great. I love graphic tees right now! They are everywhere and it’s wonderful. Do what this beauty does and pair it with a great fancy skirt. Or just wear it with some colored skinny jeans. The great thing about style these days is you can pair super casual items with super fancy items and completely get away with it. Whatever you choose just rock it with confidence! There are literally hundreds of graphic tees at Forever 21. So pick your flavor! 

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Giveaway Monday: Stitched & Adorned Tunic!

Happy Monday Everyone! I want this to be the best week ever for you- don’t let me down! I was so excited about this week’s giveaway that I just had to put it on and make it into an outfit! Stitched & Adorned is an amazing company I stumbled upon. You could say I instantly fell in love. Here’s what sold me about S & A: nothing they sell is over $50! Fifty dollars, dolls. I absolutely love that because it goes to show that fashion does not need to cost a fortune! It’s all about how you accessorize and personalize your outfits. Mix old and new, timeless pieces with the trendy ones, and unexpected colors and with different patterns. The beauty of mixing and matching is that whatever you wear becomes YOU. And guess what? Nobody else in the world can ever be you. And you can’t be them. But why would you want to be? We are meant to be ourselves. So make what you wear everyday reflect that! And by doing that you will inspire others to do that too.

Tunic: Stitched & Adorned, tights and bracelet: Forever 21, belt: H&M, boots: Isle Jacobsen, silver necklace: antique, color necklace: SoJo Boutique in South Jordan, Utah, and the slip under the tunic is Free People.

The color of this piece is perfection- almost neon which is huge right now! And I love the length…oversized is the way to go! It lets you wear your clothes a million ways. You could tuck it in and wear it with jeans, pair it with leggings and a cropped top, or make it look more like a dress like I did by wearing a longer piece under it! So adorable. So unique. Everyone will love what you are wearing. A total winner.

Speaking of winning-make this piece from Stitched & Adorned yours! You really can’t pass this up friends.

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I’ll post the winner on Friday, so stay tuned!



It’s all about the sweater! What will you be wearing on Christmas Day?

Ok so I was excited about my fashion styling segment again today on channel 2 Fresh Living Morning Show. We are all about the comfort today and looking chic. I felt like this show was important because through the holidays the less stress the better….even when it comes to clothes makes the world run smoother when you know what you will be wearing and how comfy it will be. So watch my show here and check out some of these ideas!

Watch Show



Where To Find the clothes?

Blend Fashions in University Mall Provo or online shopping!!

My outfit? Forever 21 stripe dress….leggings were actually two pair of tights paired ontop of each other to make it thicker, and my sweater was from urban outfitter about two years ago. My boots are Irregular choice boots and my belt is from Blend fashions. Everything else you saw on the models was all from blend. Happy Shopping tell them Jen Clyde sent you in! Thanks again for watching and being fans. Much love.



Have a happy shopping weekend again thanks for being readers of my fashion blog. Love feedback thanks again.


Jen Clyde

Video Blog…Watch me on the Dish!!

As you all know I do fashion segments on TV. I am so lucky I get these opportunities as a fashion stylist. Working for almost 4 years night and day trying to go all I could to meet people and show others my talent seemed like it would never pay off. But then it did. I get to share with everyone know what I love and hopefully help them feel so beautiful. I feel very blessed and am thankful to all the models who get up early and come help me with these shows! Love each one of you! So here is one of my shows check it out all about the hat.

Jen Stylist of The Daily Dish Morning Show!!


Jen Clyde

Style Talk…all about the hats! What you need to own this winter season…

Hats off to winter! Hot trends to keep your heat in, head stylish, and feeling snug this season! So the big chill is here to stay but that doesn’t mean you get to hide all season long from the cold, you get your hat on and feel stylish warm and sexy! Life doesn’t stop when it’s 10 degrees outside, and neither should your style! This is why some of the hottest hats this season are what everyone is talking about. You all have to invest in a cute hat that holds the whole outfit together. Here are some of my top picks for hats! Grab a pen because these are great Christmas gifts that keep on giving, all the way until May here in Utah.

Fur– Fur is not only cozy but super trendy! This can just funk up an outfit right when you put this on with your jeans and coat. I prefer to wear mine on a date, or out with the girls, either way fur needs to also be on your head this season. This one from h&M $5.00! Yes only 5 bucks it’s a christmas miracle…enjoy!

Turbans– These are all the new trend this season. They also make turbans in a head band style as well if you’re not ready to commit to the full turban just yet. Keeps warmth in but would not recommend for snowy days. This one from Free People $28.00

Beanies– Your go to hat. Everyone must own this for your everyday cute fun outfit on the go. Love for snowboarding or just picking up groceries at the mart. Either way just adds instant style to your big coat. Go colorful to add some fun! Step out of your box on this one, browns and blacks can get to muted during winter, just a bit lost and depressing. So go colorful! This one $7.50 Forever 21 

Cloche Hat– Be inspired with the 1920 vibe all the way here brought to us by hats! So cute so chic and I love with a yummy pea coat of every kind. This is super cute for that play your going to or work. Either way you will look like a million dollars. Frames your face and just adds a bit of glamour to your day. This one $29.99! Red is beautiful in the winter. This one from Nine West.

Beret- Honest these are so hot right now. This is the one I wear most often on my cold days if I don’t want to wear my fur. I feel like this style of a hat can go either way, dress down or dress it up! So chic and I feel like you can’t leave home without one! This one $ 7.50 at forever 21.

Stay warm and stylish this winter season and invest in a warm hat that makes you look and feel hot! If you missed my show on stay warm with style you can watch my TV segment on the Daily Dish that I will post later today so you can see me live talking about hats. Love to hear your feedback.

Jen Clyde Stylist