And the winner of the 3rd day is????

Thanks to everyone who has been commenting! Been the best giveaway yet! Thanks flight again and Remember you still have two more days to go!!! Good luck keep on commenting and tagging flight boutique.

Winner is…. Kim Chatwin thanks for all the tags. Until next time!!

March’s Monday Giveaway: Gold Necklace from CLOVE Jewelry

Rise and shine fashion lovers! It’s the first Monday of March, which means it’s time for a fabulous Monday giveaway! And what better way to start this month’s giveaways than with a gorgeous gold necklace? Let’s be honest–you can never have too many necklaces, which is why we are so excited that CLOVE Jewelry is giving away this little beauty to one lucky winner.
The Double Gold Chain Necklace by CLOVE Jewelry

What we adore about CLOVE Jewelry is that all of the pieces are completely handmade by two local Utahns, Stacey Stevens and Erin Reese. So, if you’re a Utahn yourself, you can not only purchase their pretty designs on their Etsy store, but also at Fresh Boutique in Sugarhouse and Flight Boutique in Park City! Here are a couple more beautiful baubles by CLOVE Jewelry.
The Gold and Black Ribbon Necklace

The Brass and Ribbon Gold Necklace

As usual, the rules for entering this giveaway are easy as pie!
1.) Make sure you are subscribed to the Jen Clyde Stylist blog.
2.) Leave a lovely comment below.
3.) Share this giveaway with friends on Twitter, Facebook, or another social media site.

Good luck winning the Double Gold Chain Necklace! Per usual, the winner will be announced this Friday! Have a fabulous week! XOXO

Flight Boutique

Where do I even begin? Let me tell you that Flight Boutique is one of my favorite local boutiques. They have great pieces and great prices. They range from $50-400 and all their stuff is to die for. I go there all the time for clients and I pull for Michelle Money all the time there.

They carry amazing brands like J Brand, Wildfox, Splendid, Elizabeth & James, and much much more.

The best part of all this, if you print out this page and take it in to Flight Boutique this week you will get 20% off.

Flight is located on Main Street in Park City at 562 Main St.

So what are you waiting for? Print this out and get up there for this amazing discount.


Designs by Kellie Michaelis Giveaway

Earrings are always a fun way to accessorize and Kellie Michaelis Designs make it so fun to change things up. Her designs are fun and creative.

You can find her amazing jewelry on Facebook and at JMR, Flight Boutique, Farasha Boutique, Q Clothing, and some local salons.

Recently we asked her some questions about her designs and here is what she had to say:

1. Your designs have a very distinct, bohemian vibe to them. Where do you pull inspiration from for your jewelry?

I am inspired by beauty. I find beauty in my daily life. My designs are a personal interpretation of the love and deep appreciation I have for all things beautiful.  

2. Where did you get your start designing jewelry?  Did you go to school for it, or did you begin designing as more of a hobby at first?

Designing jewelry has always been a passion of mine. I am a self taught designer and learned through books, classes, other artists and a close personal friend who shares the same love of creating original wearable pieces. I’ve always had magazine pages strewn about my room with pictures of jewelry I love. The pictures act as a glossary for which I find the individual variables to create my own work of art.  

3. What is it about jewelry design specifically that you are so interested in?

I am giver; I always have been and always will be. I will share anything and everything with the people I love. Using my creativity to share with others is beyond words for me, nothing pleases me more!

Here are some of her amazing designs:

Here is the best part about this entry, WE HAVE A FREE PAIR TO GIVEAWAY!!! Subscribe to Jen Clyde Stylist and you will be entered to get a free pair of these amazing earrings. We will pick a winner on Saturday.

Good luck!


Want to be the first to see what Michelle Money Might be rocking on Monday Night?? Behind the shopping maddess video

As a stylist it’s always really stressful, we are always running everywhere, hanging clothes, picking clothes, emailing, and calling 100 people to get one person looking beautiful for their event. This time it was My cute client Michelle Money, for her show The Bachelor Pad Finalie. So check out our behind the maddness of shopping and styling and see what I do as a stylist and how fun it also can be with my two good friends Michelle and her amazing new You Tube channel MMand L show partner Laura Armstrong, who also does both of our eyebrows. You have beauty questions they are the girls to go to. And now they have their own channel to help you out in all your beauty needs. They have also let me pop into their show once a month to give you all little fun style tips. So stay tunned and check out their other videos they are so helpful and fun. Enjoy and twitter the video so all can see and love….here is the link

copy and paste and you will find…..the video