Monday Giveaway….As Seen on Michelle Money in The Bachelor and SYTYCD! Marlies Dekkers Bra!

Ok Fans that I love….Today is a big day! This giveaway is huge and I wanted to thank Marlies Dekkers for allowing me to brag about them and then give away one of their amazing bra’s that are sweeping the style houses! Including mine, Michelle Money’s, TV show So You Think You Can Dance, fashion magazines, and many more fashion outlets.  You can win this! The press is going crazy over these fashionable stylish bras that are used on the outside of your clothes and the inside. They double up to give your clothing a extra flare. You can have all sorts of different designs and everyone thinks it’s a part of your top. It adds instant style and functionality at the same time. We love them and you will too. They wanted me to pass along this little note to tell you about them. So which one are you going to win??? Well super amazing soft pink bra that will change your life! And you wardrobe. Enjoy and more you comment and re tweet and post on facebook the more chances you have to win!! Winner will be announced on Black Friday! Best gift ever!

Tell us about yourself? Why is there a craze over Marlies Dekkers?

 Where to buy: Estilo Boutique. 380 west 200 South #203  SLC,Ut 84101 (across from The Gateway)
“The bra we are giving away is the “dame de Paris” bra that was featured in InStyle magazine earlier this year. we will be giving it away in a soft pink. 
This bra is one of marlies|dekkers favourites collection and a best seller, for sure a marlies|dekkers staple.
How would you like to purchase your lingerie from the same boutiqe as Lady Gaga?  Well now you can.  Located in the heart of the city’s shopping district, Estilo boutique is THE premium lingerie boutique in the state.
Being the exclusive marlies|dekkers specialist in the U.S., our clients enjoy our lingerie experience paralleled by none.  Whether you chose to be fitted in our boutique, have our experts come to your home, or have us host an intimate fitting group event for your friends, Estilo Boutique provides not only the sexy, exclusive m|d brand, but a great shopping experience. You may also like to visit our new revamped website,, to enjoy in the privacy of your own world.
We created a code for your readers , use it at check out on our site and get 10% off! ”     JEN10  

Worn by celebrities like Hillary Duff, our own michelle money (worn at bachelor pad and purchased at Estilo), Dr.  Christiane Northrup (also purchased at Estilo), Shauna Lake. Lady Gaga ,Shakira, Sharon Osbourne, american idol contestant Hailey, Britney Spears,Nelly Furtado, Sara jessica Parker, Katy Perry, just to name a few.
Why settle for an ordinary bra when you can have style without compromising fit?
Quoting Rina Mackenzie (boutique owner)”a bra is an essential piece of a woman”s wardrobe,we can’t go without wearing one! thats’s why it’s important for me to share with women the most comfortable and supportive bra I ever experienced that is also beautiful and sexy!’  
“My clients range from 14 to 85 year old women, wether is  for looks, fit, health reasons(back or shoulder problems), or fashion , marlies|dekkers is designed with real women in mind”.
“You can choose to keep it your secret or build your look or outfit around it”

“Marlies Dekkers is often misunderstood and I want to help put a stop to that! Our favorite brand, marlies|dekkers is often judged at first glance and seen only as that “S&M” brand and often deemed too racy for some customers. 

Well, I won’t deny that the brand has a certain sex appeal, but it certainly transcends being just sexy. Perhaps the confusion comes around how to wear your Marlies Dekkers. Naturally, those infamous and intricate criss crossing straps are worth showing off! However, Marlies Dekkers is designed to be worn in whatever way makes you feel comfortable, confident, and sexy! 

For some women, that’s showing a little, for others it is showing a lot, and for others, it’s all about having your own little secret. Whatever way you choose to wear your Marlies, know that you will be wearing it well because the fit is impeccable.

To show it off or not show it off? That is the question! The answer is up to you. 
Here is what you will be rocking if you win!  So comment and share with friends and I hope you win this because it is amazing! You need it! Worth over $200.00 Dollars! Shop Now and Save enter in code!