Giveaway Monday: Adorable Morris Terry Yoga Shorts

Really excited about this week’s giveaway! So, Morris Terry is one of my favorite companies because they have INSANE work out clothes. I die. Today’s giveaway are these incredibly cute and fashionable yoga shorts!! Ok I’ll be the first to admit it, sometimes I have absolutely zero motivation to hit the gym. Seriously, Z-E-R-O. But then again, who does? I think that’s why I love these yoga shorts so much…..they get me excited to go to the gym! Maybe that’s lame, maybe it’s not, but either way it’s the truth. When I have cute workout clothes I get excited to go to the gym because, HELLO, that means I get to wear my hot new shorts!

I’m all about incorporating style into every part of my life. So yes, this includes when I go to the gym! I used to play basketball in high school and my coach would say to us, “When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you play good!” Feeling good in all situations, whether it’s on the treadmill or in a Pilates class, will make you want to do better and work harder!!

Now time for the fun part….or as Courtney from the Bachelor would say, WINNING! Comment below and tell me your secrets to finding motivation to go the gym! Also, subscribe to my blog and share this giveaway with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. and YOU could win these darling yoga shorts!! You must subscribe to my blog to win, so do it NOW!! The more you share the more chances you have to win!

I’ll be picking a winner on Friday. Good luck and have an amazing week!


Confidence is your best accessory!

We all know I love accessories. That’s a known fact. But I love and live by this quote, “Confidence is your best accessory, never leave home without it.” Great right? I always say you must be confident in yourself. You must be confident in your outfit. Nothing is worse than leaving the house feeling insecure about what you’re wearing! You should love what you’re wearing and be confident in your clothes. Confidence is the first thing people notice about you. It’s the first thing they see. If you don’t have that, you don’t have style. Style’s main ingredient is confidence.  Never forget that 🙂 beautiful women. Confident women. We should all be like this! There is no reason not to be!

Day Two of Styling the best cardigan

Everyone the winners not winner will be told until tomorrow, so I hope you are subscribed to my blog here because you can’t win without it, and you like Jen Clyde on facebook, and most of all you comment and share and twitter….please do!! Here is some other fun ways to rock this cardigan love to mix prints! Hope you enjoy!


So when I got dressed today even though I had a little blouse on you can still rock the cardigan and dress it down a bit. Love it with the jeggings! Last time I styled this cardigan I forgot to tell you where everything was from so sorry…you can look at it now I updated where to get it….and this time my whole outfit is from:

Cardigan of course Modbod

Mustard Blouse Forever 21 only 19.99

Blk Jeggings from my old store but you can find online. They are the brand Current Elliott and they are the blk Jeggings

Turq boots: you are all going to kill me but they are 10 years old and I looked as hard as I could and the brand was rubbed off inside..I am so sorry I have no clue.

Necklace from H&M

Hope you all enjoy these pics and get ideas. I did it with a fat belt and skinny and you don’t even have to wear a belt all 3 ways will look super cute. Try this to mix patterns and I know you won’t be sad! I love it.

Next Monday I will be giving away my favorite T shirt Lines Chaser, as seen on Michelle Money on the Bachelor and Keltie Colleen also from The Bachelor and much more!! They Tees are amazing. So make sure you are subscribed and you can rock so much this season! Hope you all are having a great christmas month

Jen Clyde

Madewell Sale!

So I’m obsessed with Madewell. I love everything Madewell. So here are some great deals they have going on online! (So many online deals for Cyber Monday! I hope you all took advantage of it!) Click on the pictures and it will take you right to the Madewell online store!

This sweater is so cute and can be worn in so many ways! Pair it with a blazer or a leather jacket.

I don’t know why but I love this short sleeved poncho! It probably won’t provide any warmth but it’s super cute.

This dress is amazing. It’s longer, like we talked about wearing longer dresses in the winter! And it looks great with knee high socks. With knee high socks and a dress you should wear either oxford shoes like this picture or heels. (Boots and dresses (without tights) aren’t the best option. Feel free to wear boots with dresses when you wear tights).

These shoes are on sale because they are more of a summery shoe. BUT. Alas, we find ways to convert our summer clothes/shoes to winter right? Always. Wear these with knee high socks or tights. Opened toed shoes with tights and socks are so great and so many people don’t realize it.

Happy Deal Day!

Monday Highlight and Give Away You Can’t Miss!

So this is the Monday I wish I was not the stylist and I was YOU!! OMG I love these outfits for my little Lillee….but there is even more to offer now. They are making some way cute lace tops for women and some way cute dresses as well. Lace is not just for little ones anymore! Either way Persnickety Clothing is giving away a $30 dollar gift card, for those who comment and repost on this blog onto their facebook walls and twitter. The more you advertise this post, the better chance you have of winning this amazing gift card right around the busiest shopping season! So why not start with some amazing outfits for ones you love or yourself right at Persnickety. These amazing designs come right out of Utah. They are a unique brand of children clothing with a flair of funky. As a stylist, my daughter always is with me so she see’s me shopping for my clients and my TV segments. She loves clothes! Most of all she loves her Persnickety. She loves the lace, ruffles, and her favorite is all her skirts from them. My daughter hates wearing uncomfortable clothing. I can’t get her to wear jeans for the life of me! But she loves to wear her funky Persnickety pants. This is all she wears because they are so soft and comfortable. She also loves everyone stopping and asking where to get some and how cute she looks. So when thinking of that perfect gift for the one you love think about heading over to Persnickety clothing for some great shopping. Here is a taste of what you can buy:



All I have to say is for christmas photos I know what I am buying for my daughter! Just look at that christmas card….Oh La La La… is right!  Must haves and you will be crazy not to go shop Now! So comment and repost to your facebook all and twitter it and do everything you can to promote this post and you win! So may the shopping start….go go! Thanks to persnickety for working with me and my fashion stylist blog! We love your brand and designs thanks for being so brilliant.

Please stop by their cute video that shares their designs and more check it out here:

Or stop by Persnickety Clothing  facebook fan page and become a big fan!

Thanks for being fans and make sure you are subscribe and you tell your friends to subscribe! Love to share my passion with you! Happy Monday hopefully this post eases the pain of a new week just starting.



Jen Clyde