Deal Day Thursday: Necking

I’m really excited to tell you about my second favorite form of necking…..i’m referring to necklaces btw! Ok so I saw this gorgeous necklace on the Free People website. It’s called the Ombre Fringe & Chain Necklace and it’s been marked down 70%. It used to be $98.00 but it’s on sale for only $29.85!!!!! Can you say steal?!

You all know how I love mixing my textures and this does just that! The fringe and chain both contrast and compliment each other it’s so great! Plus I love this necklace because it makes your entire outfit. Make a statement and mix in a third dimension to your look by wearing a textured top!!!!

Happy Thursday and happy necking!



Deal Day Thursday: Ruffle in the New Year

I cannot BELIEVE this year is almost over. It went by way too fast. I hope you all had an amazing year because now it’s time to celebrate! New Years Eve is just a few days away and I just found the most adorable party dress for you to wear. The all-over ruffles on the front of this dress are so feminine. I love it!

This is the CiCi Bandeau Ruffle Dress and I found it online at ASOS. It used to be $81.81 but it’s been marked down 60% to just $32.72. Squeal! Oh yeah and also, when you order from ASOS  you get free shipping…both ways…everyday. Squeal again!

Now’s the time to let loose of all the stresses of 2011 and ring in the new, fresh slate 2012! So get dressed up, put on your dancing shoes and slip into your party dress…..and make sure its your ruffle party dress!!


Deal Day Thursday: I’m Dreaming of a Sparkle Christmas!

Christmas is the sparkliest time of the year! Pretty lights sparkle on houses & tinsel sparkles on trees & that means it’s only right that WE sparkle too! This is the Luxe Wide Charm Bracelet from Express. It’s so edgy and pretty and sparkly and perfect, all at the same time. Regularly priced at $88, it has been marked down 40% to just $52.80!!

This really is a must-have.  Rock this bracelet to take your holiday look from simple to glam!!! And don’t even think about leaving your house on New Year’s Eve without it! I promise this bracelet will take your outfits to the next level of amazingness.

Here’s to blingin in the New Year everyone!! Happy Thursday and Happy Holidays!