Self Love Sundays: Light a Candle

Welcome to Self Love Sundays! 

Sundays are for winding down and gearing up for the week ahead.  The most important thing that carries you through the week is YOU.  Sundays are the perfect day for self love and making sure you are taken care of before you answer E-mails, return phone calls and get into the rush of Monday mornings.

The rain today in Salt Lake that called for a yellow pair of rain boots and a good book soon gave way to a full blown blizzard.  The snow piled up and the wind whipped, taking the power with it. 

My immediate reaction as I traded my slippers for heels to go out for the night was one of dismay.  The house was pitch black and nothing could be seen.  I fumbled around for some candles which I finally found and lit as I finished getting ready by candlelight to go out for the night. 

With twenty minutes remaining until I had to leave, I sat down on the sofa to catch the nightly news of my friends on Facebook when I realized the power outage, of course, meant no power to our Internet router.

With my phone charging in the other room, I gave up and just stared at the candles.  I thought about how I needed this moment of nothingness to check in with myself.  My thoughts, feeling and actions for the upcoming week could be pondered.  I hadn’t felt this still and at peace in a long time.  As I continued to watch the flicker of the candle, I was reminded of the fact that it shouldn’t take a power outage to give myself some much needed “me time”.

To give yourself some self love this Sunday….light a candle, shut of your cellphone and turn of the lights.  You would be surprised at how twenty minutes unedited with yourself can RENEW your soul. 


Winner of Art On A Wire Cuff…….

Hi to everyone! Thank you so so much for commenting and sharing with so many of your friends. This is why I love you!!! Ok so I loved reading what you said you would rock this amazing cuff with. There were so many adorable responses it was hard to pick but I finally chose a winner.

Much congratulations to Monica Taylor!!! You win the Art On A Wire Jewelry! As Seen On Michelle Money On “The Bachelor Women Tell All.”

Monica, You will be contacted by e-mail.

Thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway. Please keep sharing my blog with your friends and family. My loyal followers like you are who keep me going!


It’s all about the sweater! What will you be wearing on Christmas Day?

Ok so I was excited about my fashion styling segment again today on channel 2 Fresh Living Morning Show. We are all about the comfort today and looking chic. I felt like this show was important because through the holidays the less stress the better….even when it comes to clothes makes the world run smoother when you know what you will be wearing and how comfy it will be. So watch my show here and check out some of these ideas!

Watch Show



Where To Find the clothes?

Blend Fashions in University Mall Provo or online shopping!!

My outfit? Forever 21 stripe dress….leggings were actually two pair of tights paired ontop of each other to make it thicker, and my sweater was from urban outfitter about two years ago. My boots are Irregular choice boots and my belt is from Blend fashions. Everything else you saw on the models was all from blend. Happy Shopping tell them Jen Clyde sent you in! Thanks again for watching and being fans. Much love.



Have a happy shopping weekend again thanks for being readers of my fashion blog. Love feedback thanks again.


Jen Clyde

Deal Day Thursday! The Juciest Sweater!!!!

There’s only one good thing about cold weather and that one good thing is SWEATERS!!!!! I can’t think of anything better to wear on a chilly winter day than a cozy, comfy, juicy sweater! When I was looking for the deal of the day I couldn’t believe this find!! It’s called the Plaited shawl-collar cardigan and it’s from Gap! Originally $79.95, but in this neutral color it’s on sale for only $34.99!

What I love about this sweater is that 1, it is soooooo soft and 2, it can be worn with so many different looks!! The splash of stripes makes it so versatile! When I was at Gap I tried it on with a really pretty tank top (also on sale marked down 50% to just $24.99!) and these amazing red jeggings to give it a holiday pop! But you can also rock this sweater with a more casual look by layering a thinner sweater underneath and spicing it up with some funky accessories and a beret!

I still hate winter but this sweater does make it a little….ok, this sweater makes it a LOT more bearable!! So, if we must be cold………..let’s at least be cold in a fabulous sweater! Happy shopping and happy Thursday!!!!!

Video Blog…Watch me on the Dish!!

As you all know I do fashion segments on TV. I am so lucky I get these opportunities as a fashion stylist. Working for almost 4 years night and day trying to go all I could to meet people and show others my talent seemed like it would never pay off. But then it did. I get to share with everyone know what I love and hopefully help them feel so beautiful. I feel very blessed and am thankful to all the models who get up early and come help me with these shows! Love each one of you! So here is one of my shows check it out all about the hat.

Jen Stylist of The Daily Dish Morning Show!!


Jen Clyde