Giveaway Monday: Stitched & Adorned Tunic!

Happy Monday Everyone! I want this to be the best week ever for you- don’t let me down! I was so excited about this week’s giveaway that I just had to put it on and make it into an outfit! Stitched & Adorned is an amazing company I stumbled upon. You could say I instantly fell in love. Here’s what sold me about S & A: nothing they sell is over $50! Fifty dollars, dolls. I absolutely love that because it goes to show that fashion does not need to cost a fortune! It’s all about how you accessorize and personalize your outfits. Mix old and new, timeless pieces with the trendy ones, and unexpected colors and with different patterns. The beauty of mixing and matching is that whatever you wear becomes YOU. And guess what? Nobody else in the world can ever be you. And you can’t be them. But why would you want to be? We are meant to be ourselves. So make what you wear everyday reflect that! And by doing that you will inspire others to do that too.

Tunic: Stitched & Adorned, tights and bracelet: Forever 21, belt: H&M, boots: Isle Jacobsen, silver necklace: antique, color necklace: SoJo Boutique in South Jordan, Utah, and the slip under the tunic is Free People.

The color of this piece is perfection- almost neon which is huge right now! And I love the length…oversized is the way to go! It lets you wear your clothes a million ways. You could tuck it in and wear it with jeans, pair it with leggings and a cropped top, or make it look more like a dress like I did by wearing a longer piece under it! So adorable. So unique. Everyone will love what you are wearing. A total winner.

Speaking of winning-make this piece from Stitched & Adorned yours! You really can’t pass this up friends.

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I’ll post the winner on Friday, so stay tuned!



Giveaway Monday: Personalized necklace from Charmed For Sure!

Welcome to the new week! I’ve decided to make this the best week yet so you better do the same!!! So excited about this week’s giveaway. Charmed For Sure is all about jewelry with personality! Mixing metals with antique pieces is what gives them that unique edge above the rest. For today’s giveaway, Charmed For Sure wants to give YOU an heirloom, one of a kind custom necklace. And by custom I mean that the owner at Charmed For Sure will personalize it special for the winner!!!! All of the jewelry is hand made so the necklace can be engraved with a wedding date, last initial, kids names, spouses names, etc…….basically anything you want!

I absolutely love one of a kind pieces of jewelry. They can completely transform your outfit. No matter how you wear this piece, you won’t go wrong! Especially because your necklace will be custom made to your every liking. It’s amazing how something so simple as a beautiful necklace can have such a deep meaning with the added, personalized details. Comment below and tell me about the simple things that give your life deeper meaning!

See more of Charmed For Sure pieces here. To order your own personalized pieces call Kim Andersson at 801-440-7280!

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