Summer Envy.

I’m really envious of summer right now. And I’m really envious of all you people who live where it’s summer. I just want to walk around barefoot, don’t you? So in my envious state, I found this top and I’m obsessed. ┬áIt’s such a great color for summer because this light teal/spearmint color makes you look tan even if you aren’t. I think I love it so much because of the back. It’s a Dion Lee top and it’s seen on this blog. I think it’s the perfect spring/summer top. Can’t wait to wear it!

On a different, less summery note…This skirt from Anthro is to DIE for. I just love it. And it can be worn with tights or without. I would pair it with a blue or purple top and neutral tights and shoes. OR you could wear a cream top and blue shoes. Either way this skirt is amazing.

Happy Weekend!

Deal Day Thursday!!

Happy Thursday!! Today I found some more online deals for you guys! ‘Tis the season, remember? Well. We always need new handbags right? I can’t get enough. I just found this gem at Nordstrom on sale for $129.90! This is a Sondra Roberts Two-Tone Flap Bag. Isn’t it amazing?


















I also found this dress at Anthropologie on sale for $89.95! It’s so great in black. The perfect winter little black dress! You can pair this with some cute patterned or colorful tights. And it’s a longer dress which I love!

Jen’s YouTube Channel

We love going out and shopping, but what always makes it even better is when we find amazing deals while we are out.

So we figured we would show you a great little segment we made at DownEast. Just check out some of the amazing pieces we found.

So, if you see anything you like or want us to be deal hunters for you let us know. We find deals all the time, so why not have us do the hard work for you.

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Bargain Hunting

It’s all about the hunt. Finding the best deal possible. Bargain hunting is an art …that anyone can learn to be good at!

The deals this week are from one of my favorite stores, DownEast. I shop at all of the locations, but these deal were found at the Foothill location.

This leather jacket is Diesel Gold label, originally $900 on sale for $149, size M. In my humble opinion every closet needs a leather jacket- mine has 4.

I buy a leather jacket a year (I deserve it!). They can make a dress look edgy or a pair of jeans and t-shirt look polished.

The other jacket I found was from Anthropologie.

Mustard, amazing!! On sale for 39.99!

Post links and photos of the best deals you find this week!

And if you interested in the items above contact us and we will get them for you. Also, out of state folks, we can have them shipped to you if needed.