Deal Day Thursday: Necking

I’m really excited to tell you about my second favorite form of necking…..i’m referring to necklaces btw! Ok so I saw this gorgeous necklace on the Free People website. It’s called the Ombre Fringe & Chain Necklace and it’s been marked down 70%. It used to be $98.00 but it’s on sale for only $29.85!!!!! Can you say steal?!

You all know how I love mixing my textures and this does just that! The fringe and chain both contrast and compliment each other it’s so great! Plus I love this necklace because it makes your entire outfit. Make a statement and mix in a third dimension to your look by wearing a textured top!!!!

Happy Thursday and happy necking!


Thurs. Finds Cheap and Cute

From here on out, Thursdays on this blog will be dedicated to amazing cheap & chic finds that we cannot help but share! Today’s steal deals can actually all be purchased through Jen directly! Check out all of these gorgeous earrings, bags, and belts below, and if you want to buy anything, shoot Jen an e-mail with a description of the item to  Jen will send you a PayPal invoice as soon as possible, and before you know it, your chic accessory will be on its way to your home!

Blue beads & gold chain earrings: $20.00

Silver & brown feather earrings: $18.00

Multi-colored chandelier earrings: $20.00

Gold long rectangular chain cascade earrings: $22.00 (Also available in silver)

Antique style gold & green/brown beads earrings: $24.00

Curly red feather & blue beads gold chain earrings: $20.00

Rock & roll black and gold chain long earrings: $20.00

Pinkdangling fringe & gold hoop earrings: $18.00

Silver hoop earrings with turquoise wrapping, dangling brown feathers, and floating middle feather: $20.00

Dreamcatcher style earrings with woven thread middle and fringe gold accents: $26.00

Funky multi-colored Jimmy Choo lookalike handbag: $80.00

Gray Fendi lookalike fringe handbag: $80.00 (Also available in tan)

Multi-colored belt with silver hardware: $42.00

E-mail with description of item to order any of these adorable accessories! And stay tuned for tomorrow’s weekend inspiration post!