How To Rock Your Maxi Skirt! Fresh Ideas….

Rocking The Maxi

Everyone loves maxi skirts! They are easy and comfortable and stylish but you have to be careful to not have them look too maternal.  You also donʼt want to look like you don’t have a clue about fit. So there are a lot of cool style ideas that you can try out to change-up the look when you rock your maxi skirt. So what tops look good with a maxi? Here are some fresh new ideas to help you along:

Look 1. Add a T-shirt: This is a more youthful, fun, and kicked-back look. It’s full of that boho chic mixed with an edge! This is my type of girl but you need to understand that this look is not for everyone. But for the bold girl who knows how to flaunt what she’s got then itʼs fun to take a sheer, fancy lace maxi skirt and then dress it down with a fun Rolling Stones tank for spring. Then it’s really fun to dress it back up with some funky fun accessories. Layer and Layer because with this look the layered up necklaces rock! If you are nervous about there being a chill in the air, a big baggy sweater or cardigan will top this look off sweetly. Now for my faovrite part, the shoes…….what could be better than a big black gladiator sandal that will sing to your heart?!

This look is relaxed and great for concerts in the summer time or just throwing a Frisbee in the park. Get creative with all sorts of your favorite t-shirts, mixed with a maxi this year. I love this amazing fun tank top from forever 21 mixed with the lace shear Maxi skirt in this yummy wine color only $17.50 from Forever 21 this is a must buy…so cute

Look 2. Add a Blazer: This look is if you want your maxi skirt to look more official, clean, and church worthy. This is a look that you can rock to the office with style even when itʼs a long length. Sometimes office wear can be frumpy and too boring, but not today! I love a cute basic long black maxi that you can throw on with a blouse and a blazer. Just by adding that boyfriend blazer you now can play the official badge! Boyfriend blazers are always a safe bet to add instant style to anything. Blazer under $40 is perfect price and perfect style to wear at work with style.

Look 3. Add a sweater: When you are feeling like you want your maxi to be more casual and unique then pair it with a sweater thrown on for a night out to the movies or a great date night. It’s also way cute to wear to school or to a casual job. Try to think out of the box when it comes to changing up your tops to change the feel of your maxi skirts.

Look 4. Add a button down shirt: Ok I fell in love with this look when I first say Drew Barrymore rocking it at lunch. Amazingly super rad and just by adding a belt makes it super unique and is great for an all-around style moment. With this look you can go anywhere really. It is dressed up enough to meet the in-laws but dressed down enough to walk your kids around the park.This look is just a must this spring. You can try it with any color on top and you will be great. Just add some accessories and you are ready to go. What makes the look even better is my go to Current Elliott Perfect Shirt. And it really is Perfect I wear it with everything and anything. What I love most is my $200 dollar top with a $12.50 forever 21 skirt. Love to mix and match.


Have fun with maxiʼs this year! Also I love a cute prego women in a maxi skirt or dress! The look just works for pregnancy and it is also super comfortable. I love that I can cross my legs in them still and look nice! Really itʼs true. Plus a good maxi in the summer is timeless so hurry and try styling your maxi this spring with all my top ideas.


Jen Clyde

Meet Jen Clyde and Take A Look At Behind The making Of A ABC4 Show!

As you all know I have a You Tube Account! With me being full-time now on ABC4 Utah “Good Things Utah” show as their fashion expert, I have not been able to Vlog as much as I would have liked too every wed. Well No More! I am back and every wed. going to try to make sure I answer all the many questions I get everyday in my email box or here on my fashion blog. So you saw yesterday we are talking Color Blocking for this top trend for the season. Well you saw the show hopefully and if not there is a bit of a recap here on this video. Also get to know me a bit better up close and personal with my Vlogs. If you have comments on what you want me to show you next week? Please comment. If you want to know what to wear for a job interview? Tell me or a Sister’s weekend? Just ask I would be happy to make a fun video for you to learn what you need too, to feel and look your very best inside and out. It’s a culture of fashion in my life and I want you to join with me be in my Culture, Watch my video and share and subscribe! I heart you this Feb. Thanks for all the comments and subscribers you are my joy today! Enjoy and don’t forget to twitter or share with your me some You Tube!

What is it like to see Jen shop and put together a show and then put on a style story! Watch now:


Jen Clyde

Teamed Up With “Say Hello Diamonds” Special Valentine Offer Today Only!

The Look of Real, The Price of Faux! 

I am so excited today to tell you about an amazing company that is just brilliant! Diamonds are a girls best friend but the price is..well….not so much! Right? We are patiently waiting for a miracle to come riding up on that white horse lathered in diamonds asking us to just pick what we want, but seems like that won’t be happening in my reality. So this is why I am so excited to tell you about this company. It’s time to stop waiting and time to get the look right now! It’s valentines and you deserve it ladies! Or men as well! As seen on The Today Show, this company has become in very high demand and have sold over 12,000 diamonds!

Every woman loves to shine bright. However, in this economy most women cannot afford to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars on their jewelry. Finally, women can sparkle without sacrificing their savings with SayHelloDiamonds. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Say Hello Diamonds is making it easier for women (men are you listening?  Hint hint, Valentine’s Day Gift) to sparkle without shelling out thousands of dollars. So how do they do it? Well let me tell you what this is all about:

Each replica diamond goes through a rigid selection process by their Say Hello Diamond experts. These specialists analyze the weight, cut, and shine of each stone before it can be called a Say Hello Diamond. Each replica diamond is polished, packaged, and presented to our Say Hello Inspection Team. From there, their inspection team begins a 3-step review process; Look, Shake, Ensure. During this process they analyze the physical properties and test the durability of each diamond replica. Replica diamonds that meet the rigid criteria set forth are lucky enough to be called, Say Hello Diamonds!

So, I have now teamed up with this amazing company and am excited to offer you this discount only from my blog! Send this code to your significant other and tell them this is the next big thing you need to be stylish in! Diamonds are always the best accessory because they make you shine and look loved by someone else. They always make you look like a million bucks! Classic can never get passed over and diamonds are, and will always be, that classic trend that will never go out of style. This I’m giving this my “must have” stamp of style approval by Jen Clyde Stylist! What are you waiting for?? Oh, yes the code, this will be the best Valentines day yet!


Still worried about something? Have questions? No worries this is why I love working with companies that know what is most important and that is YOU! They want you to feel beautiful inside and out and this is why they have the best customer service ever! Because no one wants to act like a hot mess when they didn’t get what they ordered! So listen to this:

Their customer service team is fast, friendly, and informative. They have expert Say Hello Diamond representatives that can answer any questions about the Say Hello Diamond brand, their stunning Pantina earrings, or any other product that peaks consumers interest. They handle each customer like they do their products; with attention to detail and a passion to please. Customer care and product quality is the foundation of Say Hello Diamonds.

You’ll love Say Hello Diamonds products but if you’re not completely satisfied, feel free to take advantage of their 100% refund or exchange policy. They handle each customer like they do their Say Hello Diamonds; with attention to detail and a passion to please. Customer care and product quality is the foundation of Say Hello Diamonds. If you have any questions you can say hello to them at 877-415-0654 Monday through Friday 9am-6pm EST.

Ok so make yourself feel styled in diamonds this Valentines Day! Iced up is what I like to call it! But if you need more ideas on how to style them just let me know and I am here for ya. I am sitting and looking at these earrings and I already feel so loved! Now I want to look loved and this is why I will be rocking them on my special day. Feel special, look special, and be styled for your special moment with Say Hello Diamonds! Here is the code one more time. Hurry over to their website and get your Valentines on!  I am saying hello to my diamond right now and I swear it loves me as much as I love it! Now Go!

Here is just a taste of the sweet moments you can be wearing:
Thanks to Say Hello Diamonds for finally making an amazing product for both our style and our wallets! Happy Valentines shopping everyone. Hope to hear you start saying hello to your diamond this week!

I See Your True Colors Shining Through…..

What is your color saying about you behind your back?

How fun is this? We all know I love to say “look the part”. So when I hike I throw on my flannel with leggings, or if I am riding a bike I have the full biking gear with a twist of Jen thrown in there like rainbow tall socks with my tight little shorts. So have you ever thought the colors you wear are telling a story about you to others? I am always attracted to turq or blues…so itʼs interesting to see if what the experts say about color personalities are true to my style personality?

Finding out who you are and what colors you tend to gravitate towards may give you more of a therapy session then you thought. You may want to take notes right now so when your next job interview comes up you’ll know which color is going to get you that job by presenting you as a powerful person instead of a soft one. Unless of course you’re a yoga instructor or flower designer then you will want to wear those soft colors. Also how do you want to come off on that first date? Powerful, confident, soft, eager, sexy, or just simple and laid back? Well if you never thought about how the colors in your wardrobe tell others what type of personality you have, then you may want to read this:

Wear dark colors like Black And Navy To Convey authority and power. Black is also one of the most used color in fashion world because it makes you seem thinner. It is also stylish and timeless. Black is known as “The Classic” color.  So I would suggest wearing these colors to a job interview with pop of color brought in by the accessories!

Wear pastels or neutrals to seem relaxed and friendly. Some pastel colors include easter green and soft purples. I like to use these in my Yoga Wear! Relaxed, easy-going in the spring time while watching the waves come in…in case you couldn’t tell, these colors make me feel very beachy. Just like my favorite brand Morris and Terry seen below:

Mix colors to convey creativity. Make sure to combine colors that match and compliment each other well, such as Purple and Red. Now this is one look that I feel screams JEN! Right, I am a crazy style mixer! I like a little of that and a little of this! Mixing is my thing and it just yells, HELLO WORLD I AM MY OWN PERSON!

Reds tend to vary on the message they send across. Red is an emotionally intense color. It tends to bring on fights and is used in fashion as a heavy color. It is also known for love. Burgundy conveys sophistication, while BlueRed conveys assertiveness. An OrangeRed would be worn by someone who is lively. Let’s just say it this way…..I love myself some red. BUT I only wear it when I want a to send message and be heard. Like, here are my Red lips for everyone to see! Wearing Red is a fire cracker moment for anyone who wears that little red dress! I think it can be that sexy feel and also a bit more hot!

Wear Pinks to convey an open heart. People who wear Pink, regardless of gender, appear approachable and capable of loving others. Just like Miss Piggy! I think her favorite color is Pink and she very approachable you just want to hug her!

Wear whites to symbolize a new beginning. Wearing white can symbolize cleaning and offer a fresh, bright new outlook. Just like when you get married, right? Fresh, new, clean outlook into your future…..and come to think of it, maybe that’s why some wear black!

Wear Yellows to display warmth and optimism. This color carries the same healing qualities that are associated with the sun, optimism, and light. So if you are a therapist, I am thinking you may want to wear yellow to help all of us through our therapy sessions…righttt?

Wear Oranges to display high energy. Orange is a bold color that can make you feel quite playful. It’s also a color that has a great deal of sexual energy to it. So I would like say for your comforter, maybe go for those orange tones to bring some playful moments into your bedroom!

The color Blue is one of the most popular of all the colors. It causes the opposite reaction as red. You seem to be more peaceful and the color seems to cause your body to produce calming chemicals….so it is often used in bedrooms! Fashion consultants recommend wearing blue to job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty. People are more productive in blue rooms. Studies show weightlifters are able to handle heavier weights in blue gyms….which I found to be very interesting! So basically I want to paint my gym blue so I can get a killer butt and then slip into my blue pants and go over to my in-laws home to bring some peace! got it? Ok got it!

The Color Green It is the easiest color on the eye and can improve vision. It is a calming, refreshing color. People waiting to appear on TV sit in “green rooms” to relax. Hospitals often use green because it relaxes patients. Dark green is masculine, conservative, and implies wealth. So girls if a guy comes to pick you up on that first date wearing that dark green you may want to call him a “keeper!” And note to guys: maybe you should check into wearing some yummy green on those dates to impress. Just a thought?

So next time you go on a date, check out what your man or woman is tending to wear too much of. Now that I think about it, Simon Cowell with X factor always wears those tight, black and navy and grey sweaters or t shirts…..and he is a very powerful man! So the verdict is that the color personality test is dead on for him. See which color you have the most of in your wardrobe and then look at what kind of moods you want thrown into your 2012 wardrobe. Happy styling.



Great Style For A Great Cause!

Watch Show On ABC4 Utah Today

This is a new year and new styles come and go. We buy, we love, then we are done with our clothes without a purpose or reason to look back at them. Well this year I want your style to be different to have some meaning thrown into the mix! I don’t care how you do it if it’s some tom shoes or a necklace or maybe some sunglasses, just throw something new,trendy,and fresh into the mix and give back this year. Feeling good on the inside while looking great on the outside is the new trend! Sometimes in fashion we always are getting stuck on ourselves and what we want to focus on which is to look amazing chic and for me as a stylist, to make others look and feel great in their style and its hard to get away from that “all about me”, so it’s  always refreshing when we can look outward instead of inward and have great style at the same time. With the new year I know a lot of us want to know how to give back to others and our community, so hear this…I think knowing which events and charity’s can bring you instant style is a great place to start. I took some great companies who have dedicated their product lines to help support charity’s and  I have styled them up so you know how to look great this year and feel great. It doesn’t have to be head to toe charity but throwing in little accessories here and there is what will make your outfit feel unique and special. So this year in 2012 try something new and help others through your own style inspiration. Below is the info on where to buy these items and all about their stories and their amazing unique products that not only bring life changing moments in other lives around the world but gives us a sense of life in our love of fashion! Changing the world one style moment at a time!  I did a whole style segment today on ABC4 Utah show “Good Things Utah”, so you can watch and get some ideas of how I rocked these products. Here is all the info below on what I used in the show and where you can go to buy and support someone else this year. So please give back, please love, and please share with others all of these amazing charities and company’s that have given their talents to help support others:

Sevenly-Our purpose is to learn the issues that break God’s heart, engage with the people who are called to the issue, and create awareness & a funding movement that supports them in their efforts.  They help so many with their charity’s and to bring it to people’s eye view! What a cute brand to wear for your everyday clothing. Super fun chic t-shirts that have super cute graphics and sayings. They fit amazing and also come with the cutest stickers you must have for the back of your laptops. Help cloth children look good and understand their story. With $5,600 Clothes4Souls can provide thousands of children with clothing and dignity. Without clothes, many children can not attend school, increasing the chance of living in poverty. So go online tweet, share, and buy some cute tees you can rock this spring with a long maxi skirt. You will love and also make someone child feel loved. I don’t think you could look any better! Go to and see all their designs today!

Jedidiah is a humanitarian-based apparel brand aspiring to cultivate change, one garment at a time. Our mission is to use apparel sales as a vehicle to provide care,support and financial resources to those in need. They have the best looking tees, I just love them. They are so soft and so trendy and I love all their designs. It really makes it so easy to give back this year when the t-shirts look great and fit great! They work on so many cool projects in different communities to help benefit people who could not have growth otherwise. Read about all their amazing stories and projects online then buy a way cute summer tee that you can rock with any jeans or shorts this season. Listen to more on their story:  They are An organization dedicated to provide safe and secure housing to those living in extreme poverty. They have built over 16,000 homes for families caught in the vicious cycle of poverty through no fault of their own. Together we have raised $24,218 which provided funds for a food pantry in one of their Tijuana neighborhoods. We were also able to build 2 houses with their staff. Love what they are doing and I love all their designs and vibe. Very easy to connected to as a stylist.

Pure Fiji-They have many different products you can choose from that really help you relax, smell beautiful, get style, beauty, and help others at the same time. They have set up a variety of community projects that encompass promoting rural community development and sustainable industries and business practices. Pure Fiji has funded student scholarships to aid children in these communities, and assists local craftsmen and women with business development and small business mentoring. We foster these environmentally stable business models through our village based projects such as the production of botanical extracts, paper-making and basket weaving. There is so much to learn about Pure Fiji so to know about all the products they offer and all the causes that they benefit go online and read their amazing stories.

Shauns Shades-Buy one give one sight! How amazing would it be to know you gave someone sight. What you use on a day-to-day basis at every second. That would be such an amazing feeling and with all these amazing styles to choose from how could you buy sunglasses anywhere else? So visit them online and get to know them better. Here is how it works: When you purchase a pair of SHAUNS SHADES it triggers one more pair of glasses into existence; this pair are destined for the face of someone in need. With the help of one of our sensational giving partners, we identify a region with a shortage of eye health care services and administer an eye test to someone in need. The patient is then fitted with the glasses that your purchase created. This simple pair of glasses may
mean staying in school, working with their hands or the simple joy of being able to see clearly again – they’re magic glasses. Not having sight would be so frustrating mostly when in school. Not being able to just go to the eye doctor and afford some glasses is just devastating! Go look chic and give someone sight. Find out more info and buy some new sunglasses for that spring sun coming up!
Find them at

Morris and Terry-How amazing is this? You can help families foster children who are in the states care. I think this is so great seeing all the youth that has gone through so much and just need a family. Here is some of the story:Morris Terry has partnered with HELPS, a local foster agency in Sacramento California, to fund extracurricular activities for children who would otherwise be unable to participate due to financial circumstances. So get your amazing bag of style for yourself or someone you love! This makes the best gift too all ages would love to have them well made simple classic bag. Go buy now: 100% of sales on this amazing bag goes to help foster children. What are you waiting for?

Help Malawi– with these amazing rings and necklaces you can help so many! With Super cute style and the cause is even better! You can help so many orphan children in Malawi in  so many different ways. This story of how they make these necklaces with Katie Cassidy is amazing. She said they are so creative and they are so hungry to learn. You need to go online and see what you can give when you buy this sterling silver ring. It will give so much to a child in need and with some of the most amazing stories that can build them so many opportunities for a success in their lives and in their communities that they would have never had if not given the opportunity’s from that ring on your finger. For more info on how to purchase your ring and handmade necklaces that 100% of your money goes to . Check out these before and after photos of some of the children school before then after they built a new school from proceeds of people buying necklaces and rings. Super cool look how happy they are..AMAZING.  Also watch this  video on their story. 

Strong heart fellowship necklace AKAWELLE– This is a Liberian civil war bullet and not only can be used in everyday outfits but means so much. These stories come from children in refugee camps in liberia which is west of africa. The stories of how these children live and how they don’t get a chance for education and so much more is so sad. These necklaces will start helping give the chance to these children to learn and become what they dream of. Go to to find out how you can buy a necklace and hear some amazing success stories that will make you smile. These necklaces are so much more than a necklace. They are giving life and hope to others. Here is the story:

46NYC-This amazing story from co creator, last years contestant on the Bachelorette, Graham and his partners tell us how they are giving back: Graham, John and Hal wanted to build a classic brand that would give them the opportunity to help people. 46 is an apparel company that designs, manufactures and markets its own line of clothing to raise money and awareness for causes that impact our global community. By selling a high quality version of a most basic necessity—clothing—46NYC provides a fashionable way to be involved with causes that matter. In today’s global society, we face a laundry list of challenges: abuse, poverty, disease, birth defects, educational disparities and unsafe drinking water. We believe that together we can unite 4 these 6 areas of need. Our aim is to take a basic necessity, like clothing, and use it to show friends, family members and people around the world that their needs have not been forgotten. 46NYC is dedicated to fighting disease, abuse, poverty, birth defects, malnutrition, inadequate education, and now, breast cancer. Recently my dear friend Michelle Money, lost her father to colon cancer right after she had gotten home from filming The Bachelor on Brad’s season. Soon after loosing him, she teamed up with 46NYC to raise money to help find a cure for colon cancer.  Please start helping today and buy a 46NYC t-shirt so together we can fight all cancers and not lose anymore loved ones. Please share this blog post so others can be inspired to help these amazing charities and find some great spring t-shirts. I styled the 46NYC t-shirt on ABC4 style segment you can watch here and you can also see ways by Michelle Money here! Go buy online there are so many different styles to choose from. 46NYC

Pay It Forward or PIF– This is such a new amazing action and plan I just have to share with all of you. What is this you ask? Who are they?” Some people call us crazy, we prefer visionaries. The ideology behind “Pay it Forward” allows us the freedom to look at life from a different perspective.” I just love that quote. Honest just makes you want to be free help others and get involved! They want to Get bracelets distributed to as many people as possible. With 1-million in circulation throughout 112-countries. Yet they remain consumed with the idea that 100-million is reachable. Heck did someone say a Billion? Yes, the B-word has been used and they stand behind it! Love it! Makes me want to Pay It Forward all the time now. When I see people in need I am more wanting to help because I am inspired by others stories that are shared on their website blogs and twitter. How this works? challenge:” Give away a bracelet after doing a small act of service for a stranger. Warning, this becomes addictive!  We know that changing the world starts with one small act of kindness.  Right now we are waiting for the next amazing person to come into the picture and help make this vision sustainable.” How fun does that sound? Honest if you had this bracelet on and your able to give it away and see how it circulates around the world. Who knows your bracelet could end up on the presidents wrist? I mean really this could happen! Or even a guy that works at a car wash? Sounds random but it could be anyone anywhere at anytime! This is fun and stylish way to live who you really are! Get one here online and start to Pay It Forward only makes you more stylish and beautiful. Have fun come back and share your story on how you will rock your PIF bracelet I would love to see it! Inspire others to get involved. Check them out here!

Reading about all these amazing companies that are helping give back through the gift of style for us, is just amazing. I hope sometime this year you can purchase a beautiful piece of clothing or accessories that will not only benefit you but benefit someone or something else to help us grow as a world. Inspire growth and inspire your style!


Jen Clyde