Style Wedding Trends!! Can’t Miss This!

New Year, New Weddings! Welcome 2012 Wedding Accessory Trends

Well the new year is here and that means tons of new brides to be busy at work to plan their perfect days ahead! First thing what are the biggest wedding trends? My most favorite to talk about is the accessories that are going to put a personal touch on your big day! This year the big trend is smaller more special and personal. It’s all about finding you and your to be spouses personalities shinning through instead of some make-believe fairy tale that doesn’t show who you two really are! Which brings up our next styling questions…which accessory is hot for 2012? Also which one is going to make me feel like me on my special day? Here are some of the biggest trends and ideas that will help your day get more simple. I style for brides all the time, I help them pick their dresses and their over all theme of their wedding so her special day can really scream their personalities!!

Sashes– make your dress your own by dressing up your dress with a handmade or designer made sash that has a unique statement and screams your name. Change up the colors have fun with the textures and really stand out on your special day.

Jackets– All over the runway this season are little jackets of all kinds! Again they have been simple to really unique jackets that are different colors and fabrics of your dress.

Lace-anything lace, from the dress to the accessories it’s all about the lace this year. Even table center pieces are showing off the lace!

Halos– To flowers for summer to vintage floral for spring they are all the rage! So lovely and funky these have been a hot item for 2012

Bird Cage Veils– These are my most favorite veils of all! I love them! I am so happy these are all the rage because they really add that special unique something to a brides look and really rock the whole vintage feel.

Cocktail/english looking hats- The english wedding really brought these looks for brides to the top of the bridal trends this year. They are fun and funky! Love this look! Step out and really show your style with this trend.

So have fun with your accessories and really try to make your wedding about the love and the personalities between you both, and plan a very stylish fun wedding. I am a wedding stylist as well so if you need help with your wedding style just go to my website under services and check out all the different packages I offer! for more ideas and how to let me help you style up your special day.

Here I am on the morning show talking about all the fun bridal accessories and view some amazing ones live here!

For All the accessory information used on today’s show please visit the designers page on etsy ILY Couture.


Jen Clyde