Win the Perfect Spring Dress from Cotton Blossom Boutique!

Welcome to another Monday giveaway lovely followers! Seeing as how March is just around the corner, (and Spring is finally within reach!) we thought it would be fitting to kickoff an early Spring with the best clothing item the season has to offer– a cute Spring dress! Check out this adorable mustard yellow butterfly dress from Cotton Blossom Boutique!
Cotton Blossom Boutique is giving away this seriously amazing dress to one lucky winner this week! As usual, it’s super simple to win, and the winner will be picked this Friday! Just follow these easy-peasy instructions:

1.) Subscribe to the Jen Clyde Stylist blog on the right side of your screen
2.) Leave a fun comment below this post
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Yup, it’s that easy! And make sure you check out Cotton Blossom Boutique on their Facebook page as well as in person! Their store is located in the heart of Holladay, Utah, and they will satisfy all of your modern vintage clothing needs! They sell everything from ruffled silk blouses to pastel pink Chinese Laundry wedges! Right now, they’re having a big Winter clearance sale, and they’re all stocked up on new Spring merchandise for the upcoming season. And lucky YOU because they’re offering 20% off one full-priced item from now until March 10th if you mention Jen Clyde at the register!
The possibilities for this butterfly dress are endless– WE LOVE! Now, get to commenting, and go check out Cotton Blossom Boutique for other fab Spring dresses! Happy Monday!

Cotton Blossom Boutique
2280 Murray Holladay Rd
Holladay, Utah 84117
(801) 278-2027

Meet Jen Clyde and Take A Look At Behind The making Of A ABC4 Show!

As you all know I have a You Tube Account! With me being full-time now on ABC4 Utah “Good Things Utah” show as their fashion expert, I have not been able to Vlog as much as I would have liked too every wed. Well No More! I am back and every wed. going to try to make sure I answer all the many questions I get everyday in my email box or here on my fashion blog. So you saw yesterday we are talking Color Blocking for this top trend for the season. Well you saw the show hopefully and if not there is a bit of a recap here on this video. Also get to know me a bit better up close and personal with my Vlogs. If you have comments on what you want me to show you next week? Please comment. If you want to know what to wear for a job interview? Tell me or a Sister’s weekend? Just ask I would be happy to make a fun video for you to learn what you need too, to feel and look your very best inside and out. It’s a culture of fashion in my life and I want you to join with me be in my Culture, Watch my video and share and subscribe! I heart you this Feb. Thanks for all the comments and subscribers you are my joy today! Enjoy and don’t forget to twitter or share with your me some You Tube!

What is it like to see Jen shop and put together a show and then put on a style story! Watch now:


Jen Clyde

Color Blocking Is Rocking Spring 2012..You Ready??

Color Blocking 101

Color blocking heating up spring 2012! Learn how to find your color combo!

Yes, spring is almost here! I like to always bring spring in a bit early by throwing some amazing color into my life! It is true that color does affect your mood. Whether the color is on you or around you, it can make that personality shine! A unique quality of the color blocking trend is that it can be utilized by women of all ages and during every type of adventure that we create when we color block. If you are at work, rocking a bridesmaid dress, out on the town with friends, or just a cute mom shopping at target, when you got color blocking you got the most wearable fashion trend for spring. There are no excuses! So what are you waiting for? It goes right along with my most favorite word “MisMatched Moments”..or ok….I guess two words. So, try this new trend even if you donʼt love color. Keep reading and i’ll give tips for the “not quite sure gal” to the “I am obsessed like Jen Clyde girl.” Here are my words of color wisdom:

1. For The “Not Quite Sure” gal: Start off small. You will keep more money in that color blocked wallet of yours if you don’t buy a brand new outfit that hangs in your closet with tags on it all summer because you wanted to be on trend but really couldn’t commit. Donʼt waste your time, money, or closet space. Start off with a cute pair of shoes that are one big, bright, bold color…. or even a color blocked shoe with two colors! Maybe throw in a color blocked scarf. Either way, you are staying on trend but being true to yourself. Donʼt over do it and just baby step. You may find yourself wanting more color once you have introduced it in small doses, you know? Be confident! Show your true colors in tiny segments. Get your color blocking accessory today.

2. For the “Ok, I’m in but still need my safe black”: Ok I know I know, I am a stylist and I dress thousands of women, so I know that you all need your black or safe neutral! Itʼs almost like your security blanket…and I get that. Some donʼt like a huge color blocked on their behind because they donʼt want it to look bigger then it is, right? Or maybe you donʼt like your middle, or upper chest? So why would you block it with color? I get it! Trust me, I hear your concerns. So my word of wisdom to you is this: go with your color but anchor it with some black or neutral color such as grey! Not white though… you need to have that dark to pull it all together like a tight rope! Also, donʼt be afraid to clash and mismatch….hello, this is not a matching game we are playing here! So maybe stick with two colors and then add in a splash of neutral. A great place to throw the neutral color is in your problem areas or as a accessory with your belt, shoes, cardigan, necklace, or just anywhere to tie the outfit into one!

3. For the “I’m Obsessed, now show me which color is best?”: Stick with two or three colors at best so you donʼt look like a hot mess! That totally rhymed, but anyways moving on….. Ok choose mostly clean, no patterns, un-fussy silhouettes to keep it together like a beautiful rainbow. Some of my favorite combos are Pink and Red. This to me just works like an unexpected moment you thought would never come together. But it did and it does and it looks amazing! I also really love Teal and deep Blues. Another one to try is Yellow and Reds, so hot! Also Pink, Purple, Teal, and Orange scream, “I am amazing and I know how to color block.” So get your color on and have your spring moment be a bit mismatched and donʼt be afraid to color outside of the circle! Happy Spring!

Just remember there are really no wrong ways here, just wear it with confidence. There are so many stores from all different price points like Target to Gucci, that have these trends right now so itʼs for every one of all ages and sizes. Remember, donʼt color your troubled areas it just screams louder than it needs to in all the wrong places! Happy Coloring.

For my Channel 4 ABC Utah Good Things Utah Show on this segment…please click here!

Info on all the clothing used today on the show:

1. Model: Grey T shirt- 8.99 Target, Dark Blue Capri 25.00 Target, Shoes- Target Bracelets-5.99 Target,

2. Model: Teal T shirt-12.99 Target, Blk Sequins Skirt-24.00 Downeast outfitter, Scarf Green-9.99 Target, Bracelets 5.99-target, Shoes purp.-19.99 Target

3. Teal Jeans-  Love Fire @Nordstrom 25.00, Top- Zara for 30.00 Nordstrom, Shoes Blue Flats-12.99 H&M, Bracelets Target 5.99




How your Style inspired your home design!! Get inspired!

This fashion and design segment was so much fun! I got to bring and show off my husband David Clyde, interior designer on the show today on the Daily Dish. Yes I am a stylist and he is an interior designer, and yes it gets a little bit heated when you have two passionate creative people running the house. But we have fun! He was lucky enough to show his design skills off on the Oprah show on the contest he won over millions of people around the world “knock Knock Nate contest.” He was lucky enough to win with two others and get to go on the show. So we did a fun segment on how you can get inspired by your style just by walking in your closet. So here is the info hope you love:


Watch the full episode here! Or read below either way hope you love and get inspired to have a beautiful you and in a beautiful home!

The hidden secret of little tricks designers do to get to know their clients and help them find out what will work best in their living space and bring them happiness right with in their own homes! Every January we are all mostly thinking of how we can change something this year? Either in our home or within our style, health, job, and goals. Sometimes we are all stuck, we donʼt know where to start. We look around at magazines, book stores, Pintrest, and blogs. What you don’t know is the best inspiration for your home design is sitting right in your closet. This is wear your wardrobe and your home become best friends. I put together some looks of some typical styles of clothing and I want to show you some ideas of who these looks are best friends with. What is their match made in design?

1.We have the Boho, creative, loves different patterns and textures, doesn’t mind vintage looking, and loves to collect things that show their personalities in their home. She loves oversized and comfort.They have handmade blankets for show and they donʼt care if it looks like grandmas because that is the beauty of an amazing work of art. They love to shop at  Anthropology, urban outfitter, free people, and they love a good flea market.

2.Traditional look. Their clothes are more put together, more matchy, more classic lines, and they are inspired by the great interior designs of history. They love to shop at Ethan Allen, and maybe some great antique stores. They love that old wood look but freshened up.

3.Minimalist- They like architectural and art. They love to be in clean lines and in structural clothes. Less is more and more is less. They love the big city and love the color white. We envision modern furniture and amazing sculptures in their home. They love to color block and look chic. Think of Jennifer Aniston with her less is more beautiful feel sitting on a big white chair with floor to ceiling windows. They love to read Architectural digest and shop at stores like mod living and L.A. Furniture store. Her hair is straight and cropped above her shoulders maybe. Just a smart, cultured women.

4.Hampton Fresh- This look is inspired in such different ways. She is bold, loves color, is not afraid of stripes not only in her jacket but along her walls down the hall. She loves to shop at J. Crew, but loves to mix and match many different looks. She loves restoration hardware, and pottery barn but is not afraid to throw a little spice in the mix with her boho friend and do some  funky wallpaper print. She would have a bright green kitchen if she could with glass jars full of sea shells and sand. She loves the classics linen feels with a pop of color and maybe a bright red sweater pillow. She is adventurous and loves clean with a mix of chaos


Have fun this year and really try to bring your personality into your home and really your home should scream your name so make it do so!! I want to see your photos if you end up redecorating to your style. Email them to me and I will post them up on my blog. I would love to see my readers homes and style so fun you could inspire someone else this year too just by sharing!! So send some to me. For all David Clyde design info go check him out here! Also special thanks to the boutique blend in Utah for providing the clothing for me to style. Much love.


Be A Super Bowl Champ In Style This Sunday!

Keeping the style penalties to a minimum during this weekend’s big game

How do you support your team, and never sacrifice the Style factor? I am here to be your sideline coach and offer tips on how to keep the style penalties to a minimum during this weekend’s big game. Here are some fun fresh super bowl highlight ideas to keep more eyes on you then football mostly when your trying to impress that certain someone, and wanting to look chic in the stands, or even if you are like me a mom with 4 kids probably cooking and making snacks the whole time, but still want to represent your team and your fun personality of being that fun stylish mom even if itʼs spent most of the time in the kitchen.

1.Reinterpreting your own team Jersey shirt, can make it unique and creatively inspired to be something to talk about more than the half time show. Get some scissors and go to town make it your own. Cut out the collar and make it a v neck or cut a v in the back and tie it in a knot to make it more fitted. Either way you can make it fit and work for your comfort and body. Look amazing with some cute jeans to be that comfy guys girl every man loves on his big football day.

2. If football gear is just not your thing and there is nothing anyone can do to make you wear clothes you hate? Go for the nail polish! Put on the color of the team you want to win, or if you donʼt like either go for both colors be fun, bold, and ready for a great party.

3.Go for the shoulder pad look with your t-shirt blazer look. Casual but fun. Look like a boxy football person with those should pads built right into the blazer. Again worn with black skinny and heels your sexy and casual so you can still eat those chips and salsa like a champ.

4.Go for my personal fave, Accessories! Even if you have a little jersey or team t shirt on go with some funky accessories like a big bold necklace layered in the colors of the team, worn either with a plain white shirt or a team shirt. I like to go for the youth boys section in size large at target or wallmart for my team t-shirt because they fit better. Or you can go with a cute t-shirt that just is fun sport looking with big bold numbers even if they donʼt have a certain team name on it. Worn with a maxi skirt for a more trendy look or worn with jeans your ready to be that chic party champ fit for a super bowl.

Have fun, be chic, be a champion in your own style for the Superbowl this Sunday!

I made my own shirt for the “Good Things Utah” fashion segment I did if you want to know how I took some pics and gave you some directions below!

First I found my sons old football jersey! He has tons so I just picked his silver and black one to match some of the patriots coloring. Any number will do. If you don’t have tons of kids like me or they just don’t play football, then just go to Wal-Mart or any store buy one you like then you can cut that up. Buy in the boys section they will fit better to your size top that you pick to cut up. I picked an old blue thermal that I didn’t mind if cut it up…it was just collecting dust. Find it cut out the back of the jersey on each side in the back next to the seam. Then cut out the back of the shirt you choose to use and line up the seams and cut.

Then you pin-up the jersey to the top on the back side. line up the seams and pin so it doesn’t move with your sewing it. It will look weird if you don’t get it straight so just pin it up! I used my serger but if you don’t have one it’s fine just use your sewing machine same results.

Then you sew each side seam and top of the jersey to the shirt on all 3 sides.

Then after you have sewn all three sides pick what ever you want to go along the top of the seem on your upper middle back. I picked red flower print to pull in the reds from the team for the super bowl and because it makes it a bit more girly feel which I like. But like I said you can use what ever you would like! Have fun with it and get creative. Then I get a needle and thread to match the color of my ribbon which was red and hand stitch across that seam to sew it on and you can’t see the thread. But side note: I sewed on the ribbon first so I could get a straight line and then picked it out after, so you can do this or you can just free hand it and pin and hand sew it on. All to your preference.

Then after it is hand sewn on pick it out the white sew line not the red hand stitched one.

And Then your done!! Wear it with some cute skinny jeans or a fun long jersey knit maxi skirt. Just rock it with confidence and you will win the game of fashion on Super Bowl Sunday!

Happy Making and Happy Winning!

To Watch today’s segment go to to ABC4 Utah here! 

Here is all the info on today’s outfits and where you can go buy them! Thanks To DownEast and Blend Boutique for all the amazing clothing!

This look is so comfy and cute. Youth boys football jersey from Fanzz store. Glam it up with a bold necklace that stays within your teams color pallet. Like silver for this years super bowl. This necklace is amazing and I layered it with two one bold and one just cute stars chain that brings in the super star winning team. These necklaces are both from DownEast. Jeans are from Blend boutique.

This is your super bowl shoulder pad nod look. Keeping with in the colors of the teams. Rocking red she likes both teams, and looks amazing. Red Jacket from H&M last year in Vegas. Shirt so cute with two pockets and longer in the back then the front it is from DownEast. The pants are from Blend Boutique and they are G Star. Necklace is from World Market.

Wanting to go to watch the game but really do not like looking football ready? Well bring it in with pops of the teams colors in your outfit! Like use accessories. So the scarf silver and navy so cute and team colors this is from Downeast. The skirt AMAZING also from Downeast. The Belt again silver like the team colors also from Downeast. The stripe basic top that really dresses the sequin skirt down is so fun and again it’s from Downeast. The pop of the red necklace just pulls it all together and again this is from Downeast. So way to go Down east for such a funky hip amazing outfit!

Great Style For A Great Cause!

Watch Show On ABC4 Utah Today

This is a new year and new styles come and go. We buy, we love, then we are done with our clothes without a purpose or reason to look back at them. Well this year I want your style to be different to have some meaning thrown into the mix! I don’t care how you do it if it’s some tom shoes or a necklace or maybe some sunglasses, just throw something new,trendy,and fresh into the mix and give back this year. Feeling good on the inside while looking great on the outside is the new trend! Sometimes in fashion we always are getting stuck on ourselves and what we want to focus on which is to look amazing chic and for me as a stylist, to make others look and feel great in their style and its hard to get away from that “all about me”, so it’s  always refreshing when we can look outward instead of inward and have great style at the same time. With the new year I know a lot of us want to know how to give back to others and our community, so hear this…I think knowing which events and charity’s can bring you instant style is a great place to start. I took some great companies who have dedicated their product lines to help support charity’s and  I have styled them up so you know how to look great this year and feel great. It doesn’t have to be head to toe charity but throwing in little accessories here and there is what will make your outfit feel unique and special. So this year in 2012 try something new and help others through your own style inspiration. Below is the info on where to buy these items and all about their stories and their amazing unique products that not only bring life changing moments in other lives around the world but gives us a sense of life in our love of fashion! Changing the world one style moment at a time!  I did a whole style segment today on ABC4 Utah show “Good Things Utah”, so you can watch and get some ideas of how I rocked these products. Here is all the info below on what I used in the show and where you can go to buy and support someone else this year. So please give back, please love, and please share with others all of these amazing charities and company’s that have given their talents to help support others:

Sevenly-Our purpose is to learn the issues that break God’s heart, engage with the people who are called to the issue, and create awareness & a funding movement that supports them in their efforts.  They help so many with their charity’s and to bring it to people’s eye view! What a cute brand to wear for your everyday clothing. Super fun chic t-shirts that have super cute graphics and sayings. They fit amazing and also come with the cutest stickers you must have for the back of your laptops. Help cloth children look good and understand their story. With $5,600 Clothes4Souls can provide thousands of children with clothing and dignity. Without clothes, many children can not attend school, increasing the chance of living in poverty. So go online tweet, share, and buy some cute tees you can rock this spring with a long maxi skirt. You will love and also make someone child feel loved. I don’t think you could look any better! Go to and see all their designs today!

Jedidiah is a humanitarian-based apparel brand aspiring to cultivate change, one garment at a time. Our mission is to use apparel sales as a vehicle to provide care,support and financial resources to those in need. They have the best looking tees, I just love them. They are so soft and so trendy and I love all their designs. It really makes it so easy to give back this year when the t-shirts look great and fit great! They work on so many cool projects in different communities to help benefit people who could not have growth otherwise. Read about all their amazing stories and projects online then buy a way cute summer tee that you can rock with any jeans or shorts this season. Listen to more on their story:  They are An organization dedicated to provide safe and secure housing to those living in extreme poverty. They have built over 16,000 homes for families caught in the vicious cycle of poverty through no fault of their own. Together we have raised $24,218 which provided funds for a food pantry in one of their Tijuana neighborhoods. We were also able to build 2 houses with their staff. Love what they are doing and I love all their designs and vibe. Very easy to connected to as a stylist.

Pure Fiji-They have many different products you can choose from that really help you relax, smell beautiful, get style, beauty, and help others at the same time. They have set up a variety of community projects that encompass promoting rural community development and sustainable industries and business practices. Pure Fiji has funded student scholarships to aid children in these communities, and assists local craftsmen and women with business development and small business mentoring. We foster these environmentally stable business models through our village based projects such as the production of botanical extracts, paper-making and basket weaving. There is so much to learn about Pure Fiji so to know about all the products they offer and all the causes that they benefit go online and read their amazing stories.

Shauns Shades-Buy one give one sight! How amazing would it be to know you gave someone sight. What you use on a day-to-day basis at every second. That would be such an amazing feeling and with all these amazing styles to choose from how could you buy sunglasses anywhere else? So visit them online and get to know them better. Here is how it works: When you purchase a pair of SHAUNS SHADES it triggers one more pair of glasses into existence; this pair are destined for the face of someone in need. With the help of one of our sensational giving partners, we identify a region with a shortage of eye health care services and administer an eye test to someone in need. The patient is then fitted with the glasses that your purchase created. This simple pair of glasses may
mean staying in school, working with their hands or the simple joy of being able to see clearly again – they’re magic glasses. Not having sight would be so frustrating mostly when in school. Not being able to just go to the eye doctor and afford some glasses is just devastating! Go look chic and give someone sight. Find out more info and buy some new sunglasses for that spring sun coming up!
Find them at

Morris and Terry-How amazing is this? You can help families foster children who are in the states care. I think this is so great seeing all the youth that has gone through so much and just need a family. Here is some of the story:Morris Terry has partnered with HELPS, a local foster agency in Sacramento California, to fund extracurricular activities for children who would otherwise be unable to participate due to financial circumstances. So get your amazing bag of style for yourself or someone you love! This makes the best gift too all ages would love to have them well made simple classic bag. Go buy now: 100% of sales on this amazing bag goes to help foster children. What are you waiting for?

Help Malawi– with these amazing rings and necklaces you can help so many! With Super cute style and the cause is even better! You can help so many orphan children in Malawi in  so many different ways. This story of how they make these necklaces with Katie Cassidy is amazing. She said they are so creative and they are so hungry to learn. You need to go online and see what you can give when you buy this sterling silver ring. It will give so much to a child in need and with some of the most amazing stories that can build them so many opportunities for a success in their lives and in their communities that they would have never had if not given the opportunity’s from that ring on your finger. For more info on how to purchase your ring and handmade necklaces that 100% of your money goes to . Check out these before and after photos of some of the children school before then after they built a new school from proceeds of people buying necklaces and rings. Super cool look how happy they are..AMAZING.  Also watch this  video on their story. 

Strong heart fellowship necklace AKAWELLE– This is a Liberian civil war bullet and not only can be used in everyday outfits but means so much. These stories come from children in refugee camps in liberia which is west of africa. The stories of how these children live and how they don’t get a chance for education and so much more is so sad. These necklaces will start helping give the chance to these children to learn and become what they dream of. Go to to find out how you can buy a necklace and hear some amazing success stories that will make you smile. These necklaces are so much more than a necklace. They are giving life and hope to others. Here is the story:

46NYC-This amazing story from co creator, last years contestant on the Bachelorette, Graham and his partners tell us how they are giving back: Graham, John and Hal wanted to build a classic brand that would give them the opportunity to help people. 46 is an apparel company that designs, manufactures and markets its own line of clothing to raise money and awareness for causes that impact our global community. By selling a high quality version of a most basic necessity—clothing—46NYC provides a fashionable way to be involved with causes that matter. In today’s global society, we face a laundry list of challenges: abuse, poverty, disease, birth defects, educational disparities and unsafe drinking water. We believe that together we can unite 4 these 6 areas of need. Our aim is to take a basic necessity, like clothing, and use it to show friends, family members and people around the world that their needs have not been forgotten. 46NYC is dedicated to fighting disease, abuse, poverty, birth defects, malnutrition, inadequate education, and now, breast cancer. Recently my dear friend Michelle Money, lost her father to colon cancer right after she had gotten home from filming The Bachelor on Brad’s season. Soon after loosing him, she teamed up with 46NYC to raise money to help find a cure for colon cancer.  Please start helping today and buy a 46NYC t-shirt so together we can fight all cancers and not lose anymore loved ones. Please share this blog post so others can be inspired to help these amazing charities and find some great spring t-shirts. I styled the 46NYC t-shirt on ABC4 style segment you can watch here and you can also see ways by Michelle Money here! Go buy online there are so many different styles to choose from. 46NYC

Pay It Forward or PIF– This is such a new amazing action and plan I just have to share with all of you. What is this you ask? Who are they?” Some people call us crazy, we prefer visionaries. The ideology behind “Pay it Forward” allows us the freedom to look at life from a different perspective.” I just love that quote. Honest just makes you want to be free help others and get involved! They want to Get bracelets distributed to as many people as possible. With 1-million in circulation throughout 112-countries. Yet they remain consumed with the idea that 100-million is reachable. Heck did someone say a Billion? Yes, the B-word has been used and they stand behind it! Love it! Makes me want to Pay It Forward all the time now. When I see people in need I am more wanting to help because I am inspired by others stories that are shared on their website blogs and twitter. How this works? challenge:” Give away a bracelet after doing a small act of service for a stranger. Warning, this becomes addictive!  We know that changing the world starts with one small act of kindness.  Right now we are waiting for the next amazing person to come into the picture and help make this vision sustainable.” How fun does that sound? Honest if you had this bracelet on and your able to give it away and see how it circulates around the world. Who knows your bracelet could end up on the presidents wrist? I mean really this could happen! Or even a guy that works at a car wash? Sounds random but it could be anyone anywhere at anytime! This is fun and stylish way to live who you really are! Get one here online and start to Pay It Forward only makes you more stylish and beautiful. Have fun come back and share your story on how you will rock your PIF bracelet I would love to see it! Inspire others to get involved. Check them out here!

Reading about all these amazing companies that are helping give back through the gift of style for us, is just amazing. I hope sometime this year you can purchase a beautiful piece of clothing or accessories that will not only benefit you but benefit someone or something else to help us grow as a world. Inspire growth and inspire your style!


Jen Clyde

New Year, New Style, New Closet! What you need to do to start the hunt for your style!

New Year, New Style, New Closet! 

First Step in knowing how to find your own personal style, is starting with your closet makeover!


It’s a new year and I know there is a ton of changes, goals, and dreams that people want to aspire too. One of them is always about some change within themselves and most is how we see ourselves and how to find their own personal style. Do I have style? What is my style? How do I get style? My answer is everyone has their own personal style and they add the trends to their classics pieces throughout the year and the most important part is to understand what inspires your style? The first place I tell my clients to start is their closet makeovers. So get motivated this January, in finding your style by going through these steps.


1.First treat your closet like a extra room in the house, pay attention to detail like good lighting, colorful walls, and floor coverings like cute rugs.


2.Getting started can be the most difficult part of this process because your overwhelmed so hire a professional to help or invite a friend over so you can have help editing, because it helps to always have a second option when your emotionally connected to clothing. Then start to “edit”! These are the questions you need to ask yourself when you pull out clothing and are deciding to keep or donate.

When did I wear this last? And did I like it when I did?

Will you ever wear this again?

Classic or trendy

Do you really love it?

Dose it fit?

Is it in good shape? Is it balling up? Can I fix it?

If tags are on this and it’s been at least one month and you have not wore it yet then get rid of it! Sale it on ebay or hand it down but if you have not worn it in a month after purchase then you do not love it!

Why are you holding on to it? Goal weight?

Warning: Side note on editing, once you edit it completely remove it from your eye sight!  This is important because your eyes and mind can wander and later you could see it and get some ideas on why you want to keep it! Out of sight, out of your closet.


3.Once you got through the hardest part of editing which for some can take days and weeks, you are now ready to make a list on how you want to be inspired by your own closet and get creative so it’s a happy place to get dressed. Figure out what works best for you in finding your style and be functional. Here are some questions you need to think of:

Do I want to organize by category or color with my clothes? Choose what will most inspire your collection of clothing you have in your wardrobe so you will love to get dressed. This will make it easier to style, find, and wear!

Do you have all the storage boxes, extra racks, hooks, hangers, baskets that you will need? I love Ikea for storage boxes and extra cheep racks you can just throw up for extra hanging room at a great price. They also have great wardrobe boxes for storing items you won’t use for seasonal purposes or to store pregnancy clothing.

Make designated spots for wants, damaged, charity, shoes, bags, socks, tights, jewelry, and archives. Archives mean clothes that are vintage maybe or must have classics that will come back around and need to be worn again to give your style a fun new look. Archives are put in wardrobe bags and zipped up and stored in storage in the home until needed.

Now you are ready to start your process, have lot’s of music and have a lot of candy or your favorite drink because it is a long task that can sometimes be emotionally  exhausting for some as well as physically. So it’s good to have some sugar or something that makes you happy so you don’t quit!


4.When thinking about display think of what you love the most and will be most inspired by for your display like shoes, hats, and jewelry. Accessory can inspire any outfit and so it’s important to check in with yourself see what you like to dress around is it shoes? Then make a fun shoe display have them not in boxes but out for you to see be inspired by. Is it jewelry you love? Then make a fun DIY jewelry display so you can see it and again be inspired. So think about what will reflect you the most. Here are some fun creative ideas for display:

Reuse ice cube trays for small jewelry like earrings, rings, and broaches.  Gives unique storage for your shelves.

Candle Sticks for big bulky bracelets

For larger scarves and belts use a latter from a design decor store.

Get fun fancy funky hooks to hold bags, hats, and jewelry.

Make a old frame into a jewelry display, paint it a fun color, then use lace to staple one end to the other and then display cute earrings on it.

Colorful canvas bins for belts to hide the mess

Old bookcase paint it or put wallpaper in it and turn it into a shoe display.

Old dresser, revamp it by painting it putting velvet lining in them then use for jewelry. You can even add locks on the drawers for extra protection for those valuable jewels.


The end goal is know what you have, know where it is, know your style and be inspired by it! When things in your life just “click” and are able to bring you peace and joy then you are more likely to channel that peace into understanding more of who you are and what your style is! You will begin to see more of you in your clothes, and you will be able to know more of what you need as fillers in your closet and what type of items you need to buy more of instead of just buying items that don’t have any value for your wardrobe. Our biggest mistake is not knowing what we own, because then we fill like we need to go buy more, when really you can shop your own closet by giving it a facelift, a closet makeover. Hang a inspiration board of rip out magazines of what you love in your closet and you will be inspired everyday!


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Here are some great photos of closets I love and hopefully can give you some ideas!