Styling and Personal Shopping

Shopping and styling are my life. I have done it for years and now I thought that it would be a great idea to add a new idea to my style consulting.


Text-styling has been a thing that I have done for years. What is it? Well, lets say you are going out for the night and can’t figure out which outfit looks better. What shoe should you wear? Does this make me look like I am trying to hard? These are just a few of the things that people text me.

Well, I thought why not put a name to this great idea! Text-styling is where you can have a stylist at your fingertips any time, any where.

So book your styling and personal shopping with me and we can start text-styling and you will always be looking amazing!


Check Out Fresh Boutique

“Opening their doors in 2009 FRESH has been bringing Salt Lake an update to the classic “boutique.” As Salt Lake locals we at FRESH know that there’s a need for a mens and women clothing store that is a cut above your mall stores, and a step over from the boutiques with shirts that cost as much as your rent. Bringing practicality and affordability to looking good has been the goal since day one. Another goal is to bring people together, we host art shows and events monthly to keep the walls interesting and the good times rolling.

If you haven’t made it through the shop yet you can catch up at our website, and we encourage you to come through and see which artist we’re featuring and get a feel for the store. We appreciate everyone that walks through the doors and will be happy to help you find the next addition to your closet.”

Fresh is amazing! They have fantastic styles and everything they have is prices so reasonably. Check out these amazing products they just got in.

Fresh has offered a 15% off one of these featured items when you go in their store and mention that you saw this on Not just that, but if you get two of the items they will give you 20% off.

Don’t miss this amazing offer and go check out Fresh Boutique located at 870 East 900 South in Salt Lake City.


Amazing Boots for Fall

I’m “fall”ing in love with boots! Let’s be honest I’m already in love with boots!!

Check out these amazing Michael Kors boots at TJ Maxx for a steal $149.99 instead of $350+. These boots are a perfect way to get excited for the leaves changing colors and the snow…

The booties are perfect for a night out on the town. While the black and brown are perfect for everyday of the week!

Happy boot shopping!


The Jen Clyde Stylist Channel

Have you been able to check out the Jen Clyde Stylist channel on YouTube?

Well, here is the recent shopping video we just did at TJ Maxx. We talked about deals on The Daily Dish, so we figured we would take you to one of our favorite stores for shopping.

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We go shopping at other stores for amazing deals too, so watch for those on the YouTube channel.


Survival Tips for the Deal Hunter on The Daily Dish

If you missed the style segment this morning on The Daily Dish, here are the deal shopping tips that Jen offered the viewers!
Survival Tips for the Deal Hunter

Many women know how to buy but do not know how to shop, the smart way! The
following tips will help you save money and help you to create your own style. As
a stylist, this is my job and it becomes a art form. I’m going to share some stylist
tips and secrets to help you get ready for this up and coming shopping season
that will save you some money.
1. It’s all about the hunt. You have to be willing to search for a deal!
2. You have to go frequently.
3. Ask your favorite spots when they will have mark downs.
4. Certain stores will call you when they get shipments or they do huge
markdowns sign up on their list or ask if they have a list of dates they will be
getting new shipments.
5. Stick with brands you know, this way you are still getting a quality made items.
6. Don’t be afraid of TJ Maxx, Ross, and Downeast type stores. Finding good
deals take time to search and these stores make it easy for you to find a deal.
7. Online deal websites will always have a deal so research these deals all the
time, saving takes research and internet is the best way to look for deals on
local bloggers, hauteLook, and many more.
8. It is Murphy ’s Law that you often find things when you are not looking for
them, so shop out of your comfort zone and keep your eyes open everywhere,
all the time. Pop into some interesting stores that you would normally give a
miss to, or try browsing in one of the many markets or thrift stores for vintage
pieces. Avoid getting stuck in a style rut by being adventurous in being open-
minded about what might suit you.
9. Know your community and help support your local small businesses they will always
send you coupons and details for being loyal customer and often have a refer a
friend deal where you can save tons on clothes and more buy taking a friend.
So think out of the box this shopping season and remember to always bring snacks in
your purse because shopping is such a big job that can make you super tired. And if you
are not eating some sugar or carbs for energy, your shopping choices can be cloudy and
you can end up buying items you don’t like or will have to take back!