Help! And vote for Possessionista, My fellow fashion blogger!

As a stylist I get to meet so many amazing people. Along the way when I was styling Michelle Money for ABC The Bachelor, I got to email every monday with a amazing talented Fashion Blogger Possessionista! She is not only an amazing writer, which I try to take notes from everyday, but she is super all about fashion and that I just love that we have in common. Her blog as become so huge, and she is so informative with all her info on who is wearing what? and where do I get it? If you have ever wondered what your favorite reality TV star is wearing, or TV star? Well check her blog our because she has posted it for you. She is now in need of our help, it will take all but 5 mins out of your day! She is lucky enough to be picked one of the 5 fashion bloggers nationwide ( which is a huge honor) chosen to compete in TJ Maxx’s fashion chops competition. That is huge.  Not only that but she will be giving away the prize of $500 dollars if she wins to you!! Yes you can enter at her blog Possessionista! So if you take 5 mins and vote you can then go to her blog and enter to win a $500 dollar shopping spree at TJ Maxx. You know I would love that….just think back to my post last wed. on shopping amazing deals at TJ Maxx and what I put together for the video. There are amazing finds and who would not want a shopping spree? So please help my good friend out and also don’t forget to go over and try to win $500 shopping spree. Thanks so being my loyal readers and please support those who I think are amazing as well. Stay tuned tomorrow’s post of the websites best top deals of the day! Happy shopping!

Here is the link to Vote

Here is the link to enter for $500 shopping spree if she wins with your votes from the link above:

If you love fashion you will help the strongest fashion bloggers out there! Vote

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