Michelle Bachelor Pad Style Week 3

Above she is rocking of course her amazing designer Twisted Silver Bracelet. She will be wearing it all throughout the show. She loves twisted and brought a load of it for the show.

Some Fashion Finds from Michelle Money this week…. Here way cute Ripped up blue top from Arden B 


Rose Cermony night was a crazy one this week. And of course my cute client looked amazing with those red lips and in black. It looks like a one piece but there are two the top is Pencey brand and the pants are from Bebe. And she looked amazing….


So who loved michelle date night top?? I sure did!! Just to let you know the first week she wore that amzing black dress and it had amazing straps and I blogged about it…well it was a dress with a amazing new bra that has amazing crazy straps you can change around and make fun to your liking and your style and you can change them up to your own personal design. Well she was wearing it again on the date night again with different straps. If you loved?? Here is the info you can find them under Estilo Boutique 801-363-9300 Tell them Jen Clyde sent you and they will get you the info you need to order them. They are so new and fresh their website is still under construction.


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