Sugar and Bruno Rock!! Must all See

You all know I love to post on my clients what they are wearing and loving. Well one of Michelle Money and my new faves are these amazing dance inspired fashion clothing by Sugar and Bruno. Michelle Money great friend who was on the Bachelor this last season with her got to be a bit inspired with her own designs and bring us some great clothes. Along with her are some other great Dancers that got to show off what they love. Even if your not a dancer yourself like me, well I sort of think I am, you will still love these fashion finds. All must go shop on their online store at and check out there items. They sent some for my clients to check out and they all love. I am shipping off some to Karina Smirnoff from Dancing with the Stars today. They feel amazing on and their line of tees just breath a ton. Also the new hot things right now with teens and younger or older, are the fat rubber bracelets that rock what ever saying you are feeling at the time. They have awesome ones that say Dancer ect…. ones that your daughters will love. Hurry on their site and check them out you will love their sweats. Enjoy some pics of only some of their items click on link above to check out all….so cute.

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