6 thoughts on “Here are bit more you can buy from the feather earrings collection

    • Ok so the ones that have the longer purple feathers right?? Good to hear from you girl. Miss you. Sounds good they are all 40 dollars on this page! Amazing price when you see these feathers. So rad

  1. hi jen. its kori ogao again!!! i know i am a stalker. I have gone to the blog spots and all that but can’t seem to see all of your merchandise available. Can you email me and tell me what to do? I have several special occasions coming up and wanted to wear something funky and cool. Also do you have those steven westwood items that i saw? luv u


    • Hey girl your not a stalker…..your sweet….My business has changed. A girl named Jamie is now doing the clothes part as of two weeks ago….she will be posting things on vintage fox boutique soon soon promise.

  2. Hi I want the long black ones that Reagan had on Good things utah… get back to me as I can’t seem to get the right link to order. thanks!

    • ok so those ones can be ready on the 6th of June and sent out to you. I can email you the paypal request they are 40 dollars plus shipping depending where you are at. Let me know if you want to put in a order thanks so much

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