Park City TV Morning Show Info on Style 2011 Thanks for watching me!

Thanks Park City TV for having me on again to do a style segment. I love it always to help everyone stay up to date with the trends. So To all you watching here are some of the things I talked about.

Top 5 Style Trends I See in 2011 Spring and Fall 2011 Get Ready fun year.

1. 70’s Vibe is Back Bigger than ever!! The Wide leg is rocking it’s way back into our lives which some will love because of the great vision it gives us on the eye to make our legs looks smaller than they really are so love that aspect. If you feel like you have big thighs always go with the wider leg below the knee. Also the Sexy Classic Halter top is back and please people when we say Classic Halter Top that saying goes a long way. Don’t go get crazy Ghetto with some halter top found at a booth at the mall. Well unless it’s like hand designed by some self starter designer you want to support. But anyways really look at some magazine to get a idea of what I am talking about. Love the Fringe on the clothes that they are rocking for the yummy 70’s Style So amazing and my personal Fave can be done in so many different ways the fringe and I can’t wait to get my fringe on. Have fun with this trend brings back so many fun prints and colors that I love to listen to Pink Floyd and sit out under my family tree and look up into the sky and get color forms in my head. I know that really means nothing to anyone else but brings back some fun times!

Get Ready to Rock this fun look

2. Long Path To Heaven

Were seeing lots of long skirts and dresses and more. Were going fuller and fresher to a smarter looking skirts. If you live in a cold Area well you should be way happy because now your legs will stay under cover and be warm!!! Then if you live in the warmer areas you go sheer and match it up with your funky long fabric and a old school V neck T shirt and leather jacket. Make this long skirt trend fun you don’t have to think Little house on the prarie you can think funky Bohchic style with a twist of Beach relaxed bare feet hippi a bit. Well that would be my most fave. Think ruffles with a leather jacket and military boots. So this trend I am very excited about. Rock it well.

3.The Mad Printer

OMG how fun are these prints they are rocking all together. I mean are you kidding me. Just like it fell together all at once and there are no matching rules which if you know me is like my so me. I love how there is no rules like you have to match the black and red with the red shoes and the black bracelet with the red purse. So not me which is fine for others but I hope you all can get inspired this year and try to jump out of your boxes for a min and just try on a amazing print. Where print on top and bottom. It will be so fun and you will feel so much more fun and like your breaking the rules which sometimes I love!! Well all the time…. but moving on this is a great way to really soak in some real fresh fashion.


4. The Color Blocks

Everyone always asks me when I do styling what the crap is Color blocking? I just did a movie and when I did the Character over view I said this lady she is such a color blocker thinking that everyone speaks Fashion and they all looked at me like I was crazy. Like what the crap is that?? Well needless to say I felt it was right for her but I had to change my wording. Miss those guys. Anyways back on track here  loving this Super intense Color that is so bright and fun. Pairing different colors together in bold blocks is the trend. This one again I just love to rock because really people are drawn to color blocking but they are not sure why they are they just think wow this girl knows her stuff. Looks clean bold and chic all at the same time. Pair your colors away this season!

5. Indoor Clothes come out to play

So pajamas meet the real world. Loose Lovely fresh fabrics are mixed in amazing ways to be street worn. Lounge wear inspired a lot of designers  and drapey trousers are looking so fresh and Rich. This is a hard hard trend to pull off but this is why I am here to show you how to pull this trend off. It can be layered or draped just perfect mixed with a linen boyfriend blazer you will love your look just like you are suppose to be at a sunset dinner in NewPort Beach for drinks. You will feel like a million dollars. Relax in this trend

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