Just went to L.A. for styling and here is the news

So L.A. is always been my 2nd home these days with styling this is just a given. I met the most amazing friend there this time and got the honor to style with her one of our fave clients Karina Smirnoff with Dancing with the Stars. She had a red carpet event and my girl Nat Yuri called me up and asked me to help since I was in town doing other work. Of course I said yes and so off it was me and her doing all these pulls downtown and well everywhere we could during market week in L.A. which makes it hard to do any pulls with designers because they are in market week with buyers and need all their samples which of course we totally understand. In fashion it moves fast and it is all hard work fighting traffic and crowds running round holding dresses and much more. At the end of the day the outfit came together awesome with me and my new style bff Nat yuri from L.A. stylist to the Stars put our heads together and made it work. It was so much fun it’s like a drug for me and her I know and just total rush and fashion crazy moment. Turned out great don’t you think? Check out our work on Karina down below on this post. Also want to thank my new Bff style friend Nat Yuri and hopefully we work much much more together because it was a blast. Love ya girl. My

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